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Lacoste Touch of Pink 90ml | Perfumes as Anniversary Gifts

Whether she dresses in a preppy skirt and tennis shoes or a sleek gown that skims the floor, this perfume from Lacoste is sure to appeal to her. Celebrating all things girl - Lacoste Touch of Pink brings joy to her bubbly and charming nature. Created by Domitille Michalon, this radiant Eau De Toilette is made for the chic brand of Lacoste. The top note opens with herbaceous spice of coriander leaves along with the tingling zest of orange and garnished with sweet and balsamic notes of cardamom seeds. Moving into the heart note, you can take in the fragrance of earthy carrot seed oil with exotic jasmine extracts and green hints of violet leaves. Finally, the base note intertwines rich hints of sandalwood with soothing musk and creamy notes of vanilla. Warm and energising, the vibrant natural extracts of this luxury fragrance are ideal to add a little pep to your mornings. The slender fluid shape of this flacon subtly resonates the shape of a woman. This perfume blooms a shade of powder pink that descends into the bright fuschia base of the flacon. A simple transparent stopper completes this minimalist yet striking structure. For all her feminine charms and girly quirks, Lacoste complements her, with a touch of pink.

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