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Top 10 Onam Gifts for Husband

Onam is a special time of the year for every Malayali. Irrespective of religion, caste or any other social boundary, everyone in this state celebrates the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. An important part of this festival is exchanging gifts. Here are 10 marvellous gift ideas that can help you choose the right one for him.     Sweets to India on Onam The tantalising aroma of lip smacking sweets exude from every household during the celebrations of Onam. Such delectable spreads include Banana halwa, Neyyappam, Elaneer pudding, Rava ladoo and various other such nostalgia harking names. Gifting hi

How to send Bhai Dooj Tikka online to India

Bhai Dooj is a similar festival like Rakhi but with different rituals, to celebrate the love and bond of brother and sister. In today’s world not all of us can stay close to our loved ones in India due to work or other commitments, which makes it really upsetting not being able to celebrate occasions like Bhai Dooj. But with online gifting portals like you can always make your celebrations memorable and keep your loved ones happy. Since you are far from your brother you can send your Bhai Dooj Tikka through amazing gifts for him and also send your good wishes and love along. From the gifting portal yo

Top 10 Eid Gifts for Husband in India

Eid is just around the corner and after a month-long fast, everyone is preparing for the big day of festivity. Apart from indulging in a delicious feast, the most sought after aspect of Eid is the exchange of gifts and pleasantries. For this, we present to you a list of 10 items that you can gift to your husband on this auspicious occasion of Eid. Islamic Wall Art Calligraphy and wall art holds a very significant place in the Islamic culture. Using these elements is the best way to decorate your home before Eid. Revamp your home by inscribing verses of the Quran as calligraphic wall art to gift your husband as his Eid gift.

When is Bhai Dooj in 2021?

Bhai Dooj is a day when brothers and sisters come together to wish good luck and health to each other. Unlike other relations that people share, a brother and sister’s relation is a sweet and fun one. Right from little squabbles to covering up for each other, their childhood and growing up are both riddled with adorable memories. In 2021, this special day will be celebrated on the 6th of November. It is the Dwitiya (2nd day) of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik. Bhai Dooj is also known as Bhratri Dwitiya as it is celebrated on this day of Dwitiya. Celebrate this wonderful day with your loved ones by sending gifts

When is Bhai Dooj in 2020?

Bhaidooj comes 2 days after Diwali. It is an extremely special day for most brothers and sisters in India. It is celebrated on the 2nd day of the Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik. This festival is known by different names in different parts of India and also its neighboring countries. Bhai Phonta, Bhai Tika, Bhratri Dwitiya are all different names of this festival. The beauty of this festival is the innocence and pure love that is associated with it. It is a day when brothers and sisters get together to wish each other good health and prosperity through certain rituals. Gifts too are exchanged on this day. In 2020 Bh