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If you are looking for gifts to send to your siblings to make the day of Raksha Bandhan special, then look no further. In this article, we explore a list of the top 8 gifts that you can send to your beloved sibling and make them feel special. The day is a very special one and if you want to make it special for them and not let the void of the distance take over then send gifts and convey your love to them. So, if you wish to know more about the trending gifts in detail then keep reading the article for more. 

The relationship of brothers and sisters is such that it resembles that of Tom and Jerry. But they are always there for one another protecting each other’s back. Thus, a day dedicated to them allows them to cherish each other and their unique bond. But then again some of us migrated to foreign lands and now we find the question, "How can I send Rakhi to another state?” staring at our face. The problem might look a little challenging but is not as it seems as the only thing that can be hectic is selecting a gift. With the help of gifting services, you can send gifts to your homeland India to your home town Bangalore. So, send rakhi to Bangalore to your siblings and celebrate the day with them. Living far away comes with a lot of challenges but to keep the passion alive and the relationship working all you need is a little bit of creativity and loads of gifts to express your love and admiration. Hence, to make things easier for you we have compiled a list of amazing gifts for you that you can send to your siblings and make the day extra special for them. 

1. Rakhi and Sweets Hamper 

The essence of the day is evoked with sweets and as we all know it is a tradition in India that auspicious day starts with sweets. It is believed that to start the auspicious day with sweets you spread sweetness to the day, celebration, and the relation. So, the best thing to send to your beloved brother would be to send Rakhi which signifies your love and the promise that you would protect him from any evil. Along with that a box of sweets to follow the traditions and give him a tasty treat is the perfect combination of gifts that you can send to him. If you wish to add on the treat then you can also add chocolates or dry fruits. Chocolates are famous with little kids and adults too so there is no thinking about them. They surely will love to savor this delicious and delightful you send via Rakhi online delivery Bangalore

2. Personalized Photo Frames 

Many memories might rush in when the day of Rakhi comes along sauntering. The nostalgic days when you and your siblings would prank each other, fight each other, fight for each other, play together and so much more. The days are gone by but if you hold them close to your heart then you can also add them to the wall of fame. You can send your sibling personalized photo frames with all the lovely memories that you want to relive with them. You can personalize the photo frames with images, by dedicating songs, or by sending them certificate gifts like the best brother or the best sister. These are some of the trendy personalized gifts that you can send in the category of photo frames. Isn’t it amazing? So, send rakhi gifts to Bangalore online add all the heart-touching memories in one photo frame, and surprise them. 

3. Tea Set

Rakhi is all about making your beloved siblings feel special. No matter how annoying you find them this is one of those many days when you want to show them how important they are to you. What can be a better way than sending them gifts that they love the most? For the tea connoisseurs and those who are health freaks a tea set is the best gift. How? Well, herbal teas are healthy and to seep a good cup of tea, a tea set is also needed. We know your sister would appreciate having an elaborate tea set with some blends of tea leaves to cherish. Add a snack to enjoy with the tea and you are good to go. Send rakhi gifts to Bangalore online like a tea set hamper and surprise her with your gifting qualities. 

4. Refreshments and Savory

What can be better than some time out after a long day at work? With your gift, you can relieve them of refreshments after a long day at work. Maybe a morning energizer can also be a great gift. Thus, you can send a refreshing and savory gift in the form of refreshments and chocolates. Add coffee, and chocolates to start their day on a savorsome note. If you want to send something different than soft drinks you can opt for non-alcoholic beverages. There are beers, wines, and many more non-alcoholic beverages that you can send as refreshments. This will keep them refreshed for many more days to come and give them the energy to stay refreshed and energized. You can add savory as well as essentials to make a refreshing cup of coffee and some wafers or chocolates as well. So, send rakhi gifts to Bangalore online these refreshing gifts and surprise them. 

5. Self-Care Hamper 

For the people who are constantly striving in their daily battles with busy schedules and stress. What can be better than sending a Self-care hamper, we all must have noted how our siblings are stressed. A little rejuvenation can go a long way so sending a gift that will relax their body mind and soul can be a great pick. A self-care hamper is a gift that your brother or sister will love to receive as it will present to them the de-stressing experience that they need. So, if you wish to send rakhi gifts to Bangalore online that your siblings will appreciate, then a self-hamper is the one. A self-care hamper will pamper them with all the essentials needed for relaxation like bathing bars, shower gels, bath salts, body butter, essential oils and so much more if you are sending this to your brother then you just need to add things like gel, hair wax, shaving cream, razors or trimmers. With all these things it will be elaborate self-care gifts to pamper them. 

6. Bobbleheads 

A gift that will remind your siblings of you and will be a fun gift can be these bobbleheads. Even though they look great on the dashboard of a car you can send them to your baby siblings too. They are great entertaining gifts that will entertain your little one and become a great addition to their toy collection. Even the one going to the office can keep it on their dashboard and be entertained once in a while. So, if your sibling is a Star Trek, avengers, Marvel, or anime fan, you can get them a bobblehead of their favorite character and surprise them with your gift. A gift that will bring a smile to your sibling's face can be a great gift for the occasion of Rakhi that will convey your love and admiration.

7. Back to School Hampers 

For our little ones, there's nothing that can’t excite them but one of the things that is sure to thrill them to the core has to be the back-to-school hamper. A special cartoon character bag or an animal-themed bag with cute stationery is what they will appreciate the most. Send your little ones a cute bag, a pencil case, a bottle, and a notebook themed on their favorite cartoon characters. Send this as a gift to your baby brother or sister and thrill them to the core. They would love a hamper that they can use in the school to flaunt their beautiful stationery. A good way to encourage them to study and go to school with this amazing and exciting gift.

8. Traveling Essentials

Is your sibling the type to disappear during the weekends? Then a Weekender bag with some travel essentials can be the right gift. They can be bikers and go on for long rides or just like to disappear to a new place on the weekends to refill and rejuvenate then you can encourage them to maintain this healthy practice of relieving and rejuvenating themselves by sending them a weekender bag, a tumbler, keychains, and sunglasses. A weekender bag is good to send because it is the perfect size to carry only the essentials. Hence, send this gift to surprise them and make them feel special with this unique and amazing gift. This will be better than a stoic gift to send rakhi gifts to Bangalore for brother.  

This list of gifts has a wide range of options from which you can choose the best gift for your siblings. Be your sibling the little one of the family or the one who is the eldest you will find gifts of all ages and tastes. So, use this ultimate list of gifts to surprise your loved sibling and make them the happiest on the special day. Bring back memories and make some more with your incredible gifts that translate your love, admiration, and the yearning to go back to your childhood to play, run, and do mischief with your siblings. So, with an online rakhi delivery in Bangalore along with some gifts bring smiles to your sibling's face this Raksha Bandhan. 

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