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Aunts play an important role in the lives of their nieces and nephews. They are supportive and loving figures who touch our lives in myriad ways. Even if you are away from her on her 50th birthday, do not let her feel the void. Incorporate these ideas, send gifts and celebrate her 50th birthday with immense grandeur.

The 50th birthday is one of the most awaited birthdays of life. Referred to as the golden jubilee, it marks the dawn of a new chapter and acts as a catalyst to live life to the fullest. If your aunt’s 50 th birthday is around the corner, you could think of celebrating this momentous milestone in a heartwarming way. For many of us, aunts are almost like second mothers. While growing up, you must have spent wonderful times with her and made great memories along the way. Her love and care is one of the most valuable treasures of life. Even if you are far away from your aunt on her 50th birthday, you can still treat her like a queen. Make the day special by sending her gifts that will be etched in her heart and memory forever.

1.Health-tracking Smartwatch

As one approaches fifty, it is important to be conscious about health. Send her a health-tracking smartwatch and help her to embrace the healthy way of life. It will track her movement, calorie intake in a day and determine the quality of her sleep. While exercising, it will help her to check the amount of effort she is putting and make healthy changes in her lifestyle accordingly. Receiving this gift on her 50th birthday will make her realize how much you care about her.

2.Flowers and cakes

Top 10 50th Birthday Gifts for Aunt

When it comes to birthday traditions, flowers and cakes play a pivotal role. Sending flowers and cakes might serve as a classic style of celebrating birthdays. It is an age-old tradition that never goes out of fashion. You could also write a sweet message along with it. Despite the distance, this wondrous gift will make up for your absence. Sending this gift as a midnight surprise might further help you to touch her heart in a special way. There are many online stores which facilitate midnight delivery.

3.Exclusive perfume

“ A perfume is the art that makes memory speak”

A fragrance speaks a lot about one’s personality. It is also known as an emotional gift that evokes strong emotions. If your aunt is fond of fragrances, you could send her exclusive perfumes from her favourite brands. While making a choice, keep her favourite fragrance notes in mind. Every time she wears this perfume, she will remember you.

4. Sugar-free chocolates

Top 10 50th Birthday Gifts for Aunt

While you show your aunt a healthy way of living, it is important to keep her heart young. “ A happy heart is a great medicine”. Even at 50, it is important to indulge in the little pleasures of life. Send sugar free chocolates to your aunt on her birthday and satiate her cravings. This will fill her up with boundless joy while leaving no impact on her blood sugar or heath. You could also add a touch of personalisation to the chocolate box. Add a favourite image of you both on the box and pamper her. She will keep the box as a treasure even after devouring the chocolates.

5.Saregama Caravan

Music is the elixir of life. It has a great impact on our mind, body and soul, makes us feel rejuvenated and lifts up our spirits. If your aunt is a music enthusiast, Saregama Caravan could be a great gifting option. Pre-loaded with 5000 songs, it offers a listening experience to remember. The timeless classics will take her back to her times and wrap her up in the magic of nostalgia. She can carry it anywhere she goes and enjoy the personalised experience of listening.

6.Skin-care hamper

Top 10 50th Birthday Gifts for Aunt

Our skin often loses its natural glow and elasticity with age. It often falls prey to issues like wrinkles, dryness, age spots, freckles and blemishes. At 50, a woman needs to pay close attention to her skin requirements. Giving a skin-care hamper to your aunt will act as an oasis for aging skin. It will encourage her to indulge in self-care and keep her skin nourished and hydrated. Using these products will also help to keep the skin-related issues at bay. Send skin-care hampers or anti-aging products to your aunt on her 50th birthday and help her hold on to her youthful exuberance.

7.Home decor items

A happy home creates a strong sense of belonging. Decorating homes could be a life-enhancing process. Women generally love decorating their homes with the warmth of their hearts. You could send unique home decor items as birthday gifts to beautify your aunt’s abode. Home decor pieces like wall hangings, showpieces, painting or mini plants will add life to the lonely corners of her home.

8. Books

If your aunt is a bibliophile, books would be the best gift for her. Before you opt for a particular book, make sure that she loves the genre. Avoid bestsellers as she might have read them already. You could go for the latest books penned by her favourite authors. For a comfortable reading experience, you could also give a kindle. It has been designed keeping requirements of the avid readers in mind. Most importantly, it is easy on the eyes.

9.Personalised gifts

Top 10 50th Birthday Gifts for Aunt

Every relationship needs acknowledgement and recognition. On the 50th birthday of your aunt, express how much she means to you through a personalised mug or pillow. Add a favourite image of you both with a message saying ‘The Best Aunt’. You could also give a beautiful rock photo with a beautiful quote. Steal her heart away with this adorable gift.

10.Foot massager

Staying far away from your aunt, you must be worried about her health. Stress could be a common problem at 50. A soothing massage helps one to feel relaxed and drive the stress away. Send her a foot massager and offer her the much-needed relief from stress and pain. Equipped with advanced technology, this food massager will help in blood circulation and stimulation of muscles. It is indeed a thoughtful gift for your aunt's 50th birthday.

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