Surprise your dear ones with fresh fruits and flowers is one of the well-known e-gifting portals that has been assisting the global Indians to send gifts to India. In this online portal you can avail extensive plethora of gift articles. So, if you are searching something different for your loved ones then fresh fruits and exotic flowers will be perfect gift articles.

A bouquet of flowers conveys a wide range of emotions, from friendly, romantic to thankful. The beauty as well as fragrance of the flowers will definitely leave a strong positive effect on the dear ones’ mind and body. The presence of fresh flowers in the house usually keep you away from tensions, worries and increases a feeling of satisfaction and leaves positive effects on your thoughtfulness and imagination. Due to their infinite variety and special appeal, flowers have never lost their importance. So, send flowers to India.

Usually flowers are loved by people of all genders and ages. However, they are mostly loved by women of all age. So, if you are sending birthday, wedding or anniversary gift to your girlfriend then a bouquet of flowers will be a perfect one. You can send her a long stem of red or pink roses to convey your heartfelt love and affection. The enchanting aroma as well as the tenderness of the flower will definitely bring a big smile on your beloved’s face. You can also send your mother some blooming lilies or orchids as gifts to India for thanking her for all her love and support.

Moreover, while selecting flowers for the recipient it is important to take note about the choice of the recipients. If the recipient is fond of Roses, send her some aromatic bunch of roses. Since different colors of the flowers signify something unique, so you can send flowers accordingly. For example, “White” color signifies purity and innocence so you can send white roses, lilies or carnations to your mother, sister or friend.

Apart from making your dear ones cheerful with blooming flowers, you can also make them healthy by sending basket full of fresh fruits as gift to India. Fresh fruits have various advantages. They reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and various other chronic disorders. Fresh fruits are the rich store of antioxidant vitamins, minerals and proteins. They also have dietary fiber which helps in digestion and reduces cholesterol from body. Fruits come in diverse types of colors, texture and flavors which can be eaten in everyday meal.

Each fruits has specific speciality such as apples contain Vitamin C, iron and Beta Carotene, Pineapples have important enzyme, Bromelain which is important for heath. So send fruits to India. Moreover, while selecting fruits, you must be well aware of the recipient’s choice. If the recipient is fond of oranges, you can send him or her a basket filled with fresh oranges. You can also opt for a basket that includes various types of fresh fruits such as grapes , apple, oranges, banana etc.

In, you will avail exclusive array of flower as well as fruit arrangements. You can get flowers such as orchids, carnations, roses etc. In the “Fruit” section, the fruits come in bamboo basket or colorful paper tray. You can also select hamper from “Fruits & Flower” category. So, send gifts to India from US and make the occasion memorable.The enchanting flowers and  tasty fruits will definitely make your dear ones happy as well as healthy.

Pooja Published: Apr 16, 2011 | Last Updated: Aug 30, 2021