Kids are the life of any celebrations and festivities. They even light up our day-to-day life. On the special occasion of Bihu send gifts for the little champions and make them ecstatic! If you are looking for gift ideas for kids then this article can help you in many ways. This article focuses on gifting ideas fore your little buddies out there. To know more keep reading. 

When it comes to festivities, it's the kids who are the most excited. Even for Bihu, the kids, are the most colorful, cheerful, and innocent beings in our lives, and are the ones who pep up the Bihu festival or, New Year celebrations the most. The festive ambiance already brimming with cultural activities and social gatherings are accentuated by kids in their colorful attires and their constant chitter chatter. Their unique idea and participation add charms and spice to the celebration of Bihu. As the festivities are marked by feasts and gifting, delicious food and gifts are of prime importance. 

To keep alive the festive spirit of Bihu people send gifts to their loved ones. How can you forget the cute little munchkins when you send gifts to your loved ones? You can’t forget them but deciding on a gift for them is also a bit confusing. What to gift them? What will be a better gift that they will use? Questions like these may cloud your mind. So, if you are also confused and could use some help then this article has some brilliant gifting ideas for you. 

Soft Toys


Amazing Gift Hampers for your Kids on Bihu

Children love to play with soft toys, some even like to sleep with soft toys. It is said that playing with soft toys reduces anxiety, and increases the sense of security. The imagination of children is vivid so they like to imagine and play. As soft toys come in a wide range of variety and shapes and sizes it makes a wonderful gift. You can opt for a teddy bear or maybe an animal soft toy if that’s what they might like. Soft toys make a wonderful gift for kids. 

School Bags 

The most utilized gift is a school bag. If the little buddy likes cartoons or Disney characters then go ahead and send them a cartoon character school bag. The bag packs are versatile as it comes with a lot of characters and these characters can be liked by both the girls and the boys. Batman, Spiderman, and many more characters are loved by all so if you send a Backpack they might love it and it would be great if the school bag comes up with a bottle. Hence a school bag is also a good choice. 

Unicorn Hamper

Amazing Gift Hampers for your Kids on Bihu

Does your little princess like unicorns? Do they like colorful things? If yes then a Unicorn Hamper that has a unicorn-printed notebook, a bottle, a unicorn soft toy, and a pencil box will surely make her happy. You can also add a personal touch by adding an image or name to the water bottle. A unicorn-themed hamper will not only surprise them but also make them ecstatic. Hence, a hamper like this is a good gifting idea that you can send to your loved ones. 

Barbie Doll

Amazing Gift Hampers for your Kids on Bihu

If your little princess loves to collect dolls then you can add more to her collection by sending her a Barbie doll. Barbie in her venture has experienced a lot and now propagates the idea of ‘ you can be anything’. With a good initiative, Mattel has launched ‘Barbie you can be anything’ and a wide range of dolls with different professions. This encourages the children to explore and learn new things. Hence, gifting a doll to your little princess can be a good and motivating gift. 

Sports Toys

Amazing Gift Hampers for your Kids on Bihu

For your little Champ, you can send a football or maybe a cricket set that he will definitely love. Toys are something that lets the children explore their interests and is very good. There’s a wide range of sports toys to choose from thus it will be easier for you to choose a gift. A cricket set is also a gift that is complete on its own. A football can be a good option too, nowadays children have less time to play hence if you send gifts like this they will be motivated to play as well. 

Send gift hampers to kids and makes this Bihu celebration an amazing one for them.  All of us are aware of and have seen those cute and blissful expressions when kids see their favorite chocolates or Bihu sweets and know it is all for them to take. Hence you can send gifts to the little kids during the Bihu festival and make them happy this Bihu. 

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