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The day of Raksha Bandhan is already around the corner have you decided on a gift? We all know gifts are the best way to communicate your emotions. Thus, more and more emphasis is laid on selecting the perfect gift that you would love to send to your sibling and surprise them on this special day. If you have no idea then don’t worry we have a list of ideas compiled for you that you can send to them and surprise them on the special day. So, if you wish to know more about the gift and gift ideas then keep reading the article for more. 

“A simple knot, so many varied emotions tied as one”

The bond of Raksha Bandhan is a unique one. The simple knot of beautiful colors and intricate designs holds the deepest emotions. The holy string of Rakhi which the sisters tie on the wrist of brothers symbolizes the unique bond of brother and sister. It means protection, success, and prayer for safety. The brother promises to protect her sister, cherish, and love her on the other hand the sister prays for the success and prosperity of her brother. No matter how much the siblings fight and argue with each other this day brings them together. The celebrations must go on even if you are far away, as all you need to do is to be creative and celebrate. With the help of gifting services, you can send online rakhi to Chandigarh and gifts to your siblings to celebrate the day as you always have. To help you plan an elaborate surprise for your sibling we have curated a list of gifts you can send online rakhi to Chandigarh.  This list can be a good help for you to decide on a gift, so explore the list before you choose one.

1. Essential Accessories

Accessories are something that one can never get enough of no matter how many accessories they have. They definitely will need more and more accessories to complete their look. So, you can send them stylish and updated accessories like watches, bracelets, and sunglasses and pair them with sling bags. You can even add lipstick if you are sending this gift to your sister or sister-in-law. This will give them most of the essentials of accessories and your gift will not meet the dreaded fate of sitting at the corner. Thus, select a good combination of watches and lipsticks for sisters and a watch and sunglasses combination for brothers. So, send online rakhi to Chandigarh with these amazing gifts and shower your sibling with love.

2. Personalized Wallet Combo 

The best gift is something that the recipient can use as well as it has some meaning to it. One of the best gifts that has the combination of being a sentimental gift as well practical is personalized gifts. A combination of their daily essentials like wallet, keychain, card holder, passport cover, and sunglasses cases. These essentials when personalized make the best gift to send. We are certain your sibling will flaunt this amazing gift to everyone with style. These will also remind them of your love, care, and admiration whenever they glance at the gift. A great way to encourage the one who loves to travel is with a personalized passport cover as well as daily essentials.

3. Rakhi Hamper 

The most significant gift to send to brothers has to be a Rakhi Hamper. You can send a hamper filled with all the essential things needed for the ritual like the holy thread Rakhi, roli chawal, and sweets. As the day is about tying the holy thread and cherishing the relationship with sweets and gifts you can even add sweets, dry fruits and nuts, and chocolates as gifts. This combination of gifts, sweets, and Rakhi is the best combination that your brother will appreciate the most. So, don’t think too much and send online rakhi to Chandigarh gifts that will be a heartwarming gift for your brother. This hamper will let your brother know that you care for him even from a distance. 

4. Headphones or Speakers 

Music is an integral part of our lives, for some, it is a primary medium that gives them the energy to go on with the daily proceedings. If your sibling is one of them then a speaker is the best thing that you can send to them as a gift for rakhi to Chandigarh. They can blast the music first thing in the morning and start their day with a blast of energy. As it will be a portable speaker, they can take it anywhere, which means a party on the go! But if they like to listen to music in incognito mode then speakers might not be the one for them. In this case, you can send them headphones that they can use to listen to music podcasts, and much more. This becomes a lighthearted gift that will certainly lighten them after a hectic day.

5. Showpieces  

Does your sister or sister-law love to decorate the house? The most evergreen gift to send them is a showpiece. Showpieces become an integral part of decorations that they can add to the collection they have or to their decor. There are a varied range of options when it comes to sending showpieces. They can keep it on their desk, dashboard, and so on and be reminded of your admiration for them. You just need to understand their style and taste and send them abstract, unique, and sophisticated showpieces that will interest them. So, send your siblings interesting showpieces that they will love to have and decorate their space with your gift. 

6. Board Games  

Keeping things fun with your gift can be done with a board game. Just send a board game to your siblings and keep them busy. This is the best gift for the little ones but board games can be great gifts for adults too. There are many board games that you can send to your little ones which will let them have fun as well as learn at the same time. If you have a little brother or sister then a fun board game can thrill them to the core. Hence, send rakhi gifts to Chandigarh online to your siblings and excite them with your amazing gift. 

Now that you have explored the list of gifts we are certain it will be easier for you to decide on a gift. No matter to whom you have to send a gift you will find an option for almost everyone. Thus, explore and select gifts for your beloved siblings and surprise them with your gifts. Gifts are the perfect medium to convey your emotions so don’t procrastinate anymore and shower rakhi gifts to India to your siblings and make the day memorable for them.

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