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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a special time to celebrate love and togetherness. This divine bond can be made even stronger by taking your partner on a romantic holiday. A romantic getaway is the most enduring way to take a break from the mundane life. The everyday busy life poses a lot of stress and tensions on our shoulders due to which romance seems to vanish in the air. That's when one needs to unwind themselves in the arms of one’s beloved. Taking a small vacation with your beloved will help you a great deal in bringing back the spice in your life. These romantic trips, on special occasion help a lot in strengthening a relationship and creating a bond that lasts as long as you live.

Valentine's Day is the most beautiful time to indulge in a romantic getaway. Valentine's Day is celebrated in spring when nature puts the best look. Lovers devote this time especially to romance, love and togetherness. Fine hotels and resorts create special packages for an overnight stay, a long weekend, or more time to enjoy romance on and around Valentine's Day. When the mundane world begins to take a toll on us, there's no better way to break out of the doldrums than to plan a getaway either together or as a surprise for your darling. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to escape.


Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner why not pamper yourself and your sweetheart by taking a romantic vacation somewhere around the world? There are magnificent romantic destinations : there is the misty hill stations like Castle Hill, Vermont, USA, Switzerland, Alberg, Brundage Mountains etc, or you can also wet your body in the beaches of Miami, Copacabana, Monterosso, Koh Samui. India is also known as the land of beauty and romance. It has many exotic holiday destinations where couples can enjoy. Be it the Backwaters of Kerala, The beaches of Goa, Puri, Kovalam or the hilly landscapes of Nainital, Ooty, Mussourie and Manali. The idea is to spend some unforgettable time with your special person, to show him or her how much you love and care. Nowadays with the tourism and hospitality industry advancing fast there are several packages and tours which they offer. These tour packages are meant especially for Valentine's Day.

Even a short day trip to the nearest picnic spot or a walk in the moonlit night, a romantic dinner with your beloved is all that is needed to trigger the passion inside you. But when time comes to celebrate love, this Valentine’s Day do something truly special. Go to a destination far from the madding crowd. So do not wait, surprise your beloved by taking them out on a romantic getaway, let the moments spend in togetherness be a memory to cherish forever.


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  • International Romantic Gateways

    International Romantic Gateways

    International Romantic Getaways are always special on Valentine vacation. A trip to these places fills the life of couples with a lot of happiness. This chapter discusses the various romantic International Hill Stations and International Beaches which can be tried out. The International Hill Stations comprise of places like Castle Hill in Vermont in USA, Brundage Mountain in Idaho, Arlberg in Austria, Chamonix in France and Verbier in Switzerland. These places offer a lot of activity for the couples to enjoy their heart out. Set in the back drop of beautiful snowcapped surroundings these Hill Stations are ideal for expressing their emotions. Beaches always have a charm of their own. Running on the long stretches of the International Beaches with the love of your life is so romantic! International Beaches like Phuket Island Beaches and West Railay, the Krabi Coast in Thailand, Miami in Florida, Monterasso in Italy and Copacabana in Brazil are fascinating destinations for passionate lovers.

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  • National Romantic Gateways

    National Romantic Gateways

    India is a land of unity in diversity. There are sprawling sandy beaches along the shorelines as well as steep snow cladded mountains. For a perfect romantic holiday with you loved ones, India has lots to offer. In the articles we have talked about the beaches and romantic hill stations of India. You can enjoy the panaromic view of the mountains, the serene greenery and the dark misty woodland. Far away from the madding crowd you can enjoy some very special moments with your soul mate. There are the beautiful mountains of Gangtok,Ooty, Leh and Ranikhet. They offer mesmerizing atmosphere to enjoy a honeymoon in the arms of your beloved. The roaring waves in the beaches of Juhu, Kerala, Goa also offers a good place to venture out on a romantic holiday. The beaches have exquisite resorts which offers exotic sea view and comfortable staying and dinning. So wait no more, delve in the beauty of India and spend a vacation full of love and togetherness.

