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Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is a very special and joyous occasion when we shower love and adoration on our dearmost Mothers. She is the special lady who has been there by our side through thick and thin. The articles in this chapter brings out the true essence of Mother's Day celebrations, how it came into being and its rapidly growing popularity. They discuss various gift ideas that can make for an ideal gift for mothers on Mother's Day. The articles gives you complete information of the mothers day celebrations in different parts of the world, when it will be celebrated in the year 2009. There is also focus on the influence of Bollywood hindi songs on Mothers. There are special quotes on Mother's Day that can be dedicated to Mother's. Mother's Day celebrates the spirit of motherhood, the one divine feeling that makes this world truly beautiful.

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  • When is Mother's Day

    When is Mother's Day

    Mother';s Day is a special occasion dedicated to mothers all over world. The origin of Mother';s Day can be traced back to ancient Greek and Romans. On the annual spring festival, Greeks and Romans used to honour Rhea (wife of Cronus and the mother of various deities of Greek mythology) and Cybele (a mother goddess), respectively. However, the most recent Mother's Day history can be traced back to 1600 in UK. In UK, the first celebration of Mother';s Day began. However, today this  occasion is celebrated in various nations such as USA, Italy, Australia, India and so on. In UK, Mother';s day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent. In countries like USA, India and Australia the occasion is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May. The tradition of celebrating this grand occasion varies from nation to nation. People special children convey their love to their dear mothers by gifting cakes, chocolates, greeting cards, flowers and so on. Moreover, you can get detail ideas about Mother';s Day by reading the articles that are assigned in this chapter.

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  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother';s Day is celebrated on different days in various parts of the world, commonly during the  the month of March, April or May. On this grand occasion, children try to make their mother happy by gifting varied gifts such as greeting cards, flowers, jewellery, beauty products and so on. These gifts definitely delight the mothers. However, you can get more ideas about Mother';s day gifts from the articles that are assigned in this chapter. The unique gift ideas will surely help you in sending fabulous gifts to your dear mom on Mother';s Day.

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  • Express Delivery on Mother's Day

    Express Delivery on Mother's Day

    Mother';s day is a grand occasion that is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm all over the world. On this special occasion, children try to spend some quality time with their dear mothers. However, if they are unable to be with their mother, they try to make her happy and delightful by sending gifts. brings express delivery service, through which any one can send attractive gifts to his/her mother within 24 hours. Moreover, the articles assigned in this section will give you detail ideas in sending Mother';s Day gifts through express delivery service.

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  • Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

    Unique Ideas for Mother's Day

    Gift is the perfect way to thank mothers for all their love and support. Hence, on the special occasion children convey love and affection to their mother by sending wonderful gifts such as flowers, jewellery, beauty products, gift hampers and so on. Apart from sending gifts, children celebrate this grand occasion by cooking special dishes for mothers, taking them to their favourite places and so on. The articles in this chapter will give an insight about the different gifts that can be sent to Mothers on Mother';s Day  and also about various other gift ideas related with Mother';s day celebration.

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  • Exclusive Gifting Experience

    Exclusive Gifting Experience

    Have an exclusive gifting experience on Mother's day.

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  • Budget Gifts for Mother

    Budget Gifts for Mother

    Send xclusive budget gifts for your mother on this special day

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  • History of Mother''s Day

    History of Mother''s Day

    It discusses about the significance and history of Mother's Day.

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  • Mother''s Day Celebrations

    Mother''s Day Celebrations

    This chapter brings forward the most possible ways to celebrate mother's day and the significance of mother's day.

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  • Personalized Gift Ideas

    Personalized Gift Ideas

    This chapter informs the readers about the latest collection of personalized mother's day gifts.

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Articles under Mother's Day
  • gifts

