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Gifting ideas on Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a grand festival that is celebrated not only by the Christians but also by non-Christians. Exchanging gifts has always been an important ritual for the grand festival of Christmas. People exchange gifts such as gift baskets, chocolates, flowers, cakes, candies to convey love and affection. The articles in this chapter discusses about various unique Christmas gift ideas.


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  • gifts2018

    How To Buy Christmas Gifts Online For Sending To India ?

    Christmas is a time when every person enjoys the holiday spirit. Family and friends get together and enjoy a day exchanging gifts, feasting together and having a great day. But what to do when you are not with your loved ones in India ? You can go to and place your order to send Christmas Gifts to dear ones. Sending gifts online is a complete hassle free and less time consuming options everyone chooses. Specially when you are in abroad and want to make the occasion special for loved ones in India. The variety of gifts collection we provide you for Christmas will impress you and force you to send these gifts to them. Below are the steps to buy Christmas gifts online Open your browser and type and press enter. From the homepage, select the Christmas category from the Occasions menu You will be redirected to the Christmas page. From here of the many gifting options like Chocolates, Christmas Tree, Flowers and many such categories. Select the best gift that you think will be loved by your family and friends. After selecting the gift click on “Gift Now” option and it will take you to the payment page, if you want to continue shopping you can do so as the selected gift will be added to the cart. The next step from here is the payment page, where you have to enter all the details as mentioned on the page and proceed to pay. Once the payment is done and order is placed you will get a confirmation mail from our website. Thus this process of selecting and sending Christmas Gifts for near and dear ones in India while you are in abroad is pretty easy. After your order is placed, our team will deliver the gifts right on time and give you an amazing experience of sending gifts online. We will make sure to make it a fabulous day of Christmas for you and your loved ones in India with the Christmas Gifts you selected.

  • gifthampers18

    How To Create Great Christmas Gift Hampers

    On 25th December, the world celebrates Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This day is celebrated with a lot of fun and feast, people decorate a Christmas Tree and keep fabulous gifts under tree for dearest family and friends. Every year people get confused as what to gift their loved ones and make the occasion of Christmas enjoyable. Specially when you are not in India to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends, sending gifts to them is the perfect way to enjoy the occasion. We all want to gift the best gifts to loved ones and giving them gift hampers will double the celebration. And to make a great Christmas Gift Hampers you have assort a few things and voila you will have the perfect hamper ready. What are the different types of hampers which you can create ? You can get the following things to make a gift hamper - Chocolates Small Christmas Trees Santa Claus Soft Toys Food Items Christmas Tree Decorations Personal Care Products Books All these goodies can be assorted together to make a great gift hamper for Christmas. You can also make a gift hamper according to the personality of the person you are sending it for. This will make the gift hamper more exciting and authentic, and your love will adore the gift as you have given so much thought to it. For someone who loves eating you can give them a Food Items Gift Hamper. A person who has very fun personality you can send them Christmas Tree and Decoration gift hamper. If you want to send gift hamper to your girlfriend or wife you can send her cosmetics and books to read. So likewise you can choose the gifts according to the person you are sending. What to add to your Gift Hamper to make it more exciting ? After you are ready with your gifts and wrapping them in beautiful gift boxes you can add a few things that will make the Gift Hamper more exciting. You can add funky ribbons, bows and stars You can also use cotton and paper snowman to give it a Christmas look Add small polaroid pictures of you and your loved ones to the gift hamper You can add name tags to the gift hamper and write creative names on it   We hope with our suggestions you will be able to make amazing Christmas Gift Hamper and surprise your family and friends in India. Send all your love and good wishes on this wonderful occasion and celebrate Christmas with all your good spirits.

  • christmas18

    Is It Possible To Have Same Day Delivery Of Christmas Gifts In India

    Is It Possible To Have Same Day Delivery Of Christmas Gifts In India Christmas is the day when we celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. 25th December, is a religious and cultural celebration all around the world - where both Christians and Non-Christians celebrate the festival. It is one of the most awaited occasion which is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and spirit. Exchanging gifts on this day is a tradition being followed from a very long time. No matter where you are you send and receive gifts from your loved ones.On Christmas, if you are abroad and not able to spend the occasion with your family and friends, you can send them Christmas Gifts online to India. One of the biggest concerns which NRIs have when they are planning to send Christmas gifts to India is that will the gift arrive on Christmas day. With the same day delivery service of - it is now possible to have your Christmas gifts delivered same day. Even if you place an order at the last moment, with our same day delivery guarantee - your christmas gifts will reach your loved ones within a day. Our same day delivery catalogue comprises of the following categories Cakes -  Christmas will surely be incomplete without the inclusion of Cakes. Having delicious cake in Christmas is a must. And now you can send cake online to India for your dear ones and make them enjoy the occasion of Christmas. You can choose from different flavours of cake which will be delivered fresh and on the same day. Click here to view our complete range of Christmas Cakes Flowers - Flowers are the best way to express your feelings to dear ones. And on the occasion of Christmas by sending beautiful flowers you can convey your good wishes to family and friends. It will be delivered fresh and blooming on the same day you place the order. View all our flower arrangements for Christmas Chocolates - For Christmas you can also send delicious chocolates like Cadbury Celebrations, Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk and many such chocolates with same day delivery service. This gift of chocolates can be enjoyed by both young and old, and satisfy their taste buds. Complete range of Christmas chocolates which can be gifted All the above mentioned gifts can be ordered online and also get same day delivered to India to your dear ones. They will be fresh when delivered so your loved ones can enjoy you given gifts on the eve of Christmas. By sending gifts to dear ones make the occasion of Christmas a beautiful day to remember.

