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This article talks about the gift ideas that you can send to your nephew even if you are away from them. The gift ideas include trips to museums, dinner dates, gift vouchers, etc. If you want to send them some love in the form of gifts, this is the best way to do so.

Nephews really adore, respect, and look up to you. It’s a friendly relationship along the lines of sibling love, with a tinge of maturity. To your nephew, you are the adult in the family to whom he can tell everything and can confide things that he has trouble expressing to his parents or other elders, and loves you for it. You, on the other hand, have the responsibility of nurturing and molding a young mind. It is only fitting that you sometimes get a surprise gift for him for any occasion or just to put a smile on his face. If you can’t decide, we are here with a list of ten gifts that will definitely make you your favorite uncle.

1.Personalised photo mugs

A pretty cup, complete with a custom picture and a text is an interesting gift. A good way of reminding him of some fun memories, this cup will be a good gift for any occasion . Complete with a motivational text, your nephew will enjoy this gift.

2.Hot wheels car set

Top 10 Gifts for Nephew in India

Hot wheels are age old gifts that kids love. Miniature cars and tracks will be a source of endless joy and fun for your nephew. Gift this to your nephew and see him race his toy cars for hours and beam with joy.

3.Giant teddy bear

Top 10 Gifts for Nephew in India

Everyone likes a good hug. Especially if it is from a huge cuddly teddy bear. This cute, mushy and adorable teddy will be great fun for your young nephew.

4.Trip to the amusement park

Amusement parks are a perfect place to visit with your young nephew. Everything there is designed for fun and enjoyment for your nephew. The rides and the thrill will only bring the both of you closer. It is a great way to spend quality time together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

5.Mobile phone

Top 10 Gifts for Nephew in India

If your nephew is a young adult, then he would love a mobile phone. Given the current situation of the world, a mobile phone has become the cornerstone of work, education and fun. Even kids attend school through their phones and due to the pandemic “playing outside” has been replaced by mobile games. He will enjoy a new phone.

6.Building blocks set

Building block sets are a very cerebrally stimulating gift for young children. Your young nephew will definitely enjoy building varied structures that will be a source of fun and develop his mortar skills. It also will boost his imagination and give him a technical and creative mindset.


The very thought of delicious cakes is extremely tempting! Your nephew must have a favourite flavour of cake and buying him one will definitely make him happy. May it be his birthday or any other occasion, or simply on a wimp get him a cake and see him smile, but remember to tell him to brush his teeth.


Dinner will be a good idea for your older nephew. Go to a classy place and order his favourite foods, talk and laugh. Apart from it being a gastronomical delight, it will bring the two of you closer.

9.Keyboard with mic

Top 10 Gifts for Nephew in India

Is your nephew a music enthusiast? If so, this fun toy-like gift can bring out the true music aficionado in him. He can concentrate on making music which might instigate a lifetime interest in art and music. He can also just goof around with it. Either way it will be the perfect gift and he will definitely enjoy it.

10.Trip to the museum

Museums are the best place for a day of learning and bonding. Trips to museums are very educational and entertaining at the same time. Your nephew will learn a lot and it will be a learning experience. This will only bring the both of you closer and act as a memory fodder for the future. Whatever your nephew’s age might be there will always be a way you can bond with him and make him happy. You can inspire him and be a role model, and make his childhood beautiful, make memories of a lifetime through a thoughtful gift.

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