Father's Day is here and you must want to send gifts to your father. If you wish to send sweets to your father and wish him Father's Day then you must be wondering what sweets will be the best? This article has a list of sweets that your father will love. Sweets makes the recipient feel special, loved and appreciated. Hence, sending a gift of sweets to your father on Father's Day would be heartwarming for him. To know more about the list of sweets keep reading the article. 

Sending sweets on any occasion to your loved ones is a tradition that expresses love and warmth. In India every occasion is welcomed with sweets. It is no different on Father’s Day.  When it is a special occasion like Father’s Day India, it becomes a staple that one must send to their fathers. Whether they are sending gifts or not sending sweets to express their love and gratitude has become an untold tradition. It is believed that beginning an occasion with sweets makes it pleasant and memorable. Receiving sweets makes the recipient feel loved and appreciated. Thus, it becomes one of the best gift ideas that you can use this Father’s Day. One of the best things about sweets is that they come in varieties, hence one can never get enough of receiving sweets. 

Kaju Pista Phool

Mouth-watering Sweets on Father's Day

Everyone likes sweets and so do our fathers. But if they like cashew and pistachio then they will love this sweet. This sweet is made of milk, and sugar along with cashew and pistachio nuts. The vibrant hues of the sweets are attractive and enhance the presentation of the sweets as it is cut to give a look of flowers. This sweet is a good combination of kaju and pista which bursts a luxurious flavor to the mouth. So, a kaju and pista lover will definitely love this indulging sweet. Hence this is a wonderful choice to send to your father on Father's Day. 

Kaju Barfi

Mouth-watering Sweets on Father's Day

If your father is a die-hard fan of Kaju then how about sending them Kaju barfi? This is made of Kaju, milk, and sugar. This is one of the most loved sweets in Indian households. You can opt for this sweet and win your father’s heart. The varieties of sweets including kaju in it are many and if your father loves sweets like this then it will be one of the best ways to wish him Father’s Day. So, don’t waste a moment thinking just send it as a Father’s Day gift or greetings to brighten your father’s face. 

Gulab Jamun and Rosogolla

Mouth-watering Sweets on Father's Day

Gulab Jamun and Rosogolla are not just sweets but emotions served in a bowl. These sweets are one-of-a-kind sweets that remain soaked in sugar syrup and are served in a bowl. The gulab jamuns may be a bit different from the rosogolla but they both fall in the same category of sweets. Soaked in sugar syrup these sweets are irresistible and melt in your mouth in just a few seconds. Send these sweets to your father as Father’s Day with your warm wishes and add a tip of eating these sweets a little warm to make it taste better. 

Mixed Sweet Hamper 

Mouth-watering Sweets on Father's Day

If you cannot decide on what sweets to send to your father or if you like your father to taste almost every sweet then you can opt for a mixed assorted sweet hamper that can have various types of sweets. If your father has a sweet tooth then he will be very happy with the sweets. You can look for a combo that has almost all the famous sweets like kaju barfi, mewa phool, kaju pista phool, kaju roll etc. These sweets will win the heart of your father at the event of Father’s Day. 

Mawa Pista Barfi

Mouth-watering Sweets on Father's Day

Another bliss served on a plate is the mawa pista barfi. After kaju barfi this is a combination of sweet that is the most searched one among different barfis. This barfi is for the ones who prefer the combination of mawa and pista or just mawa with a variant flavor of any dry fruit. These sweets are luxurious and a little sweet on a sweet celebration can hurt no one. Unlike kaju barfi, these are square shaped and bite sized that you can savor with a heavenly feeling of them melting in your mouth. 

Kaju Roll

Mouth-watering Sweets on Father's Day

Tingle the taste buds of your father with these amazing kaju rolls. These Kaju rolls are different from Kaju barfi. The shape and the recipes differ hence the taste of the sweet differ as well. These kaju rolls are to die for. Your father will definitely love receiving sweets like this. Our fathers might not let us see but they do love sweets a lot so sending sweets as a Father’s Day gift will warm their hearts with love and warmth. 

So, send sweet ecstasy to your father and make them feel the heavenly bliss of sweets and the warmth of your love. The essence of Father’s Day is to make them feel special and loved, no matter how tough they look, a little appreciation and love melts them right away like these delectable sweets.

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