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  • Shimla, India

    "Far From the Madding Crowd": Romantic Destinations 2010

    The feeling of Love is undescribable, they say, this feeling is priceless and eternal as well. No hours of a day can be scheduled to celebrate this feeling, rather each second in love helps a soul merge in a feeling that is Divine! On Valentine's Day, the gesture of celebrating the feeling of love ought to be an exclusive one. Surely, chocolates and flowers show you care but in order to enthrall your beloved, you need to do something that really stands out of usual! Leave for on a short voyage in the weekend or extend this one love-filled day into a week or longer. Whether your idea of romance is to spend an evening aside an undisturbed beach, or spend the days in the serene laps of nature, take your partner on one of the most cozy gateways. Here we present you with some of the most sort after romantic gateways: 1. Shimla, India: Located in Himachal Pradesh, Northern India, Shimla - snowy paradise, is the favorite gateway of many couples.  The cool breeze and crisp mountain air blankets the place with a romantic aura. The sky kissing snow capped peaks, the pines and rhododendron trees are scenic extravaganza. The voyage on the toy trains through the 100 tunnels on a scenic journey of rolling hills, villages and the misty mountains will make the Valentine's Day 2010, a memorable one. Feel the enigma of  love and delve deep into an eternal feeling of togetherness amidst the lofty snow-clad Himalayan ranges. 2. Laguna Beach, California: Laguna Beach is southern California's premier, seaside destination, located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. Laguna Beach features seven miles of soft sand and the sound of the surf are soothing retreat for the lovers. It’s a place where you both can relax, rejuvenate, reconnect and be inspired. Laguna Beach have one of the greatest number of localized beaches of any city on the California coast. The list includes the northern beaches of Irvine Cove, Crescent Bay, Shaw's Cove, Boat Canyon, Diver's Cove, Picnic Beach and Rockpile. Central Beaches include Main Beach, Sleepy Hollow, St. Ann's Street, Thalia Street, Oak Street, Brook's Street and Mountain Road Beach. Southern Laguna Beach (South Laguna Beach) include Bluebird Canyon, Pearl Street, Wood's Cove, Moss Point, Rockledge, Victoria Beach and Treasure Island. Spend some cozy moments with your beloved in the beautiful beaches and make the Valentine's Day 2010 a memorable one. 3. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Looking for a new spin on old-time romance? Well, the cocktails and daring dance in the dimly lit clubs in Buenos Aires can take you to a trip to the glamorous 1930s. Tapping feats with the Tango beats, dining in the tastes of South America, savoring the taste of Argentine sirloin steaks and empanadas (beef pies) and red wines, this Valentine's Day will leave an ever lasting impression on the mind of you two. Re-live the passion and vow to the time as you profess love to your better half. 4. South Beach, Miami, Florida: Ooze with all energy and vibes of love as you take a trip to the South Beach in Miami, Florida. One of the most magnificent beach, it is a perfect swanky destination for you when you wish to indulge in luxury or dance the night away. Enjoy people watching at one of the outdoor café's situated along Ocean Drive. Spend some time in the rendezvous of the most elegant and exotic restaurants and gather the ultimate personalised dining experience. Bath in the crimson rays of the sun and re-create the magic of the feeling of love, all over again. 5. Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route, Illinois: You are in a mood for a little or a long scenic drive on this Valentine's Day, then opt for the 57-mile-long Great Rivers Scenic Route. You will land up in the place where Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers meet in the heart of the nation. An isolated existence from the daily humdrum of life, re-discover yourselves and feel rejuvenated with a scenic beauty. Take some time out and soothe your vision in the natural beauty. The junction of the river provides unique wildlife viewing opportunities. Take an up-close view of an impressive array of animals and birds. Pass through the historic villages, islands, farmland, forests and apple and peach orchards. Each of these places are unique and has too much to offer. So, this Valentine, whisk your sweetheart away for a rendezvous destination - to earth's most romantic places. Enjoy a little one-on-one time with your sweetheart this February and let this time of the year stay etched in the memory for ever and ever.