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Mango Pista Torte -1 Kg Best Seller
Desert Delite - 1 Kg Best Seller
Tom & Jerry Cake - 2 Kg Best Seller
Kiwi Bonanza Cake -1 Kg Best Seller

Send Cakes from Sweet Chariot to Bangalore

Cakes from Sweet Charit are extremely popular among those having a sweet tooth. Send delicious and yummy cakes from the house of Sweet Charit to your loved ones in India to make any joyous occasion, a memorable one. One of the top bakeries of Bangalore, send Sweet Charit cakes as online gifts to your loved ones in other parts of India as well as across the globe.

Your loved ones in India will be enthralled when you send them beautiful cakes from the house of Sweet Charit. Celebrating special occasions and festivals by cutting cakes is a trend that is fast catching up. So, your loved ones will start loving you more, when you send them delicious, sponge cakes from this reputed brand.

Articles On Sweet Chariot

Top 5 Cakes to India on Birthday

Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand. Cakes are the heavenly touch to a birthday party that lights up the celebration. If you are away from your loved ones’ birthday party, send a birthday cake to them in India from the USA. This way you will not only become a part of the fun but will put the essence of emotions in it! Spice this idea up a bit by sending an extraordinary cake that will be the diamond in the rough! Round cakes, square cakes, heart cakes - these are so common that they are starting to become an eyesore. Step away from the ordinary and step into the realm of delightful uniqueness. We hate to say it ourselves