  • Christmas Traditions

    Creative Ideas To Make Christmas Celebration Grand

    The birth of Jesus is considered one of the most significant event in world history. Jesus Christ took birth on this earth to save humanity from misery and darkness. Every year, this sacred day is observed with religious zeal, in great merriment and with sincere prayers by Christians all over the world. Billions of people around the world celebrate this day. Throughout the year, they wait for the advent of Christmas and the preparations for the ceremony start a fortnight before the actual day. Many people send gifts to India from USA to commemorate this special day. Let us discuss some creative ideas to make this celebration grand Baking And Fun Food Traditions : You can prepare cookies or create gingerbread house villages with crackers, trees, cars and lamp posts. You can also give them as gifts to your friends. Other cooking and baking ideas are hot chocolate bars, homemade mix, jars of marshmallows, sprinkles, candy canes and other fun toppings and keep them in your window sill all winter for children to have them while playing in the snow.   Keepsakes And Memory Makers : Ornaments, wall hangings, wish maker etc these can be your list of keepsakes this christmas to make your memory of Christmas a grand and a happy one. You can also trace the outline of the hands of your loved ones especially children, write their names and keep continuing this every year. You can write your own carols, make handmade cards and make memorabilia as a tradition.    Acts Of Kindness : The original significance of Christmas is to show kindness to others. Not only show kindness but also to indulge in acts of kindness is what makes this festival so special. You can start by giving your old unused woolens to the poor and needy children of the streets, You could buy new gifts and toys and give them to orphanage or old age homes. Also you could sell out a few of your old items and donate all the money to charity. You could bake some cake and pack some food to donate as well.   Advent Traditions : On the day of Advent, you can make a tree full of short notes from scriptures for you to read or small anecdotes related to the various miracles done by Jesus. You could write up your small wish notes and attach it to tree for Santa Claus. You could think up of variou kinds of themes for Advent every year and decorate it accordingly. When you put decoration for christmas you could also recreate the birth of Jesus again, make a snowman, or wrap a holiday book and keep it as a gift. Christmas Eve, Xmas, After Christmas Traditions : Decorate trees on eve, have family dinners, follow family traditions and prepare gifting ideas to send gifts to India to all your family and friends. On Christmas day, after you finish mass service in church pay a visit to the ones you have lost. Wait for secret Santa’s gift and the riddle present to solve it. Play some gifts, arrange a party. On the day after Christmas A small stocking on the twelfth night the elves take down the tree overnight and leave stocking with the leftovers from Santa’s sack. These are practical like a new toothbrush, socks, mugs or whatever else you need at the time.   Keep the magic alive with Christmas gifts to India online. Sending gifts can make any day special. So keep your family and friends happy by sending wonderful Christmas gifts through this online gifting portal.    

  • Christmas Flowers

    Wish Your Dear Ones Merry Christmas with Beautiful Flowers

    Fragrant and attractive flowers are a good gift for any event and this is more so for the occasion of Christmas. Christmas is the season of gifts giving and beautiful gifts are distributed all around by friends and family. The festivities for this day begin from the Christmas eve and continue up till the day after, which is known as Boxing Day. If you are away from your dear ones during this festive event then you can easily send gifts to India online through this reliable online gift store. You will find many innovative and unique Christmas gift ideas here that will surely appeal to you. Among the other gifts that are available here, the flowers section is very much worth mentioning due to its vast and beautiful collection. It is customary to send red roses on this occasion and there are a number of such bouquets, vases, baskets and bunches The Magnificent Basket of Roses is a grand arrangement of flowers that will be greatly admired by the person you are gifting it to. A total of 30 red roses have been used to make up this beautiful basket of elegant flowers along with gypsophila and greens. The flowers are tied with pretty white and green ribbons and they have been placed in a light green wicker basket which also has a handle. The Enchanting Rose Bunch consists of 24 red roses that are a perfect gift for this Christmas. The roses have been further beautified by using beautiful and vibrant green leaves and a message card for this special occasion. The flowers have been wrapped in delicate baby pink soft paper and have been further tied using a yellow ribbon.   The Bright Roses In a Vase have a very elegant and sophisticated look and this makes them a perfect gift for this occasion. The arrangement consists of 24 red roses along with gypsophila and greens which makes them look even more amazing. The flowers are arranged in a pleasing glass vase and tied with a golden ribbon with red borders. The Divine Love arrangement of red roses is very appropriate for this extra special occasion. 12 of these beautiful flowers make up the astounding collection and there are also green filers present. The roses have been arranged in a beautiful oval shaped glass vase which gives a very pleasing appearance.   The Red Dome Arrangement gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like the domes of buildings. There are 30 red roses that make up this very delightful arrangement that will be definitely loved by your friends and relatives. The flowers are arranged in a transparent vase with beautiful designs done in white which makes it look even more stunning. The Lovely Red Roses basket has a very striking appearance being a very tall arrangement. An arrangement of 25 red roses can be found here which have been made prettier with the help of fillers. The one sided basket in which these flowers have been decorated is made of cane with artificial leaves.   The Mesmerising Basket , as its name suggests, contains of 12 pink roses which has been decorated using fillers and green leaves. The flowers are arranged in a very charming manner which will be simply adored by you and your friends and family. These have been arranged in a very creative handmade wooden basket that has a sturdy handle. The Gorgeous Red Roses Bunch will make a great gift on this coming Christmas due to its unique and breathtaking appearance. 36 red roses have been bunched together with the help of soft white cloth which is further covered with transparent white cellophane paper having pretty pink floral designs. The pink ribbon which ties the whole bunch adds further elegance and beauty to the whole arrangement.   These and many other gifting options will make this coming Christmas definitely a merry one for you and your friends and relatives. You can use this best site to send gifts to India for sending gifts to your dear ones during this festive season. Gifts for other occasions like anniversary gifts to India are also available on this online gifting portal.