The celebrations of Navratri are a nine-day long celebration that brings the family together and brings everyone close to its roots. If you are also trying to connect and reconnect with your family then you can try sending Navratri gifts to your loved ones. These gifts will convey your love and warmth and warm wishes to them. If you are searching for gift ideas to send them gifts then don't worry we have some wonderful gift suggestions for you. If you want to know more about it them keep reading the article. 

Revolving around the annual seasonal changes the festival of Navratri is one of those that almost everybody in India looks forward to. The celebration is for nine days, explained in the name itself. ‘Navratri’- Nav means nine and ratri means night including the days thus, the celebration lasts for nine days. But the preparation for this celebration begins days before the actual celebrations. People get in touch with their loved ones some return home for it and some reconnect with their loved ones. The wide network of relatives and friends is approached again and wished on this auspicious day. We all have relatives living in different parts of the world, some may be scattered all over India and some may be settled in foreign lands. People send gifts and sweets to their loved ones to convey their warm wishes from across the world. If you are one of those who want to convey your warm wishes to your loved ones then send gifts to your loved ones in any part of India. You can be settled anywhere in the world and send gifts to India. If you are in need of gift suggestions then don’t worry we’ve got you. We have curated a list of Navratri gift ideas that will help you decide on a Navratri gift for your loved ones. 

Sweets and Dry Fruits 

If you want to send something that is the embodiment of the festivities and resonates with the Garba and rituals of the celebrations. Then you should try sending a lovely hamper of sweets and dry fruits. We all know that sweets are the most sought-after gift in every festivities as in India we believe in starting something auspicious with sweets. So, sending sweets means we are following the tradition along with wishing the person our warmest regards. Dry fruits just add to the love that we send to your loved ones. It gives the warmth of appreciation and emits the emotion of festivities. Hence, sending dry fruits and sweets to your loved ones on the occasion of Navratri can be a good option for Navratri gifts.


Convey Navratri Wishes with Gifts

Another gift that mirrors the festivities and the auspicious day is Idols. You can consider sending idols to your loved ones. Receiving idols or any other auspicious puja essential in some of the precious metals like brass, copper, silver ad gold. So, what you can do is send your loved ones an idol made of any precious metal which will convey your warm wishes to them. During the nine days of Navratri, the nine forms of the Goddess Durga are worshipped. You can send them an idol of any of the nine forms of the Goddess or maybe Goddess Durga herself. This gift will add charm to the pooja space of their house. It will also signify your concern, love, and care. So, sending an idol of any precious metal on the occasion of Navratri can be a good Navratri gift. 

Puja Thali

Convey Navratri Wishes with Gifts

The complete celebration of Navratri consists of elaborate puja rituals. Hence, the most important thing is the puja thali which is needed at every moment of the puja. So what you can do is send a puja thali to your loved ones. You can opt for a thali that has some intricate designs in it. Choose a uniquely designed thali maybe a design that is very rare or maybe a different shape of the thali. Just keep in mind that the size of the thali should be average not too small as the essentials of puja may not adjust in the thali. With it, you can add anything you wish like an Incense stick holder, Diyas, Incense sticks and so much more. It will be a nice Navratri gift option for your loved ones. 

Diya Stand

Convey Navratri Wishes with Gifts

The celebration of Navratri is filled with elaborate rituals and every household stays busy decorating the house. The houses are decorated with rangoli, diyas, flowers, and light. You can send a Diya stand to your loved ones as a Navratri gift to decorate their house and the puja space. It will add charm to their puja space and light the space too. If you wish to send diya but not basic and casual ones then you can also consider sending a diya stand. Mostly diya stands have many small diya ducts making them look alluring. So, sending a diya stand to your loved ones might be the best decision you make. 

Gift Cards

Convey Navratri Wishes with Gifts

The festivities come along with a lot of celebrations and that means dressing up, decorating, and many more things. Your loved ones might want something but you are not aware of that. You might want to send them something that they want but sending cash as a Navratri gift might feel rude. So, if you wish to send cash as gifts but don’t want to make it look harsh then you can send gift cards to them. A gift card makes it a subtler way of sending a gift that gives the recipient the liberty to choose their gift. The gift not only gives them the liberty to choose but to use it whenever they want as well. During the festivities they might be too busy to even think about something else hence, the gift card comes with the flexibility of time as well.  


Convey Navratri Wishes with Gifts

Whether it's a woman or a man, jewelry is something that is essential to complete the look. Even though women have most of the time associated with jewelry it is undeniable that men wear them too. It is an evergreen and gender-neutral gift that you can gift to anyone. There are many options to choose from in the category of jewelry you can choose rings, pendants, chains bracelets, and much more to begin with in this category. You can send traditional jewelry or if you wish to send something auspicious then something of silver and gold can be an option. 

As Navratri gifts will be expressing your warm wishes choosing a gift wisely becomes very important. So, sending a gift that will make them happy may seem difficult to find, but with this list of gifts, we think it will be easy for you to select and send. 

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