Spirituality is one of the many things that keep us bound in relation together. You must have learned about spirituality from your parents, how about sending them some spiritual gifts? Spiritual gifts are many hence selecting just one among all of the things present there is a bit problematic, especially when you don't know what gifts signify what. So, we have curated a list of spiritual gifts for your help. To know more about spirituality and spiritual gifts keep reading the article. 

Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean

A sacred transcendent or a sense of aliveness and interconnectedness is what is felt when an individual connects with something which they call their spirituality. Most people find the spirituality that evokes a sense of purpose, responsibility, and peace in temples, churches, mosques, or synagogues. When it comes to spirituality we have learned this from our parents who constantly have taught us to be responsible and become better human beings. There are many spiritual things that help an individual connect with themselves and commune with the almighty and the universe. These can be good gifts too when you are contemplating what to gift your parents. Or maybe you can just gift them these wonderful gifts just to make them feel special. The essential note is that they are good gifting ideas but the lack of knowledge on spiritual gifts is very limited so, coming to a conclusion becomes complex. So, if you are wondering what spiritual items can be good spiritual gifts then this article is for you. We have curated a list of spiritual gifts that you can send to your parents and make them happy.


Send Spiritual Gifts to your Parents in India

Have you ever wondered why temples have bells on the entrance? Well, the answer to this is that when a devotee enters the temple ringing the bells announces the arrival of his/her to the deity. It is also said that the vibrations of the bell chase or casts away evil spirits or spells. This helps in channeling positive energy and creates a harmonious environment. The sound of the bell welcomes divinity and dispels evil. Hence sending a puja bell be it a small one or a temple bell you can send a gift that welcomes divinity as it will make your parents happy.


Send Spiritual Gifts to your Parents in India

Reading itself is a good habit, and if one reads something that is motivating then it can do wonders. If your parents like to read then you can send them books in the genre of spirituality. As a good read can inspire, motivate, and nourishes your soul and is very beneficial for peace of mind. This lets an individual maintain inner peace of mind amidst the chaos that goes on in their daily lives. Spiritual books guide you to a better place hence they can be a good spiritual gift for your parents. We don’t know what goes on in one’s mind but what we can do is make it a better place for them. Spiritual books become the bridge that guides and takes you to a better place. 


Send Spiritual Gifts to your Parents in India

A spiritual gift that has been believed in and used for many centuries is the crystal. Crystals are believed to have healing powers. They are used to ward off negative energy, encourage prosperity, improve sleep, and create a harmonious atmosphere. Crystals transmute energy, and they come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes they are easy to gift to your loved ones. You can gift them a crystal bracelet or maybe a cluster that they can keep near them. Sending crystals to your parents can mean that you want harmony and peace in their life for them. 


Send Spiritual Gifts to your Parents in India

If your parents are into meditation or maybe you want them to meditate then beads are very much helpful. These beads are used to chant prayers counting the beads. This practice of using beads in your prayer is a mindful practice of focusing and meditation. These beads when used while meditation helps an individual to focus and find their own true inner self. These chains of beads are made of 108 beads which signify spiritual completion, hence the Japa Malas are made of 108 beads. A very significant spiritual gift to send to your parents that they will certainly like. 


Send Spiritual Gifts to your Parents in India

Idols are the embodiment of the devotee's faith. You can also opt to send idols to your parents as Spiritual gifts. It can be the idol of the God or Goddess they are devoted to or maybe you can send a Laxmi and Ganesh the God and Goddesses of prosperity and wealth. This can prove to be a lucky charm for them, they can keep these idols at home. These idols also come in different shapes, sizes, and even distinct colors. This makes gifting an idol efficient and easy. The symbolic meaning of sending an idol as a gift is that you want the best for them which conveys your emotions perfectly.

Spirituality is something that has no end to it, the more you know the more there is to learn. It is one of the many things that human beings can cling to keep themselves sane. Sending these spiritual gifts to your loved ones would not only be giving out a gift as you on the other hand would receive a wonderful feeling of contentment.

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