When you stay outside India, you really miss your loved ones. Especially during occasions like rakhi. Send rakhi to India. Sending rakhi to India since 1999.

Thanking one's mother on Mother's day is an important gesture to let her know how lucky one is in having her in his/her life. We are a premium online gifting company that helps people worldwide send gifts to India on the eve of Mother's day. Making our mothers happy on the eve of Mother's day is truly a wonderful feeling. They will be overjoyed to receive the gifts and will surely love us even more.

Mother’s Day is celebrated all throughout the world on different days. There are different ways to make her feel good and special. It is a special day that requires a lot of celebrations and it is important to focus on her likes and dislikes. She would love to receive gifts even if you live at a distance.

When is Mother's Day in 2025?


Mother’s Day in 2025 is on the 11th of May, Sunday.

When is Mother’s Day in 2025, 2026, 2027?

Mother’s Day celebrates the most special person in our lives. On this special day, you can send gifts to her if you are living at a distance. Our website has several gift options that you can check and choose gifts like flowers, cakes, gift hampers, gift cards, etc. This is the day that you can make it special and cherish her presence in your life. She is undoubtedly the most special person so you can definitely make plans for her that will make her feel better. Make the day memorable for her so that it creates a lifelong memory for her.

When is Mother's Day in 2026?


Mother’s Day in 2026 is on the 10th of May, Sunday.


When is Mother’s Day in 2025, 2026, 2027?

Mother’s Day in India is observed unofficially throughout the country on the second Sunday of every May. It is a time to recognize the bond between mothers and children and the vast importance of “mothering” to the overall well-being of Indian society. At schools across India around this time, mothers of smaller children often come to school for the day. Kids recite short poems, sing, dance, or give speeches to tell the class something good about their mom. Moms also join in and do something to entertain the children, like sing or dance, and bring tasty food items for all to share. Children may also give mom a homemade card or a small gift. And kids and mothers sometimes go out to a restaurant, mall, park, or other venues together.

When is Mother's Day in 2027?


Mother’s Day in 2027 is on the 9th of May, Sunday.


When is Mother’s Day in 2025, 2026, 2027?

Although the date of celebration differs among countries like the UK, USA, India, etc. the significance and fervor remain intact. The waves of globalization that led to modernization, and the impact of the Internet and telecommunications have made this occasion popular in India, which was once recognized only in Western countries. As this day is an annual day of celebration, children pamper their doting mothers by sending gifts. By doing so, they intend to pay tribute and thank their mother for her unconditional love, unflinching support, and guidance. An atmosphere of excitement and jubilation led to the growth of the concept of sending gifts to moms in India. To take advantage of the euphoria, numerous gifts portal specialized in sending gifts have come up.

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