This article discusses the gift ideas that you can consider gifting on the occasion of Gudi Padwa. It is important to make your wife feel good and let her feel important. It can be a sweet siurprise to her and it will amplify the celebrations.

Gudi Padwa is an important festival of the Marathi and the Konkani people. It marks the beginning of a new year as per the indigenous Hindu calendar of this region. It is also the festival that welcomes the fertile season of Spring. This beautiful season is strongly associated with growth, happiness, and prosperity. Your wife is one of those people who stands by you through every crest & trough of your life. Hence, the celebration revolving around Gudi Padwa makes it the perfect occasion to gift your wife something special. Here is a list of 10 exclusive gifts that fit the occasion and relation perfectly.

1. Watch

A new year is a chance to make new beginnings. New hopes and aspirations bloom from the ashes of the unfulfilled ones left behind in the previous year. It lets us set our clocks again for a wonderful race of growing older and wiser. Make this journey a cherishable one for your wife by gifting her a watch. Let it be a loving reminder of all the happy things to come this year.

2. Flowers and Potted Plants

Top 10 Gudi Padwa Gifts for Wife

Gudi Padwa is the harbinger of Spring. It brings with it a trail of lush green. The best way to embrace the festive vibes of this unique celebration is to send the precious gift of greenery to a loved one. Be it a vibrant bouquet of flowers to India or a petite potted plant, the spirit of Gudi Padwa shall remain preserved with this gift.

3. Religious Gifts

The auspicious festival of Gudi Padwa involves the worship of Lord Bramha and Lord Ram. There are two mythological accounts siting the origin of this day. Some say that Lord Brahma created the world on this day. The other story states that Lord Ram had returned to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana. You could gift your wife a nice idol of Lord Rama or Brahma on this holy day and usher in good health and prosperity.

4. Traditional Clothes

Top 10 Gudi Padwa Gifts for Wife

Maharashtra has few of the most exquisite handloom styles in India. The quintessential Paithani and Gara Sarees are woven treasures that make the finest gifts for Gudi Padwa. On this auspicious occasion give your wife a piece of this Marathi heritage that she can cherish for years.

5. Decorative Items

Homes are beautifully decorated on Gudi Padwa. Elaborate rangolis are made at the entrance of the homes and at shrines. The doors are beautifully lined with torans. Torans are beautifully woven flowers, beads or wool balls that are hung on top of a door. These, as well as other decorative items for your home, could be apt gifts for your wife on Gudi Padwa.

6. Ornaments

Top 10 Gudi Padwa Gifts for Wife

Women dress up in the traditional Marathi attires on Gudi Padwa. Dressing up without the proper ornaments is impossible. Just like Sarees, Maharashtra also boasts a rich heritage of ornaments. The famous Kolhapuri Saaj is made typically of 21 leaf-shaped gold beads pendant. These also hold an important religious significance. 10 of these pendants represent the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. 8 pendants symbolize the Ashtamangal (a suit of 8 auspicious symbols). Two have ruby and emerald studded in them and the last pendant is considered a Tabiz (charm). This could be a wonderful gift for your better half on this special day.

7. Kolhapuri Sandals

A traditional look on Gudi Padwa is incomplete without a lovely pair of Kolhapuri sandals. These beautiful artificial leather footwears complement a number of traditional outfits. These lovely sandals are often embroidered with zari, pompoms. The Kolhapuri Sandals are an evergreen style statement that fits perfectly with every wave of fashion making it an amazing gift.

8. Warli Art Pieces

Top 10 Gudi Padwa Gifts for Wife

Is your wife someone who understands and loves art? Then Maharashtra has another gem to offer. The Warli art style is a form of folk art from the state. You could get your wife a nice painted wall hanging from this school of art on this occasion. These paintings are done mostly by the women of the Warli tribe. These beautiful pieces have various stories from folklores depicted on them.

9. Fruits

Springtime brings with it a large bounty of fresh and juicy fruits. Hence the best way to welcome the goodness of spring into your wife’s life is by sending  fruit basket to India.

10. Chocolates

Top 10 Gudi Padwa Gifts for Wife

Chocolates are for every season and every reason. If your wife is a chocoholic, then there can never be a more appropriate gift. Start her new year with a sweet surprise by sending chocolates to India.

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