Selecting Rakhi for your little brother is more tedious than it seems. As you have to select something that is relevant to your little buddy. Traditional, Designers or any sort of fancy rakhi will not woo him. The only thing that can impress him is the things that interest him. We have a curated collection for kids in Rakhi where the collection has Rakhis of cartoon characters that kids love the most. Your buddy will love these rakhis to know more keep reading.

Since Raksha Bandhan is just a few weeks to go, you need to prepare for the day to make it a big hit. Similar to all other festivals and occasions, gifts here too play a significant role to make the day grander. Gone are those days when sisters only used to send Rakhi gifts to their brothers on Rakhi, but by availing the reliable services of this e-gifting portal Rakhi, one can also send Rakhi gifts to India to their sisters. For the upcoming festival of Rakhi, this online gifting portal has showcased an array of magnificent Rakhi threads and gifts as well. You will love to shop here at Rakhi and send your Rakhi gifts to your loving brother across India. Kids are the ones who are excited about any upcoming occasion the most. Thus, Rakhi, keeping your kid brother in mind has arranged a wide galore of kids' Rakhi and gift items in the store. All these kids' Rakhis are coming with different cartoon figures such as bunny bear, kitty, and so on. Since kids are fond of cartoon characters such as Angry Bird, Pooh, Tweety, Pokemon, and a lot more to name a few. This site has arranged Rakhi threads with these famous characters that will definitely make your little brother glue to it. Send Rakhi to India paired with some impressive gifts available herein the site. Go through the article on how to send rakhi to India from USA ,that would help you to know about sending Rakhi to India in detail. There is a list of the Top 5 kids' Rakhis which you can choose according to your loving brother's preference which he will love to receive -

1. Blue Angry Bird Rakhi

The Rakhi comes with the blue colored rubber figure of Angry Bird. With its right wing, the Bird is holding a pencil. It has a yellow beak, pink tongue & feet, black bow and eyes. The unique color combination gives a contrastive look to the Rakhi. You can tie this Rakhi on your brother’s wrist with pink ribbon.

Top 5 Kids Rakhis

2. Bal Gopal Rakhi

This rakhi presents the image of Bal Gopal with makhan handi in a flat inflated pattern. Adding to its glamour the image is beautifully decorated with stone work and beads of light blue, dark blue and red colours. The ribbon is artistically made of zari-cum-satin base and has been given a dark blue colour.

3. Adorable Doraemon Rakhi

Top 5 Kids Rakhis

In current times, cartoons are important part of every kids’ life. Thus, if you are searching a Rakhi for your kid brother in India then send him this Doraemon Rakhi on this festive season. As the name implies, this Rakhi has a figure of the popular cartoon character Doraemon on a bright blue colored ribbon with a simple floral design on one side. Moreover, this design rests on a red colored satin base, hence, your little brother will be comfortable wearing it the whole day.

4. Beautiful Zoo Zoo Rakhi

If your little brother in India is a big fan of Zoo Zoo then delight him by sending this adorable Rakhi. What makes this Rakhi really special is that this figure is wearing a red colored hat on its heads along with black and white striped pads on both its legs. Also it is holding a white colored bat with one hand. Hence, if your kid brother is also a cricket fan then he will be thrilled with this gift. Moreover, there is a red button at its stomach which when pushed a light glows. Besides these, it has a red, black and white checked satin ribbon with which the Rakhi will be tied.

5. Beautiful Bal Hanuman Rakhi

Bal Hanuman is a very popular cartoon that every child loves to watch and adore. Thus, surprise your little brother in India on this joyous festival by sending him this cute Bal Hanuman Rakhi. The Lord is dressed in his typical clothes and is holding a mace with one hand. Since this image is printed on a soft material with an orange colored base at the back, your little brother will not be uncomfortable wearing this Rakhi on his wrist the whole day.

Aren’t you feeling something missing in your gift box? Greetings will no doubt give completeness to your gift. Hence if you know how to make a Rakhi greetings card, make one by yourself which will definitely delight him. Moreover, he will treasure your nice card for a long time.

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