Baisakhi is one of the most energetic and much-awaited festivals in Punjab. The preparations start weeks before and everybody is much excited about this wonderful festival. If you also want to wish all your near and dear ones and send heartwarming gifts then you must be in search of gifting ideas. This article presents to you the top 5 gifting ideas that you can send to your loved ones. To know more about the gifting options keep reading the article. 

Baisakhi, the harvest festival is one of the most celebrated Indian festivals. It is celebrated widely in the state of Punjab by the entire Sikh community with great exuberance and zeal. Baisakhi marks the commencement of the solar year in India and the foundation day of Panth Khalsa. It marks the advent of the new spring year, which means the beginning of the New Year. 

The celebration continues by performing the traditional folk dances of Bhangra and Gidda and also by attending Baisakhi fairs. The celebration is accompanied by a feast of traditional dishes and gifts are showered to family and friends. If you are also on your way to wishing your loved ones some heartwarming gifts then you are in the right place! We have curated the top 6 Gift ideas that you can use to send gifts to your loved ones. 

Home Decor

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Baisakhi

As Baishakhi has almost arrived and the preparations to welcome it have already started. So, all homes must be trying their best to look good in this situation. One of the best things you can opt for as a gift is home decor. Home decor can be anything and the variety of the gifting idea is what makes it a good option. You can send vases, wall hangings, aesthetic-looking shelves, etc. When we talk about home decor we often forget to decorate our walls. You can opt for picture frames as gifts. Your loved ones can decorate their home and their walls with frames. Among decor, organizers are also a good choice if your dearest love to organize everything around them. Hence, home decor can be a good gifting option if you want to send something that will be useful for them.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

The festive season means affection and warm wishes. Over the years dry fruits have become synonymous with affection, love, care, and warmth. Along with that dry fruits are well known as an excellent source of nourishment. Hence, they are sent in festive seasons to loved ones to express admiration and care. Dry fruits also signify happy and healthy beginnings making them a relevant gift for the occasion. You can try different combinations of these healthy dry fruits and nuts, for instance, you can add salted or maybe something sweet with these. Dry fruits are a complete package of gifts for Baishaki.

Puja Essentials

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Baisakhi

In any festivities, if there is one thing that is the most essential then it is the Puja essentials. Puja essentials can be a puja thali, incense sticks, diya, an incense holder, etc. Either you can gift a complete puja essential set or you can just send a diya which is considered a good gift for any religious occasion. As the first thing in the morning of Baishaki is to pray and visit gurudwara the need for puja essentials is felt. So, sending a puja essential hamper or just some puja essentials as gifts for Baishaki can be a favorable gift. 

Sweet Hampers

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Baisakhi

In India everything is celebrated with sweets, if something good happens we turn to sweets and if there is a festivities going on then there is a shower of sweets! It is believed that if we start a new beginning by celebrating it with sweets then the rest journey will be sweetened which is to say that it will be joyous. So, sending a sweet hamper will signify your warm wishes, on this note if you think sweet is something that they will receive a lot.

Plant Hamper

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Baisakhi

Do you want to gift something unique? Do your loved ones like plants? If the answer to both questions is yes then this gifting idea might be the right one for you. A plant hamper is a unique gift idea that you can opt for, as it is a very rare gift that will certainly make your loved ones feel special. This gift is not only unique but it also displays your care for the recipient. You can add a bouquet of exotic flowers along with any plant of your choice and send it to your loved ones as a gift for Baishaki. The occasion cherishes the harvest and celebrates the arrival of spring hence a plant hamper will be a relevant gift.  

These gifting ideas will help you in the preparations for making the celebration more grand. Express your love and care to dear ones on this auspicious occasion through these top 5 gifting ideas. Happy Baisakhi! 

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