“Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile.” If you have a brother, you are truly blessed.”Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful ode to the brother-sister bond. It is a special day for people who have siblings. Even if one doesn’t have siblings, women also tie rakhi threads to their cousins or brother figures. Apart from merrymaking and exchange of gifts, the significance of the occasion lies in  the pledge of protection. On this day, brothers take up the solemn vow of protecting their brothers from any evil.  Our website has the best Rakhi threads that can cater to various tastes and preferences.  The list includes om rakhis, designer rakhis, unique rakhis, cartoon rakhis, bhaiya bhabi rakhi sets and more. This article talks about the various Rakhi designs that are available on our website. Read to know more. 

Raksha Bandhan signifies ‘the bond of protection, obligation & care’ in Sanskrit. This festival is celebrated in every corner of India and also by the Indian diaspora. Raksha Bandhan honors the profound bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie rakhis on the wrists of their brothers and pray for their happiness and peace. Brothers, in return, promise to be their protectors through the highs and lows of life. Despite the distance, sisters often celebrate Raksha Bandhan by sending rakhis to their dearest brothers. People have various tastes and preferences even when it comes to Rakhi designs. When it comes to rakhi designs, we are your one-stop destination. Keeping various needs in mind, we present to you the best rakhi designs. Our all-encompassing collection includes traditional, contemporary, and quirky designs. These are the rakhi threads you could send as Rakhi to India to your siblings to make memories of Raksha Bandhan. You can check the article on how to send rakhi to India from USA, which might help you if you are looking to send gifts on Rakhi.

1. Designer Rakhis 

Different types of Rakhi Threads

Designer rakhis are generally made up of beads, crystals and may portray antique, coloured, traditional quirky themes. The elaborate artworks and intricate designs reflect supreme craftsmanship and promise uncompromised quality. We offer a wide range of designer rakhis which look gorgeous. The confluence of traditional and modern designs makes these rakhis look extraordinary. If you have an eye for aesthetics, you can certainly send designer rakhis to your beloved brother and make the occasion of Raksha Bandhan memorable.

2. Om Rakhis

Different types of Rakhi Threads

Om is a spiritual symbol which has a religious significance.  These sacred threads featuring the divine symbol om will keep your brother protected from dangers. Through these divine om rakhis, Lord Shiva’s blessings will be showered upon him. We present to you a wide variety of om rakhis embellished with the best of traditional designs. This section also includes the best onkar designs. If you have an elder brother who is traditional and loves the old-world charm, om rakhis are perfect for him. 

3. Ganesh Rakhis

Ganesh rakhis are considered auspicious and sacred. Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God is known as the lord of new beginnings and the remover of obstacles in our lives. Ganesh Rakhis have miniatures of Ganapati along with picturesque designs crafted with  beads or stones. Tying ganesh rakhis on the wrists of your brother will make sure that the lord’s blessings are showered on him. Sending ganesh rakhis on Raksha Bandhan can act as a token of good luck. 

4. Divine Rakhis

Different types of Rakhi Threads

Though rakhi designs have evolved with time, divine rakhis are highly popular even today. Divine rakhis are considered sacred and are generally made up of rudraksha, coconut and other holy items generally used for puja. Crafted to perfection, these divine rakhis contain images of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi and holy symbols like swastika and shree. If your brother is into spirituality, you could send him divine rakhis to ensure his well-being. This is a gesture that will leave him overwhelmed and help you win his heart. 

5. Unique Rakhis 

Different types of Rakhi Threads

The bond that you share with your brother is truly unique. Our website features trendy and quirky rakhis that are as unique as the bond that we share with our brothers. These rakhis present on our site reflect supreme artistry and innovation. The designs include crochet, paper quilling, resin and more. The offbeat and intricate designs make the rakhis look extraordinary.  These rakhis have been designed keeping all the popular trends in mind. Choose from the wide range of unique rakhis present on our website.

6. Rakhi Sets

Different types of Rakhi Threads

If you have multiple brothers at home, you could opt for our rakhi sets. This section features an exclusive assortment of Rakhi threads which come in a set of two or three. These are designed with a common theme. These include Ganesh designs, antique designs, rudraksha designs, swastika designs, and more. We also have kid rakhi sets available in this section. 

7. Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhis

Different types of Rakhi Threads

If your brother is a married man, you must make his wife feel included in the joyous Raksha Bandhan celebration.Our website consists of Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhi set which consists of an exclusive rakhi for your brother paired with a beautifully designed lumba for your beloved sister-in-law. The rakhi and lumba pairs are generally made up of the same material and feature a common theme. The exquisite designs are made up of moti, zari, faux stones, crystals and patchworks. If you have a loving brother and sister-in-law, you can send traditionally paired rakhi and lumba to the couple as a token of your love and respect. 

8. Rudrash Rakhis

Rudraksh rakhis are highly popular when it comes to traditional designs. According to mythology, rudraksha was made from the teardrops of Lord Shiva and is considered to be auspicious. Rudraksha beads are also used to make the jewellery of Lord Shiva and can bring in luck, prosperity and fortune. These have a divine appeal and are also known to calm the mind and the body. Sending a rudraksh rakhi is a heartwarming way of wishing luck, happiness and fortune to your dear brothers. 

9. Cartoon Rakhis

Different types of Rakhi Threads

If you have a baby brother at home, you can send him cartoon rakhis from our website. Keeping the interests and preferences of the little ones in mind, we present to you a delightful collection of rakhis that are designed especially for children. This section of rakhis features popular cartoon characters like Chota Bheem, Doraemon, Motupatlu, and more. 

10. Superhero Rakhis 

Different types of Rakhi Threads

Superheroes can change the world with their extraordinary powers. Little ones are highly fascinated and inspired by superheroes. Our superhero rakhis include ironman, spiderman and more! The superhero rakhis are colourful and are made up of premium quality material that are perfect for the little ones. On receiving these rakhis, the excitement of your little brothers will know no bounds. 

11. Bracelet Rakhis

Different types of Rakhi Threads

Bracelet Rakhis adorn the wrists of your brothers like a valuable piece of jewelry. These rakhis look gorgeous and boast zari work or designs embellished with precious metals and stones. Studded with artistic motifs, bracelet rakhis look one of a kind and reflect supreme craftsmanship. These bracelet-type rakhis can also work like precious fashion accessories. Bracelet rakhis can act as a heartwarming token of remembrance. 

12. Personalized Rakhis 

Different types of Rakhi Threads

Just like personalized mugs, photo frames, or pillows, personalized rakhis have unparalleled charm. These personalized rakhis have a special place where you can insert the image of your brother. Sending this rakhi can be a wonderful you to celebrate your special relationship with you. 

Sending Rakhi to India is simple and hassle-free if you opt for our services. Choose from the wide range of rakhi designs available on our website and let your sibling know that he is fondly remembered on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. 

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