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Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Kids

A special kind of joy is earned when gifts are sent to kids on different occasion and festivals. The instantly innocent and happy smile that comes on the face of the kids when they receive the gifts is something worth treasuring. Gifts of various kids can be send to kids of different ages. While cars can be a perfect gift for kids, mainly boys, ageing between 4-5, dolls are preferred by kids, mainly girls of 5-6 years. The articles assigned in this chapter provide information on the different interesting gifts that can be sent to kids.

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  • Gifts for Infants

    Gifts for Infants

      The likings and needs of your little one change with every passing day. You often lose sleep over getting some delightful toys and baby care products to see the charming toothless smile on those innocent faces. Their slightest of discomfort makes you worried like anything. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about the range of exciting gift items brought to you by for your dear little ones. From thrilling First Toys to utilitarian Baby Care Products, all these adorable stuffs are now only a mouse click away.  

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  • Educational Gifts

    Educational Gifts

    This chapter brings forward an amazing collection of educational gifts for kids.

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  • Gifts for Kids

    Where to get best Birthday Return Gifts for Kids?

    Birthdays are very important times for the little ones and they eagerly wait for their own special days. They are also excited about the birthdays of their friends and relatives and want to send the best birthday gift ideas for them. If you are staying abroad then your kids must be missing their little friends and cousins on their own birthdays. Thus, you can opt to send return gifts to India for these little angels on behalf of your children. This online gift store houses a variety of gift ideas that you can send to India on different occasions. Many kinds of gifts for kids can be found on this online gifting portal that can be the best birthday return gifts for the little ones. Kids mugs can also be a good option as they come in attractive forms that the little ones will love. The mugs here feature cartoons and popular characters in several eye catching and splendid colours. You can send photo albums for the kids that they can use to store the precious memories they have. This gifting site has many such albums that feature various favourite characters of children like Hannah Montana.   There are puzzles which are loved by the little angels and they can also play with these with their other friends. You can find many types of puzzle games featuring known faces for kids and also educational ones on this online gift store. Sending exclusive toys can also make your children’s friends in India happy as they can play to their heart’s content. Toys of different interesting varieties are available on this online gifting portal that you can browse through.   The soft toys are a great way of expressing your love for the little ones and they also love to cuddle these. Many soft hearts, teddies, balls and other toys have been showcased on this reliable gifting site. A gift of action figures can also make the little ones happy as they can play with these toys. Figurines from various well known kids cartoons can be found here that you can send to India.   Attractive back to school goodies will also delight these children as they like to carry new things to school. The online gift store is home to many such eye catching gift items that are necessary for going to school. Kids love chocolates and they can eat these delicacies and enjoy themselves at any time of the day. Many types of chocolaty treats can be found on this online gifting portal which you can send as return gifts.   These India gifts can make these children extremely happy and thus your kid will have a fantastic birthday. You can also find a variety of other gifting options on this gifting site that you can send on different events. There are wedding gift ideas that can delight the newly wed couples on their very special day.  

  • Best Toys

    Top 5 best selling Toys for Kids

    It is very important to make a kid feel special on different occasions and festivals as it helps to get involved in the activities of the day. This can be done quite easily by sending gifts to India for them if you are staying away from the little ones. You can make this process of sending gift items even more easier if you opt to send online gifts. This reliable online gift store deals with a variety of wonderful gifts for kids that can be sent on their birthdays and other events. Many gifting options can be found in this section like action figures, school accessories, boardgames and many others. We have compiled here for you a list of the best exclusive toys that can make your dear ones feel happy. 1. Cleaning Time! - This toy is in the form of a vacuum cleaner and will be adored by the little one who likes cleaning things. The cleaner is fitted with a box for storing dirt and it also makes realistic sounds with lights. The toy comes in a cute pink colour with a white coloured hose and a purple coloured upholstery.   2. Fashionable Blender - The toy item has the form and appearance of a blender that the little angel can pretend to mix things with. The blender comes with a measuring container as well as the blender base with a switch. This toy comes with two different levels of blending liquids having a bright pink and purple colour.   3. Magical Molding Dough Pizza Set - This toy is quite interesting consisting of molding dough for the children that they can play with friends. The dough in this pack is for making pizza and it consists of bright baking oven that can be operated with toggles. The pack also consists of several toppings for the pizza that is quite suited to be used by the little ones. 4. Wonderful Weapons And Robot Collection - This Transformers toy is from the house of Funskool and it is suited only for children above the age of five. The robot in the pack comes in an orange and green colour with bright and shining red eyes. The toy also consists of several interesting weapons that can be used for playing along with the robot.   These India gifts will surely make the little angels glad and you can also send other gift items with these. This online gifting portal can surely send all these gifts for the kids to India in time for any occasion. Apart from these, you can also look into the myriads of other gifts to India that can be sent for adults during any important event or festival.  

