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Make Bihu Celebration Grand With Traditional Assamese Food

Make Bihu Celebration Grand Image Credit : expressfoodie

The brand new farming season, juvenile spring, the Assamese New Year, the sweet coconut pithas, Bihu folk songs and the amazing Bihu gift ideas for the season; all conjure the exact image of the biggest festival of Assam, the Bihu festival. Unlike other festivals, the splendid Bihu festival is celebrated three times a year, Bhogali Bihu in mid January, Rongali Bihu in April and Kati Bihu in the wintery month of October. Whether it is the time of winter or spring, the Bihu festival is always linked with farming and feasting. Not only that but also it specially draws attention to the exclusive Assamese food that adorns this occasion with taste and delight.

A big wide grin is plastered on the faces of people whenever the typical traditional food is the point of discussion. Likewise, Bihu lacks a little lustre if we are not celebrating it with the authentic spices of Assam. The festival is sketchy without the ethnic touch of Pithas, Khar, Xaaks, Masoor Bor, Lao Alu Pitika, Lusi, Koldil Bhaji, Barehmaheli Xaak Bhaji, Guroor Payesh and Sanmaheli Chutney. As a part of Bihu gift ideas, people include some of these Assamese touch sweets while they send gifts to India to their relatives from abroad. With just a click and in no time, they can easily send gifts to India from USA, UK, or any other country.

Make Bihu Celebration Grand

Good yet healthy food is a tough task in most of the Indian recipes, but what makes the Assamese food more special is its healthy nature. If we talk about the prominent food of Bihu festival like xaak and pithas the idea of a healthy diet is not a far dream on this biggest festival of Assam. A health freak will be over the moon to know that the sole ingredients of Assamese cuisine are healthy. While the pithas are tasty rice pancakes, the xaak is a kind of green leafy vegetable. As compared to other Indian cuisines these are less oily and less spicy; not only that but the natural herbs, greens and vegetables also form a major part of this food.

One is required to have a hundred varieties of Xaaks during Rongali Bihu, according to the customs. Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is not only the first day of the Hindu solar calendar but it also marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year. This celebration of colours and spring is marked with the start of fresh harvest season when people of Assam pray for good harvest in future as well. This spring Bihu is complemented with food, comprising of the rich flavours of sesame, jaggery, rice, milk products and a number of agricultural produce. Mass feasts are organised all across the states and the tasty olive jaggery chutney and pumpkin oambhal adorn the occasion.

So let us celebrate this prodigious festival of Assam with the ever prominent Assamese platter serving the tempting dishes. To add more sweetness to this memorable Indian festival, people can also send gifts to India from USA, UK, or other countries to their fellow Indians.

Dipsuta Published: Apr 07, 2017 | Last Updated: Jun 07, 2020
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