If you are contemplating what to gift to your loved ones this Baishaki then this article might just be the thing you need. Baishakhi is one of the most prominent festivals in Punjab and it is celebrated by feasting and sending gifts to your loved ones. So, if you need gift ideas you can opt for fruits, flowers, and sweets. To know the significance of each gift keep reading the article. 

Baisakhi, the auspicious occasion is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month of Vaisakh, which generally falls in the month of April-May, according to the Gregorian calendar. This pious occasion marks the beginning of spring, the harbinger of new life, and the end of the harvest of the Rabi crops in India. Indians especially from the states of Punjab and Haryana observe this festival with great enthusiasm and joy when farmers thank the almighty for the good harvest and pray for prosperity and well-being. 

To start off their day, people take an early bath in the river and dress up in their best outfits. They perform various colorful cultural programs such as music and bhangra dance. The day is further adorned by a feast that is enjoyed with the family members. Traditional dishes are made and gifts are showered to loved ones across the world. If you are also one of those who are contemplating what to gift their loved ones and could use some help then this article is for you. As sending gifts to your loved ones expresses your admiration for them you can send them gifts across India. Sending Baisakhi gifts can be best as it is impossible for one to visit everyone in just one day so, send gifts and wishes to your loved ones. 


Send Fruits, Flowers & Sweets as Baisakhi Gifts

You will find amazing collections of flowers that come in a variety that can be exotic or the same, ranging from roses to gerberas, carnations to lilies and orchids, and much more. Flowers can be selected according to the recipient’s choice and the nature of the occasion. Not only flowers alone but other items can also be paired with, to send as gifts. These flowers can be arranged in beautiful bouquets, or baskets decorated with fillers and decors in cane baskets and vases. Choose a flower bouquet as per your requirement and make wonders happen. It would be a lovely gift to your loved ones. They can decorate their homes with these fresh flowers. 


Send Fruits, Flowers & Sweets as Baisakhi Gifts

Fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, bananas, oranges, mangoes, pineapples, and so on can form a basket which can be a good gift. Fruits, loaded with natural nutrients are one of the most healthy gift ideas for this Baisakhi. People keep fast on the occasion of Baisakhi and hence fruits would make the perfect gift. Not only this but fruits can also be given to your parents and grandparents or if some of your loved ones who are watching calories. They will definitely be overwhelmed to see this unique gift idea. These fruit baskets are refreshing and healthy gifting options. Sending fruit baskets as gifts signifies you wish health for the recipient. As fruits have a high protein factor a gift like this will only be an added advantage. Hence, fruits can be a good gifting option. 


Send Fruits, Flowers & Sweets as Baisakhi Gifts

Sending sweets as gifts means a good gesture in the Indian peninsula. As no occasion is complete without sweets sending sweets as gifts to your loved ones can signify and express your admiration. Options are varied and range from Kaju peda to Kesari peda, motichoor ladoo to kaju katli, soan papri to tinned sweets. You can make your pick from the lot and send it across to your loved ones and make them happy. A little sweetness doesn’t harm anybody and after all, it is to sweeten the relationship and the festivities. Sweets are often exchanged to celebrate the festival and the joyful times with each other hence a sweet hamper can be e good gifting idea. 

People exchange gifts with their loved ones to make the celebration even more joyful. But those who are staying far away from their loved ones, need to take the assistance of online portals as the advancement comes to their aid. Our website is one that might help you to send gifts to your loved ones. Make each moment count and send gifts on the auspicious occasion of Baishakhi and make your loved ones feel the warmth of your admiration. 

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