  • Smart Toys

    Cherish your Little Ones with amazing Action Figures

    Choosing gifts for children is something that we all enjoy doing as it is a great pleasure to watch the faces of these little ones light up. This online gift store houses a variety of gifts for kids that contain a number of exclusive products. Such a large variety of gifting options will be loved by the little angels and they can have a good time with them. The gift ideas here consist of items like school accessories, boardgames, chocolates, dolls and many others. There are also many types of action figures on this reliable online gifting portal that the dear ones can play with. These section is filled with figurines of many well known cartoon characters that are loved by children. The Avengers Figures Set consists of three statuettes of famous action heroes from the house of Marvel. These characters are from the well known animated series known as the Avengers who are renowned for their exploits. Among the many heroes who fall in this group, this collection consists of Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America. All the three of these characters are in their special garbs and carrying their usual weapons. The Chhota Bheem 8 in 1 collectible contains a pack of eight cartoon characters from the popular show Chhota Bheem. The set is comprised of Chhota Bheem, Chutki, Indumati, Kalia, Jaggu, Raju, Dholu Bholu and Arjun. The Attractive Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Set has a collection of five animated figurines from Disney. The characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse consists of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Pluto. The Chhota Bheem Action Figure showcases a statuette of Chhota Bheem who is the leading character in the show Chhota Bheem. The figure has moveable body parts wearing a light orange coloured dhoti as is his custom along with golden wristlets. The Chutki Action Figure holds a figurine of Chutki who is a popular kids character from Chhota Bheem. Chutki is wearing a pink coloured floral gown along with braids and the toy has moveable body parts.   The Dholu Bholu Action Figure represents the identical twins Dholu and Bholu from Chhota Bheem. Both the brothers wear the same outfits and they have been depicted in a single figure with moveable body parts. The Princess Indumati action figure is a statuette of Princess Indumati from the popular animated show Chhota Bheem. The princess is wearing a beautiful blue flowing gown along with other jewellery accessories with moveable body parts. Make the little ones in your family extremely happy with these fantastic gifts that can be used to send gift to India. These figurines can also be combined with the other toys and games here as well as chocolates. Apart from the gifts for children, there are also many other gifts that can be used to send online gifts to India.  