    Send poems and Novels to make your Mother's Day gifts special

    Mother’s Day is a day completely dedicated to the mothers. On this day everyone conveys their love, affection and respect to their mothers by presenting exotic gifts or arranging some grand parties. However, if you are away from your mother on this Mother’s Day, then you can surprise her by sending gifts to India online. Are you wondering when is Mother’s Day in 2012? Then this to inform you that Mother’s Day will be observed on 13th May this year.  Amongst various online portals, is a mega online store from where you can send gifts to India. In this online store, you can get exclusive plethora of gifts in the “Mother’s Day gift “ category. From jewellery, saree, flower, watches to perfumes everything is available in this site. If you want to gift something unique then you can write poems for her. Moreover if you are unable to write, you can recite or send the poems that are mentioned below:-   To My Mother ( by Christina Rossetti ) To-day’s your natal day, Sweet flowers I bring; Mother, accept, I pray, My offering. And may you happy live, And long us bless; Receiving as you give Great happiness. The poem express the poetess’ deep affection as well as appreciation for her mother. Moreover, she is thanking her mother for everything she has done for her. If you recite this small touchy poem to your mother along with sending gifts to India, she will definitely get impressed. M-O-T-H-E-R (by Howard Johnson ) "M" is for the million things she gave me, "O" means only that she's growing old, "T" is for the tears she shed to save me, "H" is for her heart of purest gold; "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining, "R" means right, and right she'll always be, Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER," A word that means the world to me. In the above poem, the poet with each letter of the word “Mother” mentions special attributes to his mother. The poet in the end of the poem feels proud to have a mother like her. Wonderful Mother ( by Pat O'Reilly) God made a wonderful mother, A mother who never grows old; He made her smile of the sunshine, And He moulded her heart of pure gold; In her eyes He placed bright shining stars, In her cheeks fair roses you see; God made a wonderful mother, And He gave that dear mother to me. This is a famous poem for mothers which you can recite on Mother’s Day 2012. The poet in this poem, thanks to God for giving him such a caring and loving mother. Along with these poems you can also send Mother’s day gifts from this site. Apart from poems, you can also gift famous novels that are completely dedicated to mothers. Here are names of some famous novels that you can gift to your mother on Mother’s Day. Great with Child: Letters to a Young Mother, by Beth Ann Fennelly. This is a non-fiction epistolary novel. In this novel, the writer shares about the happiness of becoming a mother. Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters, and Health, by Christiane Northrup. This novel explains that the relationship between mother and child which starts before the child is born. It also focuses on the health problems faced by mother’s after the child’s birth. Northup, an obstetrician and gynecologist, who is the writer of the novel, also offers many practical advices about raising daughters from childhood. Mixed: My Life in Black and White, by Angela Nisse The novel brings out the problem of a child who is born to biracial parents. You can send  this excellent novel to your mother as Mother’s day gift. With these fine literary compositions you can gifts to India from US from These gift articles will definitely make your mom feel special.  

  • Mother's Day Gifts

    This Mother's Day Gift your Mother With Exclusive Watches and Jewellery

    Amongst several relations, the relationship between a mother and her child is the most precious. This is because she is the one who has carried you for nine months in her womb without any complaints. She is also the one who is there for you in every bend of your life besides your father. Thus, to honour her selfless sacrifices, achievements, people all over the world celebrate Mother’s day with great vigour and enthusiasm. On this day, children present their mom with gifts to express their gratitude and appreciation. Even if you are miles away from your mother, you can always send Mother’s day gifts to her with the help of is an online e-gifting portal that has assisted several non-resident Indians to send gifts to India on any occasion or festival. Since we offer 24 hours customer care service, you can place your order any time of the day or night. This is one among several features of our site that has grabbed the attention of NRIs all over the world. Apart from this, the wide selection of items is also a big hit with the gift-givers. Mother’s day, being the most important day for all, we have introduced a wide collection of items which you can send her on this day. From beautiful flower bouquets, chocolates, apparels to exotic perfumes, delicious cakes, etc, you will find it all if you browse through the ‘Mother’s Day Gifts’ category of our site. Since time immemorial, flowers and chocolates are the most popular gift for women of all ages. But, if you want to gift her something which will be treasure for several years to come then gift her an exquisite watch. If you take a look at our collection of watches for your mother, you will certainly find one which will suit her personality. We have exotic pieces from Titan, Sonata, Timex and many more, which your mom will be thrilled to receive from you. In the world of watches, ‘Titan’, ‘Sonata’ and ‘Timex’ are well renowned. Hence, you can be sure about their quality and durability. With their classic and elegant design, it will certainly compliment any attire which your mom wears. Since these watches will also match perfectly with ethnic wear, she can flaunt it in any upcoming occasion or festival. Apart from these, you can also send her designer watches from the famous brand, Angora. Each of the watches in this section are studded with semi-colored precious stone so it can be used as a bracelet as well. You can send these exotic watches as gifts to India and bring a big smile on her face. Besides these, you can also send her an attractive jewellery set by choosing from our vast ‘Jewellery’ collection. You can send her gold, pearl, diamond or fashion jewellery. It is a known fact that women of all ages love to adorn themselves with any type of accessories. Thus, for Mother’s Day, we have included a ‘Mother’s Day Special’ category which contains exclusive jewellery pieces which will be a perfect gift for her. Beautifully designed pearl jewellery sets, diamond studded rings and earrings are some of the most popular items of this category. Besides this, watches studded with various colored semi-precious are also available in our site. To make your gift more attractive you can couple this jewellery for your mom with an enchanting bouquet of flowers. We offer you a wide selection of flowers from which you can easily send as a gift to your mom on this special occasion. Thus, choose from our wide collection of items to send as a gift to India and make your mother feel loved and cherished on Mother’s day.

