When was Gudi Padwa in 2012?

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India is a country that celebrate festivals all round the year. There are festivals specific to regions, states, religions, social groups etc. Though diverse in nature, they are celebrated with full of gusto and ardor. Among them, Gudi Padwa is quite significant. ‘Gudi Padwa’ is the Marathi New Year that is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month as per the Hindu calendar. However, the same day is celebrated as ‘Ugadi’ in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Now, if you are wondering as to when is Gudi Padwa in 2012, note that it has fallen on 23rd March in 2012. This festival is considered very significant as the day marks a change in the seasonal cycles.

Gudi Padwa is celebrated on Chaitra Sukhla Padyami, the first day of the Hindu calendar. Gudi Pawda is indeed one of the most auspicious days of the year, when people can initiate new ventures with new expectations, growth and vitality. As mythology goes, it is believed that Lord Brahma created the World on this special day. A ‘gudi’ or banner is the central part of the festival at home. The ‘gudi‘ banner is elevated with silk cloth and a metal pot that has swastika symbol adorned on it. Maharastrians consider this as a symbol of valor and confidence that is reminiscent of the home coming of Lord Rama after slaying demon King Ravana. They also take this as an opportunity to honor their leader Chatrapati Shivaji, the Maharastrian leader known for his tenacity and prowess. The ‘gudi’ or the bamboo pole that are erected upside down, is thus, said to ward off evil and invite prosperity, good luck and happiness in the life of man.

When was Gudi Padwa in 2012

On this festive day, villagers clean their courtyards by plastering them with fresh cow-dung. Not only in villages, people in the cities also take an active part in spring cleaning during this time. Women and children adorn their homes by designing intricate rangoli designs on their door steps. The vibrant colours of rangoli that is synonymous to everything positive and auspicious evokes a sense of festivity in the mood of man. People exchange pleasantries by dressing in colourful apparels. However, preparation of delectable recipes also constitute a vital part of the festival. Some of the traditional dishes that are cooked on this day includes Kachori, Chana Usal, Shankarpali, Soonth Panak, Mango Shrikhand, Kanangachi Kheer, Puran Poli etc. Unique to Gudi Padwa or Ugadi, on this day, people eat a paste of neem leaves mixed with dhane, gur  (jaggery) and tamarind.

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