Cakes from Bakeries in Kolkata

Cakes complement celebration. They add joy and uplift the mood of any special occasion and celebration. Delight your dear ones in India on their special occasions by sending the best palatable cakes from Kolkata. Here you can access the best cakes of the top bakeries the city has to offer and can send them to your dear ones through the proficient online gifting portal of Add more to the charm of your gift by teaming up chocolates, flowers, gift vouchers and lots more from our site.
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Cakes - A finest bakery in Kolkata, Cakes bakery bakes some delicious cakes. has included cakes like strawberry cake, pineapple cake, black forest cake, chocolate cake from the bakery. Send these cakes to your family and friends in Kolkata who is fond of the Cakes bakery or if you are fond of the bakery. Your loved ones will enjoy the delicious taste of the cake from the Cakes Bakery. Place your order for a cake on and we will deliver it on time and fresh to your dear one in Kolkata. Also please note that we deliver eggless cakes only.

Govinda’s - Govinda’s is a part of the Iskcon House in Kolkata and GiftstoIndia24x7.
com offers you pure vegetarian black forest cake and chocolate cake from their kitchen. Since it's a house of the Lord so the cakes are 100% eggless. So if you are a vegetarian or you want to send a vegetarian cake to your loved ones than Govinda’s should be your choice. will deliver your freshly baked and on time to your family and friends in Kolkata.

Kookie Jar - Kookie Jar is a finest bakery of Kolkata and is happy that it's included in our list of city bakeries. Order a delicious cake such as a pineapple cake, chocolate truffle cake, butter scotch cake, chocolate nougatine cake, mixed fruit cake for your friends and family and make their occasion complete with a cake. Kookie Jar also has an outlet in Faridabad as well. will deliver your cakes fresh and on time to your dear ones in Kolkata. Please note that cakes that are delivered will be eggless.

Krazy for Chocolates - has included a reputed bakery of Kolkata, Krazy for Chocolate bakery. We have some amazing cakes from the bakery to offer like, red velvet cake, rose cake, ferrero rocher cake, choco forest cake, marble chocolate cake and many more. Designer cakes like cosmetic cake, candy crush cake, shopaholic cake, couple cake, poker cake and many such cakes. These cakes are a treat for eyes and delicious for mouth. Send this cakes to your family and friends on their special occasion and make it extra special. delivers fresh eggless cakes and on time.

Mama Mia - From the reputed store of Kolkata, MamaMia, is offering you a delicious chocolate cake which you can send to your family and friends in Kolkata for any occasion. has a reputation of on time delivery and we never disappoint our valued customer. The cake that is to be delivered will be fresh and 100% eggless.

Mio Amore - has included the very famous bakery of Kolkata, Mio Amore on the city bakeries list. Mio Amore is a household name in Kolkata, so if you want to send cakes from this reputed bakery than you have come to the right place as has cakes to offer like vanilla cake, butter scotch cake, chocolate cake and black forest cake from the Mio Amore bakery. These cakes will win your loved one’s heart and they will get a delicious treat as well. has been delivering your gifts since 1999 and we have a on time delivery reputation and we deliver eggless cakes only.

Oven fresh - A reputed bakery of Kolkata, Oven fresh, has been included by in the baker's list. We are offering butterscotch cake and chocolate cake from the Oven fresh cake. Just like the name itself , the cakes will be oven fresh at the time of delivery and delivers 100% eggless cakes. So send these cakes from Oven Fresh Bakery to your loved one’s in Kolkata and make their event a special one.

Soho - has included a finest bakery of Kolkata, Soho, in its city bakery list. Soho bakes some mouth watering cakes which are being offered on our website for you to send it to your family and friends in Kolkata. The cakes that are being offered are black forest cake, strawberry cake, pineapple cake and chocolate cake from the Soho bakery. If your family or friends like cake of Soho than you can send it from our online portal. Please note cakes that are delivered is eggless.

The Flurys - How could would have forgotten to add the oldest, most reputed and finest bakery of Kolkata, The Flurys in its city bakeries list. The delicious cakes that we are offering from the kitchen of flurys are truffle cake, chocolate butter cream cake, black forest cake, fresh fruit cake and so on. The cakes that are delivered are 100% eggless. So send this amazing flavoured cakes to your family and friends in Kolkata on their special occasion.

The French Loaf - The motto “You are what you eat” is completely followed by The French Loaf. They bake with a lot of care and precision and so have delicious cakes to offer. So has included some of the finest products from this bakery for you to send it to your family and friends in Kolkata. The French Loaf is also available in the city of Bangalore. Some of the cakes that you can send are mango swirl cake, pineapple cake, irish fantasy cake and many more cakes. You can also send designer cakes like nemo cake, poolside mickey mouse cake, puppy cake, pink doll cake and so on. These delicious cakes are 100% fresh and eggless at the time of delivery. launches a wide collection of tasty and delicious cakes from the top bakeries of Kolkata like Kookie Jar, Govindas, The French Loaf, Soho, Oven Fresh and lots more. In this section, you can choose and send the delectable cakes that best suit your occasion. You can send these cakes to your special ones, family, friends and relatives. Give a sumptuous treat of rich taste and the best flavors of the city to your dear ones and be a part of their celebration in India.

We deliver only EGGLESS cakes.

The pictures shown here are indicative. The final arrangement may vary from city to city depending on availability.

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