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Sweets, Son Papri & Rasgulla | Send Sweets to India on Bihu

Mixed Sweets - 500gm.

Soan Papri - 1/2 Kg.

Haldiram Rasgulla - 1 Kg.

Sweets are a must for any celebrations in India. Send sweets to your loved ones in India.

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Janmashtami which falls in the month of August-September is a festival celebrated with great ardor and devotion by the people of the Hindu community as it is the day when Lord Krishna was born. Offering prayers to the Lord, singing and dancing along with enacting Ras Lila are all significant part of this joyous celebration. However, if due to some reasons, you cannot be with your loved ones on this festive season then you can make their day even more special by sending gifts to India through This is a popular gifting site which has made its mark in the current market due to its wide collection of gift item

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"Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think." ~ Longfellow Human beings are the best creations of god. They have been gifted with a heart which always feel for other fellow human beings, whether relatives, friends or other near & dear ones. There is a bond which binds humans in a common thread across the world. The message of “love” is dear to mankind and helps them to look at life with a spirit of optimism. Love can be expressed in a number of ways. Being there for dear ones in good and bad times, celebrating the niceties of life with each other or enriching lives with gifts. Life