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Jamshedi Noruz

Jamshedi Noruz

Jamshedi Noruz is New Year of the Zoroastrian, which is celebrated with pomp and show in across the Indian subcontinent. This New Year of the Parse is dedicated to the element of fire. Similar to any other New Year, this one is also marked by spending quality time with family, grand feasting and exchanging gifts. Since the festival is dedicated to the element of fire, fires are lit in the household and in the modern day, fireworks have become a significant part of Jamshedi Noruz. The articles in this chapter will throw light on the festival of Jamshedi Noruz and also detail about the different gifts that are exchanged during this lively annual festival.

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  • When is Jamshedi Noruz

    When is Jamshedi Noruz

    Alternatively known as Norur or Jamshedi, this event Parse New Year is the 7th obligatory feast that falls on the spring equinox. This year Jamshedi Noruz will be celebrated withzeal, fervor, joy and gusto on 20th July. A lively festival, which is dedicated to fire, Jamshedi Noruz, is in fact one of the three principal festival of the Parse. Family reunion, grand feasting, gifts exchanging, lighting fire and fireworks, make up the major events of this festival. The articles assigned in this chapter will mainly detail about Jamshedi Noruz.

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  • Jamshedi Noruz Gift Ideas

    Jamshedi Noruz Gift Ideas

    Exchanging gifts form the main event of almost all occasions and festival and Jamshedi Noruz is no exception. During this festival, gifts are exchanged between family, relatives and friends. A wide range of gifts like flowers, food items, home decor items, show pieces and more are sent on this festival. Apart from gifts, various other interesting things can also be done for a perfect Jamshedi Noruz celebration. The articles in this chapter will provide information about the different gifts that can be sent on Jamshedi Noruz along with other gift ideas for celebrating this New Year.

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  • Jamshedi Navroz Gifting

    Jamshedi Navroz Gifting

    This article discusses about various Jamshedi Navroz Gifting ideas.

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  • About Jamshedi Navroz

    About Jamshedi Navroz

    This chapter discusses about the history and significance of Jamshedi Navroz

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  • Jamshedi Navroz Celebration

    Jamshedi Navroz Celebration

    This chapter focuses on the most amazing ways to celebrate Jamshedi Navroz.

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  • Jamshedi Navroz Recipes

    Jamshedi Navroz Recipes

    This chapter informs the readers about the most traditional recipes for Jamshedi Navroz.

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