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If you are worried about how to make Valentine's Day special, you can plan a trip to West Railay in Thailand. There are many beaches and touristy places that you can visit and enjoy the scenic beauty. Enjoy the season of Christmas and create memories with your partner.

Nothing in this world has more shades than nature itself. There are glorious mountains, deep oceans, vast desert, beautiful rivers, islands and beaches and many more. All these are some of the examples of the beautiful Mother Nature. This natural beauty is not only soothing for our eyes but at the same time it is also related to our emotions. There are certain places that evoke certain kind of feelings in us. For example whenever we are standing in front of a mountain, we are bound to think about our own fulfilled or unfulfilled desires that are as high as the mountain itself. In the same manner, the ocean represents depth that is related to the depth of our emotions and thoughts. Every single wave makes us think more deeply about our life, our done and undone deeds and obviously about our relationships. So, if you want to celebrate this Valentine's Day in some place except Valentine day in India, then go ahead.

These multicolour shades of nature attract human beings for different reasons. We always look for that single chance to loose ourselves or to find ourselves amidst the nature. One of those favourite places where we get this rare opportunity is Railay, one of the famous coasts of the Krabi region in Thailand. This beach is not only far from the reach of modernity, it is also very close to its primitive state. Nature has painted this beach with all its colours and with proper care. Vertical limestone cliffs, mysterious caves, lagoon and the white sand beach, all is there to make the travelers know the Mother Nature from a close distance. At the same time, the proximity of the waves and the lonely cliffs make us think about our soul mate and that also in a different manner. This romantic feeling is the second most precious realization that one can experience in Railay.

West Railay, The Krabi Coast, Thailand

The beaches of Railay are among some of the most favourite romantic getaways in Thailand. The couples love to spend some good time here just because they get that rare chance to gather some precious memories for the rest of the life. A romantic walk on the white sand beach in the dying sunlight of the evening or a special dinner with your partner in the shadow of light is priceless. One of the most common characteristics of the modern world, the transport communication network, is still absent in Railay. There are no roads and no vehicles to disturb you in your vacation. There are only footpaths throughout the region. If you are willing to have a close view of the beaches, follow these footpaths that will lead you and your partner towards the astonishing beauty of the nature.

There are a number of other activities that can be an interesting part of the romantic trip to Railay. Exploring the caves is one of those activities. There are the Diamond Cave, Princess Cave and many more that have a spectacular mystic charm. The View points around Railay and especially around the West Railay Beach are also very popular. These view points provide a panoramic view of the entire region. Sea Kayaking is also very popular among the tourists. These trips are arranged on small boats and are meant to explore the rockfaces and caves that have been carved out from the limestone cliffs by the high tides. There are a lot more like rock climbing, lagoon, beach volleyball and so on that can take this trip to the zenith of romanticism.

Last but not the least, there is an important message conveyed by the beaches of Railay to all of us. The ocean always pulls back the waves but the wave is always determined to come back to its beloved beach. Love is also the same. There are different kinds of obstructions in life but at the end of the day, it is the true love and the emotional bonding that comes out as victorious. Let us learn this important message from the beaches of Railay.

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