Eid is one of the important festivals celebrated by the Islamic community. This festival marks the end of  'Ramadan'- the Islamic holy month of fasting. According to the Islamic calendar, Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated on the first day of the month of Shawwal. Visiting mosques, merrymaking and feasting are the core essence of this grand festival. So on this festival, you can send gifts to India to your loved ones. If you want some thoughtful ideas as gifts for her then keep reading the article. 

Ramadan is a month of spiritual growth and purification that brings the person closer to Allah. During the fasting of Ramadan, it said that one should reflect on their sins. They should ask for forgiveness so that they can cleanse themselves and walk on the road to righteousness. Eid is the grand day of celebration when they have managed to clear all the challenges and finally celebrate the day when they come closer to Allah. This period definitely marks the increase of generosity and humility in the nature of the individual.

Eid in India is more than just a celebration it emphasizes the aspect of giving love and cherishing the blessings received. You can also spread the love by sending your warm wishes to her as gifts. The virtues one nurture can be cherished by sending warm wishes to near and dear ones. So, if you are looking for a thoughtful gift idea that will make your beloved happy then fear no more as this article has a curated list of exclusive gifts that will win her heart. 

Scented Candles

Top 5 Exclusive Gifts for Her on Eid

Keeping in mind the occasion and recipient, gifting a scented candle can be very thoughtful. This becomes one of the many things that sets an ambiance of prayer. She can light the candles during the prayers or maybe during the Namaz so that she can concentrate well. You can opt for a relaxing fragrance that allows her senses to relax. It is said our minds can concentrate well when relaxed hence it will be a very useful gift for her. 


Top 5 Exclusive Gifts for Her on Eid

One might not prefer wearing a heavy necklace but a chain and a pendant can be a perfect fit. A pendant is a minimal version of a necklace that adorns the neck. If your loved ones like wearing minimal jewelry then you can opt for a beautiful pendant without any hesitation. You can opt for pendants that have a medallion on them or maybe a unique piece of jewelry, it can be a ring or a crystal, or just a simple diamond. The choice remains plenty to choose from all you have to do is select and send it on Women’s Day with a lovely message. 

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Top 5 Exclusive Gifts for Her on Eid

During the celebration of Eid in India, many things are cooked especially sweet dishes. Dishes like Pulao, Sewai, Laccha, and many more dishes can become more delectable with the addition of dry fruits. You can send dry fruits to her as Eid gifts. It will be a good addition to all the dishes she will enjoy. Dry fruits are often associated with royalty and it is rich in fiber so a celebration like Eid should be enjoyed with some dry fruits in an elegant way. 

Makeup Essentials

Top 5 Exclusive Gifts for Her on Eid

It's Eid and it is undeniable that dressing up is mandatory. Guests will be coming over or your beloved might be visiting places. Hence makeup essentials are one of the many things she will want this Eid. Look for a hamper that has all the makeup essentials- eyeshadow, blush and a highlighter that will elevate the complete look. It will also be a good addition to her makeup stash as well.

Skin Care Essentials

Top 5 Exclusive Gifts for Her on Eid

If you want your beloved to glow from within then gift them skincare essentials. It is better to invest more in skin care products than spend money on spas. With the options available online, one can have a spa treatment at home. All you have to do is select a gift hamper that treats a specific skin concern and you are good to go. Hence you can gift her an organic skin Care essentials set and make her glow from within for Eid. 

Gifting and dining together are the pivotal points that carry the essence of Eid. Whatever gift you choose will definitely make her happy and your warm wishes will be conveyed. Staying away from home doesn’t mean you won't be able to become a part of any celebration. Eid gift India can convey your love and bring you together with your beloved and family. Thus, send gifts to her and express your admiration.