Send Christmas Day Gifts across India


India is considered as a land of diversity. Being a nation consisting of more Hindus within its land, India can be said a land where you can see Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas, Guru Nanak’s birthday, Ganesh Chaturdashi and other most popular festivals getting celebrated most joyously. It is the land where all religions are regarded as brother and sisters and therefore no distinctions can be viewed in any of the festivals. During Durga Puja other than the Hindus all other religions get a warm welcome in every ‘Para Pandals’ in the same way the other religion festivities give a open arm greeting to all its people. Thus quite naturally 25th December is marked as a red letter day even in the land of this country and people celebrate this day in the same way the Christians enjoy.


Below are some gifts ideas with which you can make your day, even if you do not owe the religion:




  • Look for some tree within your locality to make it as the Christmas tree.

  • Sometimes it is more convenient to decorate a mango or a banana tree as your Christmas tree.

  • Now find out some oil lamps.

  • The oil lamp can sometimes be the Diwali diyas made up of clay.

  • Place those clay lamps on the top pf the roof, within your driveways, on the top of the walls or some other convenient places within your houses.

  • Light each and every one of them.

  • Don’t forget to light them during the night as morning time will not give that magic which the dark night can do.

  • On the day of Christmas, plan for baking of some cakes.

  • Purchase some glittering objects so as to decorate the Christmas tree.

  • Plan to make some surprising Christmas gift on this very day.

  • Arrange for such gifts and don’t forget to buy nice looking wrapping papers as such will add an extra flavour to your Christmas gifts.

  • Arrange everything before everyone of your house goes to sleep.

  • As soon as you find everybody as snoring go and take the gifts and put them under their pillows or within everybody’s socks.

  • When you are completed with your gift take the cake out of its box, if you have bought one or take out the cake from your microwave when you made it all by yourself.

  • Arrange it all in a table and light the room with all the lights that you have arranged during your whole day.

  • Arrange for some Santa Clause dolls from your locality shops.

  • Decorate it with Santa sack and some wrapped up gifts.

  • Now go for sleeping.


In the next morning take the pleasure of your families expressions and be the first to make them surprised with an all day filled fun and excitements. Have a rocking Christmas with the Christmas gifts to India and enjoy its every moments with the smiling faces of your friends and family. Merry Christmas!


Jhuma Published: Jan 05, 2011 | Last Updated: Sep 20, 2022