The unique festival of Rakhi is celebrated with loads of love and frolic in India. In addition to tying Rakhis on the wrist of dear brothers, savoring tempting and gourmet delicacies, and exchange of exciting gift items are also been part of this festival. All these events cumulatively make the vibrant festival of Rakhi more joyful. Thus, Rakhi is the most awaited & exciting festival among sisters & brothers. Read to know more. 

Generally celebrated in the month of August, Rakhi is a principal festival in India. People in different parts of the country start making preparation days before the actual day of the celebration. Rakhis and gifts hold a major significance in the celebration. Spiritual gifts are one of the most common gift items which are exchanged at the time of this celebration. If you are looking for spiritual gift ideas for Rakhi, then you can browse through our website.

Our exclusive category of spiritual gifts ranges from music CDs and DVDs to Sagun Coins, Holy Idols, and Spiritual Hampers. Spiritual music CDs and DVDs are considered an impressive gift item that you can send to your sibling along with Rakhi to India. We are offering as many as 13 music CDs and DVDs in this category. You can pick from ‘Sampoorna Ramayana’ or ‘Krishna Bhajans’, ‘Meera Aur Mein’, ‘Mahisashur Mardini’, ‘Ganesh Mahamantra’, ‘Maiya Rani’, ‘OM’, ‘Jagraata’ and more. Spiritual idols are one of the most popular gift items which can be sent as rakhi gift to India. Among the varieties of spiritual idols offered by our website, the most popular ones are Holy Ram Darbar, Durga Idol, Tirupati Balajee, Holy-Laxmi Idol, Laddu Ganesh, Nandlala, Lakshmi Ganesh Idol, and Lord Ganesha Idol.

We offer our customers an excellent collection of silver and gold coins in our category ‘Sagun Coins’. Both the silver and gold coins have idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha engraved. You can also buy the products where both types of coins are offered. Moreover, many of the gold coins come with a free silver coin. All the gold coins in our collection have 22k gold plating, thereby making it an extremely treasured possession. Other than gold and silver coins, this category also presents to you hampers like Laxmi Ganesh Silver Coin Hamper, Trinity Coin Hamper and Laxmi Silver Coin Hamper. Our Trinity Coin Hamper is a combination of Goddess Lakshmi, OM, and Lord Ganesha. All these idols come engraved in 5 grams of golden coins. When you send rakhi to India to your sibling do not forget to add some of the precious coins from this section.

Spiritual Hampers is one of the most unique rakhi gifts that you send to your sibling on Rakhi. Each of our hampers comes with exquisite gift items like Puja Thali, Jewelry, Gold and Silver coins, and idols of Gods and Goddesses. Many of these Spiritual Hampers have a free gift attached. For instance, if you want to go for the Puja Thali with Natural Pearl Set, you will get a pearl necklace for free. Similarly, the Crystal Puja Thali will come with a free diamond pendant and pista roll sweets.

Celebrate Rakhi with Spiritual Gifts

Now that you have got some really brilliant spiritual gift ideas for Rakhi, you must be wondering when is Rakhi. Every year rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of Shravan which is a month as per the Hindu calendar. Along with sending Rakhi gifts to India, you can make or create a rakhi. If you want to know how to make rakhi, you will need silk threads of any color, cotton rolls, toothbrushes, artificial pearls, and glue. You will need to cut the colorful silk threads into 25 inches and tie them with a cotton reel on its one-fourth part. Then make a plait of the divided ends of the threads, which will help in tying the rakhi. Cut the folded parts of the threads and with a help of a toothbrush brush the threads to make a center for adding the artificial pearls.

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