Flowers speak the language of love and distinct flowers mean love in a  unique way. There are plenty of flowers apart from Roses with which you can express love. If you wish to know flowers that express love apart from roses then here we are with the list of flowers that express love. In this article, you will find the flowers along with the meanings and how they express love. If you wish to know these in detail then keep reading the article for more. 

Flowers speak the language of love and with the day of love fast approaching, flowers are going to be on gifting trends again. When we speak of Valentine’s Day and flowers we are reminded of roses. But Roses are not the only flowers that are romantic and symbolize love. Most of the flowers symbolize love but it’s just rose is the one that is often associated with love. Thus, the other flowers are overlooked and never sought. But a variety of flowers can make your Valentine's bouquet more beautiful and colorful and the distinct flowers can appropriately convey your love. Flowers work wonders when it comes to appreciating someone and expressing love the distinct meanings of flowers make them unique. Sometimes it's not possible to know what flowers mean. But if you want to know the love language of flowers send beautiful bouquets to your beloved and express your love on Valentine’s then don’t worry. We have a list of romantic flowers that you can send as Valentine's Day flowers India and make your beloved blush with the blooming beauties. 


There is an ancient Greek story that says the goddess of love Aphrodite bled on the white rose making it red and the symbol of love. But the crimson-colored rose is not only the symbol of love, it also signifies eternal passion. Hence, a bouquet of scarlet roses means eternal passion and love bound together. If you wish to express your deep love for your beloved then a bouquet or a basket of roses is the best. A bouquet of roses looks good with every flower but when paired with Gypsophilia it looks delicate at the same time passionate. So, if you are looking for an arrangement to send as Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife that would enhance the beauty of the red roses without stealing attention from them then pairing it with gypsophila is the best option. Send a bouquet of romantic flowers delivery of roses which have become the symbol of love and an essential of Valentine’s and make your beloved feel loved. 


Unlike roses, orchids bring a lot of meanings with them, it does not only mean love but beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, and charm. Hence, you see the flowers are not just uniquely beautiful but also meaningful. After roses, orchids are the most popular flowers sought to express the emotions unspoken. This exotic flower looks great in bouquets and vases, so if you are thinking of sending a bouquet of orchids to your beloved then send them a bouquet or a vase. A vase is the best as you won’t be overwhelming the recipient with how to preserve the flowers. Orchids look so delicate yet so elegant that we are certain your beloved will love to receive such romantic flowers delivery on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Orchids look good when paired with other flowers but they look best when they are arranged solely. 


Nobody would have thought that even sunflowers represented love. But they do! These bright-looking flowers with vivid yellow petals also express love in the brightest form. The long stout stems of this flower proudly represent happiness, joy, warmth, and adoration. These bright flowers can enliven anybody’s day and brighten any face. It also symbolizes admiration, loyalty, and long-lasting love. Gifting a bouquet of cheerful sunflowers would mean that you cherish your beloved and want her to be as lively and cheerful as the flowers. The bouquet of sunflowers would not need the presence of any other flower to express your emotions to your beloved. So, to express admiration loyalty, and love through bright and cheerful flowers send your beloved a bouquet of sunflowers and bring a blooming smile to their faces.


The Herald of Spring has the deepest romantic meanings as they signify undying love. This meaning has its roots in an old Persian tale in which the lovers would rather die than be apart from each other. Tulips are the classic flowers that have been loved for centuries for their simple yet alluring visuals. Along with that, you can express your perfect and deep undying love with a bouquet of tulips. There are ideal flowers to gift to your beloved on this day of love. Tulips come in plenty of hues and you can send a blushful bunch of tulips of any color and express your unsaid emotions. The Tulips are best kept in vases so it would be better if you could send a vase arrangement to your beloved. Tulips follow the sunlight hence, the nods of flowers in the vase will follow the sun which will be lovely to witness. It is going to be a very unique way to celebrate Valentine’s.

Mixed Exotic Bouquet 

Well, it’s sometimes not possible to express all the rushing emotions that you feel with just one flower. So, if you want to express your vivid emotions through flowers and want to send a colorful bouquet then send a mixed exotic bouquet. You can add all the exotic flowers and express your emotions with a bouquet of mixed flowers bouquet. If you are wondering which flowers will be the best then you can add roses, orchids, sunflowers, tulips, lilies, peonies, baby’s breath, and much more to express your rush of emotions in just one bouquet. So, sending a mixed bouquet and conveying your love in all the distinct hues is going to be a unique way to express your love. 

Ever since ancient times flowers have been conveying unspoken emotions through their vibrant petals and addicting fragrance. The distinct flowers and their colors mean distinct forms of love - some care, some passion, and some just love. So, choose the flowers that uniquely express your unique love and make your beloved feel special. Now that you know with the help of the list the flowers that are best appropriate to express love send not just roses to represent your love. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive and big to be spectacular and memorable. It just has to be thoughtful and show your gesture of expressing love most uniquely. So, send Valentine's Day flowers India and make them feel special. 

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