  • cosmetics as Mother's Day Gifts to India

    With Gifts to India present Cosmetics to your mom on Mother's day

    Mother's Day - the very name suggests a day solemnly devoted to recognise a mother's love, sacrifice and compassion. Mothers are our central foci, and round them revolves our entire childhood. As a kid we used to move to our mothers for each and every need. May it be a little wound or a brawl with friends in the school, mothers use to listen to her child with great care and importance. It is her child who holds the position of greatest importance in her life. The comforts of her child matters to her the most, above even of her own comforts and likings. Mothers, truly prove to be the guardian angel in the course of our journey to maturity and even after that. In appreciation of all these selfless sacrifices, every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother's Day. On this day the whole world unites as one to proclaim the whole concept of motherhood. Now a days gifting has became a very popular idea to mark this auspicious occasion. But due to the contemporary trends in career related issues, many of us are compelled to live at far-off places away from friends, family and home. With the advent of science and technology, online gifting portals are a huge hit in the modern day world. is one such gifting company which enables the global NRIs to send gifts to India on special occasions and festivals. This pioneer gifting portal has touched a million hearts in this domain and thereby achieved the topmost position as an online gifting portal in India. For over a decade, we have helped a considerable number of global Indians to get in touch with their near and dear ones. Just a single click of the mouse and you may send your selected gifts to India delivered right on time. On the occasion of Mother's Day, offers a vivid and varied range of gifts which surely will make your mother feel happy. It is very hard to find a woman who do not have any kind of obsession over cosmetics. Keeping this in view, we have recently introduced an unique collection of cosmetics that can be sent to your loving mother in India. Popular brands like Chambor, Lakme, Garnier, L'Oréal, Ponds, and many more, the very name of which enchants a female heart, adorn this collection. You will also find a collection of herbal cosmetics in the offering by the famous brand of Shahnaz Herbals. Else you can also gift your loving mom a selection of Best Picks as offered by us. This year on Mother's Day, take the pleasure of sending gifts to that special woman and let the priceless smile adorn her face. Send Mother's Day gift through us and experience a difference. is a famous name in delivering happiness enfolded with gifts, with utmost care and dedication and promptness. We have a wide range of network all throughout India making it possible for us to reach every door step. Moreover, our 24x7 customer support team is committed to help you through the entire gifting process. You can also keep a track on your order herewith and will be provided with the best available feedback. No matter wherever you are in this world, be in the celebration, be with us.  

