If you want to send gifts that are evergreen to your loved ones then sending a bouquet is the best choice. If you don't have any idea about flowers to send to your loved ones then here we are with the top 5 flower bouquets that you can send to your loved ones on any occasion and to any relation and make them feel special. Send flowers to express your unspoken words and create a wonderful gifting experience for them. To know the top 5 flowers bouquets keep reading he article. 

Sometimes expressing your emotions with something else rather than just words is a great way to convey your feelings. Sometimes it becomes difficult to express how you feel just in words, appreciation feels empty without a medium. With the distance, things can get worse and words might feel empty. Actions always go well with efforts and when you put a medium to it, it becomes the best. Flowers are the medium that can convey the unspoken love and words you want to convey to your loved ones. The distinct flowers have distinct meanings hence you can send these flowers to convey your feelings. Flowers also make great gifts for any occasion as just the sight of the flowers spreads the warmth of appreciation in the heart of the receiver. So, if you wish to send something elegant, soft, and beautiful to your loved ones from time to time or on any occasion you can opt for a flower bouquet. If you have no idea which flower bouquets will be better then don’t worry because we have curated the top 5 flower bouquets. These top 5 flower bouquets are based on the trendiest bouquets that will convey your emotions as well as thrill your loved ones. 

1. Rose Bouquet

The most sought flower is the rose and the symbol of love too. But what we overlook is the different meanings according to the colors of the roses. Rose does not only mean love it means a variety of emotions. So, if your loved ones love roses then based on the color you can gift them a bouquet of roses. Like the red rose signifies love, the yellow friendship, white elegance, peace, purple enchantment and so much more. So, if you wish to send roses but not overwhelm them, then you can opt for roses of various colors. Roses look lovely in a bouquet and they can be paired with a little bit of gypsophila. These delicate flowers are also called baby’s breath, which add charm to the flower bouquet. You can even go all out and send a heart shaped flower bouquet of roses to convey love. So, if you are planning to send a delicate and lovely bouquet to your loved ones send them a rose bouquet and surprise them. 

2. Lily Bouquet 

Lilies are often considered flowers that represent purity, innocence, and peace. These delicate flamboyant flowers come in a variety of colors. White lilies are ironically used both in weddings and in funerals too. As lilies also symbolize chastity and fertility it is used in weddings but they also represent the depart of the soul. Hence, lilies are the only flower apart from white roses and carnations that are used in funerals as well as in condolences. The occasion modifies what the flower signifies, hence it depends on the occasion as well if you wish to send a bouquet of white lilies. On the other hand, the tiger lily is one of the most loved and is counted among the exotic flowers. You can send a bouquet of tiger lilies and make them feel special. So, a bouquet of lilies with some gerberas and gypsophila can make them ecstatic. Hence, choose accordingly and send a lovely bouquet of lilies to your loved ones. It becomes one of the beautiful wishes flowers to celebrate.

3. Carnation Bouquet 

Top 5 Flower Bouquets to Send to India

Expressing love by sending red roses can be too much and when you just want to express your admiration red roses are a no-go. Instead of roses, you can choose carnations that symbolize devotion, love, and fascination. Carnations are also called ‘the flowers of Gods’ as the scientific name is ‘dianthus’ which is the formation of ‘dios’ the Greek god Zeus and ‘anthos’ meaning flower. Thus, when brought together it means the flower of the Gods. Hence, sending a bouquet of these flowers will express your admiration and affection for them. When paired with baby’s breath or chrysanthemums the flower becomes more alluring in a bouquet. While you are trying to make things interesting and unique you can also add succulents in the bouquet. We know succulents are not flowers but you cannot deny the beauty of the plants in a bouquet. Carnations look ethereal in a bouquet when paired with these a good wishes flowers bouquet that can surprise anyone.

4. Tulip Bouquet 

Top 5 Flower Bouquets to Send to India

Have you ever heard of a flower that follows the sun even when on a vase? Or of a flower that grows even when cut? Well, Tulips are incredible flowers that will leave you in awe with their mesmerizing beauty and interesting facts. The distinct colors of the flowers signify distinct meanings and hence you can send these beautiful tulips to your loved ones and enchant them with their serene beauty. There is something so comforting in tulips that whenever one beholds the sight of these flowers they feel peace in their hearts. Hence, if you send a bouquet of tulips to your loved ones you will be comforting them as well as conveying your warm regards. A bouquet of tulips needs only tulips and nothing more to enchant its admirers. 

5. Mixed Flower Bouquet

When you want to express so many emotions in just one bouquet choosing one flower doesn’t work. So, then you just mix all the flowers you want to send that signify what you want to convey and give them a mixed flower bouquet. Add some roses, gerberas, gypsophila, carnations, orchids, lilies, daisies, birds of paradise and so much more. Ever since the Victorian age, it has become a ritual to send flowers and express your love. It was the Victorians who decked up all the flowers in a bouquet and expressed their profound love. So, if you are among those who would like to send a vibrant and hueful bouquet then don’t restrict yourself to just one flower and send a bouquet that resembles a complete garden. We are very sure with a bouquet like this your loved ones will be thrilled and excited. 

There's no way you can go wrong while sending flowers to your loved ones in India. You just need to know the type of flower bouquet you wish to send. It is best to send a bouquet as the arrangement of the flowers makes it look more complete and allows the receiver to preserve the flowers for a long. So, with these top 5 bouquets, you are invincible at sending the best flower bouquet to your loved ones on any occasion and to any relation. To make things more interesting heart shaped bouquet of flowers can also be a wonderful choice to choose. Let your creativity loose and send a wonderful bouquet to India to your loved ones. 

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