  • Gifts

    Wonderful dolls as gifts to India

    On occasions like Christmas, New Years and Birthdays, people living away from India tend to send gifts to India for kids. And a wonderful doll is the perfect gift as it is bound to make your beloved little one thrilled. It is the perfect gift for your daughter or granddaughter. Therefore the decade old trusted web store of has brought for you a huge collection of dolls.  When you wish to send gifts to India, you just need to go to our website and with few clicks of your mouse you can get your doll delivered to almost any part of India. Most of the young girls prefer dolls they can take care of and feel like a motherly figure. There are various dolls available in the market. And research shows that playing with dolls has a very positive effect on the children. Kids always want to enact as grown ups, and the way the children play with their dolls reflect their emotions regarding their environment. Dolls help kids to understand the idea of responsibility, and through role playing they also get an understanding regarding people’s various roles in society. Development of social skills and language skills, is also another positive effect seen amongst kids playing with dolls. Dolls also act as an comforting agent, when kids get scared. While dressing their dolls, kids learn how to tie shoelaces, use zippers, fold clothes and put buttons. Under the ‘Dolls’ section of our web portal we have dolls like: Barbie Glam Auto - If your little sweetheart  loves gorgeous barbie dolls and accessories send her this very pretty convertible toy car. The Barbie Glam Convertible is the perfect vehicle to make a statement and cruise around town in an unmatched glamorous style! The two-seater feature, shiny metallic wheels, a signature pink-print interior, Barbie logo license plate and holo-foil lights is sure to spark joy in your little one’s heart. A set of rolling wheels, a steering wheels that turns and seat belts helps to add a touch of realism.   Liv Doll Outdoor Fashion Katie -  The Liv Dolls represent real teenage girls, with trend-setting styles and cool features like easy to change wigs, 14 points of articulation so you can create lots of great poses, and real glass-like eyes that add to their amazing look! The Outdoor Fashion set comes complete with all five dolls and many different outdoor accessories. Since Liv Doll Katie is the sporty one in her group, therefore she comes with her fantastic skateboard, safety pads, and brand new outdoor outfit that includes a jacket, denim shorts, and sneaker style boots.   Breaking Dawn Barbie - As the Twilight book and movie series has managed to capture the attention of millions of girls around the world, it was only natural for the Barbie doll company to introduce a doll inspired by Twilight. This Barbie doll is wearing a wedding dress worn by Bella in the fourth instalment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn - Part I. Not only that the doll’s face also resembles Bella Swan played by the gorgeous actress Kristen Stewart. Gift this wonderful doll to your little sweetheart and help her to enjoy the fantasy of Twilight. Apart from these dolls there are many other dolls and toys available on our webstore, and they are shipped to India without any extra cost. These dolls are the perfect gift for your little kids to help them develop a sense of responsibility.  

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    Latest Range of Gifts Launched at for Kids

    Kids bring lots of laughter and joy in everyone's life with their naughty yet innocent ways. Hence, on any occasion or festival, no can resist themselves from showering the little ones with a wide variety of gifts. Today, even if you are miles away from your little angels or devils, you can always make their day even more special by sending them gifts to India through the online gifting portals such as This e-gifting site has assisted people all over the world to send gifts to their dear ones in India on any occasion or festival. Whether you are searching a gift for your dear one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary or festivals such as Diwali, Rakhi, Holi, etc., you will surely find a gift in this site. Especially for your little darlings, brings you an attractive collection of gifts which will surely make them jump with joy. From Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels cars to education board games, electronic toys, school items, etc, you can send as gifts to your dear ones through this site. It goes without saying that dolls are the best friends of every little girl. Keeping this in mind, showcases a splendid collection of Brabie dolls which will surely bring a big smile on her face. Furthermore, these dolls are wearing trendy and stylish clothes which further makes it a must-have for all little ladies. Apart from these, you can also send her Barbie sets which come equipped with all the accessories. For instance, the Barbie kitchenware set comes equipped with all the kitchen utilities which will surely be appreciated as gifts by the little ones. Moreover, if your little one is aspiring to be a doctor or an architect, you can send her Barbie dolls dressed in the respective profession as well. Apart from these, soft toys are also very popular gifts for all girls. In the ‘soft toys’ section of this portal, you will come across a wide selection of cute and cuddly plushies which will definitely brighten her day. Similarly, if you are searching a gift for your little devil, then a set of cars from the popular brand Hot Wheels will be a perfect choice. Since little boys are always fascinated with toy cars, let them have a blast with these latest model cars. Apart from these, educational board games are also a wonderful choice as gifts. These games are not only fun to play with but also helps to develop the concentration and memory of the children. For your little ones who are attending school, make their days more fun and joyous by sending them attractive gifts from the ‘Back to School’ section. Here, you will come across a wide range of school essentials like tiffany boxes, water bottles, school bags and so on which are printed with popular cartoon characters such as Doraemon, Ben 10, Mickey Mouse and so on. Since kids love anything with cartoon characters, your little ones will be thrilled with these as gifts. But, if you are searching a gift which he/she will treasure for many years to come then surprise them with a personalised gift. Such items are very popular because you can customise these with an image and a loving message as well. Browse through the personalised gifts of this site and pick the one which you feel will be best suited for your little one and send gifts to India. Thus, send gifts to India from US or any part of the world through and make your little ones’ day really special and unique.