  • Gifts

    Top Ten Mother's Day Gifts to send to India

    Mother's day is a wonderful time to thank our Mothers for every thing they did to raise us. It is a wonderful time for family get-together and making the day beautiful for the woman of the house. The day serves to make the Mothers feel special about themselves and also feel proud about us. Although it has originated in the United States yet it has gained a world-wide popularity owing to its noble cause. Mother's day is popularly celebrated in India as well and many people present some gifts to their Mothers on this occasion. If you are staying away from your Mother on Mother's day, then you can now send Mother's day gifts to India with, the online gifting portal. Choose from a wide array as gifts  and send these to your Mother in India. Enthralling Collection of gifts will surely make her feel all the more special. We, at, have carefully selected and created the list of top ten Mother's day Gifts to send to India. These Gifts will surely win the heart of your Mother. 1. Cakes : Cakes are synonymous with Mother's day celebration. You can now send exclusive Mother's day cakes to India and make her smile again. These cakes will be shipped from the top bakeries and so you can be rest assured that she will definitely be overjoyed on Mother's day 2012. 2. Chocolates : Everyone loves Chocolates, even your mom. Sending chocolates will definitely sweeten the Mother's day celebrations and she will definitely be flooded with sweet thoughts on Mother's day. The huge collection of chocolates from every delectable flavours will truly make her overjoyed. 3. Mother's day mugs : Sending her exclusive Mother's day mugs will be a perfect gifting idea for Mother's Day. A token of lover and rememberance, these mugs have special Mother's day messages which will convey your heartfelt emotions to your Mother. 4. Serenades : Serenades have become a popular gifting idea for Mother's day. We at have created Mother's day serenades to India which enable a person to send Mother's day gifts in the days leading up to the the occasion. We have Two-days and Three-days serenades which will make your Mother feel delighted. 5. Jewellery : Women just adore Jewelleries. You cannot go wrong with gifting jewelleries to a woman. Our huge collection of Mother's day jewelleries will surely make your Mother take notice of your fine taste. These jewelleries are created from some of the top brands in our country and so your Mother will definitely love them when you send these jewelleries as gifts. 6. Sweets : Sweets have got the innate ability to brighten up the mood of the person who receives them. Sweets convey the warmth of a relationship. Your Mother has been there for you throughout. Thank her in a special way by sending her exclusive sweets which will be sent from Haldiram's or Ghasitaram and other renowned sweet shops. You can be rest assured that they are of top-quality. Send sweets to India to your Mother and be ready to put smiles on her face. 7. Miniature Perfumes : Miniature Perfumes are in vogue these days. They are a smart gifting option too. When you send miniature perfumes, you can give a new scent and yet not risk shelling out a lot of money if she doesn't finds it matching her persona. The perfumes are from top international brands like Calvin Klein and Jlo. 8. Cosmetics : Sending her cosmetics is also a nice gifting idea as we know the affinity of women towards cosmetics. These cosmetics are from the top national and international brands and she will surely love them as gifts which you send on Mother's day. 9. Watches : Watches are the top accessories women love to flaunt. Watches are the top gifts on any given occasion and so is the case with Mother's day. Watches from top end companies will surely make her love you all the more. Send her beautiful watches as gifts. 10. Sarees : Finally, our list draws to a close with the last, but not the least, item - Sarees. Sarees beauty the Indian woman. She loves wearing them. Sarees are the expression of a woman's aspiration and sophistication. Make your Mother's day special by sending her exclusive sarees as gifts to India and make her feel special. We are helping the Indian Diaspora living around the world by helping them send gifts to India. Our 24x7 customer support will keep you updated about the delivery status of your gifts and so you can be rest assured that the gifts will reach your dearest mom, just in time for the celebrations. Now as you know when is Mother's Day in 2012, you can plan for 13th May now onwards.

  • Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

    Send personalized gifts to India for your mother on Mother's day

    A mother is truly gifted as God's second self to the mankind. Right from our childhood mothers support us through every thick and thin. Our childhood circles around her love, care and affection. They use to solace any pain we are suffering from. Whenever we are in trouble or seek for some help, we find our mothers standing beside us as a true friend, philosopher and guide. Mothers always hold the priority of their children even above their personal comforts and likings. No word of expression is enough to thank a mother for the pains she has to undergo because of her child. To acknowledge this selfless sacrifice of a mother, every year, the second Sunday of month of May is celebrated as Mother's Day. It is a day when people all over the world unites together to pay tribute to the concept of motherhood. Sending a variety of mothers day gifts on this auspicious day is considered as a gesture that conveys one's love and regards to their mothers. It allows a person to show how much he or she appreciates the contribution of their mothers in their lives. Celebrating Mother's Day and presenting a gift on this occasion is not an uncommon affair either. Due to career related commitments, some of us are often compelled to live offshore. And the physical boundaries of space and time may hence not allow one to celebrate this day with his/her mother. Here comes the crucial role of the online gifting portals which help one to break this shackle of time and place. Now it has become very easy to send gifts to India from every nook and corner of the world. Just a single click of the mouse now helps you to select a nice gift and send it across as your Mother's Day gift to India. One of such online gifting portal is We, at, have been catering the global Indians' requirements for more than a decade. Our untiring effort will surely enable you to send your selected gift to India with utmost care and promptness. Celebrate this auspicious occasion of Mother's day with us by sending gifts to India from our wide range of offerings. We have recently introduced a section of personalized gifts for mother's day. Here you will find some exquisite as well as innovative ideas to gift your mom and make her feel happy. These gifts that are arrayed over here will capture those unforgettable moments of joy and celebration and definitely appeal to your mom greatly. We offer gifts like Personalised Candles, T-shirts, Teddy Bears, Special Mugs, Photo Key Chains, Tiles and Mirrors and many more, giving you the provision to select a nice choice for your mom. These Personalized Gifts on Mother's Day are sure to add a happy smile to your mom's face. Sending any of these personalized gifts to India on this occasion of Mother's day will definitely make her feel your cherished presence. No more worries now of buying Mother's Day gift and getting it delivered in time. has a vast network of presence all throughout India. And to help you through this whole gifting process we have a dedicated 24x7 customer support team. Herewith you can track the status of your order and will be provided with the best possible feedback. So hurry to select a gift and send it to that special woman right on the day. Truly, with the presence of GiftstoIndia24x7 in the fray, now it has became a matter of ease to send gifts to India and surprise your mom.