New mothers deserve all the love along with the newborn. It is the best time to share your feelings by presenting them with something nice. Planning gifts for a new mother can seem like an uphill task. Read to know more.

Taking care of yourself is a part of taking care of your kids.

Becoming a mother is one of a kind experience. They are bestowed with a lot of responsibilities and it often might become stressful. You can give her something that can make her feel a little better and also make her life easier. During this phase, women go through a whirlwind of emotions. From being a free individual to a responsible mother, the journey could be really stressful at times. If you know someone who is embracing the whole new journey of motherhood, you could give them gifts that make the whole experience simple and hassle-free. They will appreciate practical gifts that can help them in their daily life. The main idea behind choosing gifts for a new mother is to make them feel good. They are quite busy with their new schedule and it would mean a lot to them if they are surprised by something special, especially on mothers day in India. 


1. Gourmet hamper

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

A new mom deserves to indulge in some tasty delights. But it is also important to take care of her health. Healthy snacking options can always be considered for her good health, especially after the delivery. It includes items like herbal tea, seeds, and nuts and satiates the daily cravings. 


2. Baby carrier

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

A baby carrier is what a new mother needs to carry her baby along with her whenever she is out or traveling. It makes it easy to carry the baby and also gives the baby comfort as they can snuggle inside the carrier and stay close to their mother. It looks stylish and also adds to her convenience. It can allow her to move freely and she would love to move easily with her baby everywhere. 


3. Seamless maternity leggings

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

Besides changes in lifestyle, there are also changes in the wardrobe of a new mother. Maternity leggings are made with a good quality silhouette which supports their body and helps them function smoothly in the postpartum days. It also has pockets that can hold her phone and other small essentials. These are available in different sizes and shades so you can gift this to a new mother. She can even wear these leggings while she is going for a small walk in the morning or evening. 


4. Self care set

A bathrobe is super comfortable and it can be quite relaxing for the new mom on an otherwise hectic day. All the products in the hamper can end up letting her take a relaxing bath. She can pamper herself and spend some much-needed me-time. You can choose this exclusive gift hamper for a new mother and send this to her to shower her with some love and affection.


5. Postpartum books

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

Postpartum is common among new mothers. It refers to baby blues or the behavioral and hormonal changes among new mothers. New mothers can be interested in reading some books that can guide them during their postpartum days. It can come their help to gain some valuable insights that make the journey of maternity simpler. Reading books is also good for her mental health and she can enjoy some time off in doing so. You can search for some good reads for a new mother and send her some love. 


6. Audible gift memberships


Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

It can really be difficult to manage and take care of the baby so gifting an audible gift membership to the new mom can really help her multi-task. She can hold a baby and also listen to music and audiobooks in her leisure. This can be an ideal gift idea as it can help them spend some quality time with themselves and take a much-needed break from the daily stress that is involved in raising a newly born.


7. Massager 

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

Gifting a massager to the new mother can really be of some good use. It will help her relax, and relieve her pain and anxiety. They are already tired from the whole day’s work and taking care of the baby can feel wearisome at times. A good massager can provide them with a lot of relief and help them in their daily life. It stimulates the blood flow in the body and makes one feel better.  


8. Humidifier 

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

A humidifier brings a lot of positivity to the room. You can gift a set of candles along with an aroma diffuser which can be quite relaxing for a new mother. It can ensure an element of calmness in the daily chaotic atmosphere. It has some sweet fragrance and extracts of essential oil which makes the whole house soothing for the soul.


9. Coffee maker

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

New mothers are meant to have a hectic day and for that, they crave good cups of coffee. A good coffee maker machine can be a nice gift to the new mother. She can make herself a freshly brewed cup of coffee in no time and feel charged up to sail through the day. Sending a coffee maker machine can make her feel nice as she can indulge in some caffeine breaks. 


10. Spa session

Top 10 Gifts for a New Mom

New moms inevitably have to deal with a lot, especially after the baby is born. They lack time to look after themselves and they do require some relaxation. Booking a spa session can always be a good gift for her. Her body will feel fresh and she will definitely feel better which is much needed. 


Securing the most perfect gift for the new mother is essential as she needs a lot of attention and care from her loved ones along with her baby. Some of the gifts can be useful to take care of the baby while some can be meant especially some “me-time” for the new mom. The early months of having a baby are stressful, so you can get her something on mothers day in India that warms her heart. You can send gifts to Ahmedabad or any other location from our website as a token of love and support even from a distance. 


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