Gudi Padwa is the festival celebrating New Year that is celebrated in the regions of Maharashtra, Konkan, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh. This festival marks the beginning of the New Year. If you are also excited about this celebration then come along and send some exclusive gifts to your loved ones. If you need some ideas then this article can be of much use. So, to know more about this day and some of the exclusive gifts keep reading the article. 

The spring arrives with renewed vim and vigor and starts a New Year that the region of Maharashtra and Konkan celebrates as Gudi Pawa. As India is a diverse country of various castes and religions, it celebrates different festivals throughout the year. Some festivals are celebrated with distinct customs and rituals according to the region they belong to. Amongst these, Gudi Pawda is celebrated by the Konkan, Maharashtra, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh with great pomp and show as this day marks the beginning of a New Year for them. Celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra, it is the most awaited festival. The day usually begins by decorating their homes with a chain of mango leaves ‘Tora’ and ‘Rangoli’ designs. Subsequently, visiting the temple and praying for a prosperous and healthy New Year. 

Among these customs and rituals, there's also the aspect of gifting. As it is New Year many people send gifts and wishes to their loved ones. Thus, even if you are away from home there’s a need to send gifts to your home. In this matter, the websites that aid you to send gifts to various parts of India come to the forefront to help. Our website is one of those many websites, if you browse through our website, you will come across a wide assortment of items that you can send as gifts to India on this festive occasion. We have classified these items into various categories to make your search a little easier. 

Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers are one of the most convenient gifting items nowadays. You can send Gift Vouchers to your loved ones. This gift gives liberty to the recipient to use it however they want. This is an ideal gift that they can have and you can gift without being confused about what to give and what not to. People might have different tastes and their tastes can change with each passing day. Hence, you can choose a gift that can cover almost every aspect they might like. Gift Vouchers range from lifestyle, gourmet, jewelry, entertainment, etc. 


Celebrate Gudi Padwa with Exclusive Gifts

If your loved ones like spiritual things then you can opt for Idols. An Idol can be an addition to their puja space. You can send them an Idol of Ram, Sita, and Lakshman as the festivities of Gudi pawa also believe that lord Ram along with Sita and Laxman returned back to Ayodhya from exile. Hence, an Idol of such or Hanuman the devotee of Lord Ram can be a good option.  

Home Decor

Celebrate Gudi Padwa with Exclusive Gifts

Home decor is a very good way to refresh and revive the home. In the New Year, the home can have a new look too. Hence, sending home decor as a gift can be a good option. While choosing a decor you can opt for either a minimal decor or a statement decor piece. Home Decor has a lot of options to choose from, you can opt for a centerpiece, a vase, etc. You can send them decor that is Modern style following a monochromatic style if that is their taste or you can gift them some minimal decor that suits their style. 

Puja Thali

Celebrate Gudi Padwa with Exclusive Gifts

As the rituals of the New year include visiting the temples and performing all the religious rites you can opt for something spiritual. A puja thali will be a good option, a decorated and colorful puja thali will be a vibrant addition to their puja space. Puja thali is one of the many basic and essential elements of the puja ceremony. Hence it will be a very purposeful gift for your loved ones. 

Traditional Jewelry

Celebrate Gudi Padwa with Exclusive Gifts

There are going to be a lot of invitations and pujas going around this time. Hence the need to get ready and attend all these ceremonies. You can opt for traditional jewelry if your loved ones love to dress up, and even if not, jewelry is loved by all. The best jewelry to gift this season would be traditional jewelry that will match every traditional outfit they might wear. Thus, sending traditional jewelry will be one of the many good gifts that your loved one will receive this Gudi Padwa. 

Puja Essentials

Celebrate Gudi Padwa with Exclusive Gifts

The festivities of Gudi Padwa include puja and traditional ceremonies in Temples and homes too. Hence you can send some Puja essentials like incense sticks, incense stick stands, maybe a Diya, and many more things that are essential for puja. Sending a puja essential hamper will make your loved ones happy and you will also be a part of the puja. Therefore, sending a puja essential hamper will be more significant than you think. 

Gudi Padwa celebrates the New Year and new beginnings. You can send gifts to your loved ones and connect and reconnect with them this Gudi Padwa. Use this opportunity to show your loved ones that you love and care for them even from a distance because it brings the hearts closer. 


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