Christmas Celebration

Christian community is spread across the world and the most awaited festival for them is Christmas. The Christmas celebrations start from 24th December evening and go on till the end of month culminating in the beginning of New Year. All across the world 25th Dec is marked as the day when Lord Jesus Christ was born. But in few Armenian Church communities this event is celebrated on January 6th. Though the main significance of this festival is birth of Christ but deeply it is the realization of the spiritual truth of life. This is the time when we should analyze ourselves and propose to protect our own sins. This is the opportunity to relate to the one only Almighty and connect with the Savior for an introspection of your own life and sins.

Many people celebrate this in order to share blessings and spread the message of love and happiness amongst their family friends and relatives. Others signify this event with helping the needy and poor community with huge donations and charity to shelter homes. Many across the world find this time to take a break from regular routine and go for a vacation with their loved ones.

Overall if we give a reality check to signify the importance of Christmas, this is the day to relieve ourselves from the penalty of sins and get salvation and power to face the real truth of life.

Every place in Indian and across the world has a unique way of Christmas celebration and organizing various events. There are various masses organized in churches along with immense decorations in the church and homes with candles, cakes, Christmas trees etc. In India we can observe large Christian communities in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and major cities of southern India. It is interesting to note that though this is a Christian festival but today people of all religion celebrate this joyous occasion with their Christian friends. Catholics in India celebrate this by organizing midnight mass and a grand feast following it. People exchange gifts and share delicacies prepared by every family.

It has been observed that many families also decorate banana or a mango tree along with the traditional Christmas tree. In southern region of India oil lamps are decorated all over the roof to welcome and signify the birth of Lord Jesus. Some Christians in Mumbai make a native scene in and around their homes and display a manger on their windows. There are lanterns and star shaped light hanging around to welcome when guests arrive. The tribal Bhil folks too celebrate this occasion by singing folk carols every night all through the week and walk along the whole village sharing the Christmas story.

Santa Claus is major attraction for small kids all across the world. He is identified as a Father Christmas who brings gifts and present for the children on a horse carriage. Thus Christmas event is the time of renewal across India and around the world.

Aparna Published: Jan 20, 2012 | Last Updated: Sep 30, 2020
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