To make sure that the products you receive is the best and that you get them on time we go through a severe process. The process ensures that you see the exact product and then our shipping processes include that you get the product safe and sound as you ordered. To know the complete process through which your product goes though keep reading the article. 

Whenever we visit any online gifting or shopping portal we look for the products in the store to meet our many requirements. Hardly do we think the work, effort, and arrangements these online portals go through to make these products worthy of your choice. Shopping has been made easy, the world has been made a global village, and many new and different kinds of things brought within our reach with the advent of online shopping. Celebration of Rakhi in India is a major event and everyone participates in it with much enthusiasm and fervor is your one-stop solution for all Rakhi-related gifts which you want to send online to your beloved siblings and this gifting portal goes out its way to make Rakhi celebrations special for you. It makes lots of special arrangements for Rakhi to ensure that the best Rakhis and Rakhi gifts to India reach their beloved ones on time.

Choosing Rakhis has an expert panel of experienced person who choose and select rakhis much ahead of the main event. The best of rakhis available are chosen by them and stocked.

Choosing Gifts

Special Arrangements For Rakhi

Next comes choosing the wide variety of gifts which one sees available through the portal. It is a genuinely tough task. Every gift item is specially chosen with care keeping in mind the requirements of all people along various age groups.

Sorting Out the Products

Next is the sorting out of all gifts and Rakhis. Hampers are made, gifts are categorized into various sections and the rough draft of all the items are drawn as they are made ready.


One of the most important aspect Rakhi arrangements is proper photography of all the products and rakhis. Each and every product with every minuscule details are photographed to perfection with professional photographers. As the visual appeal of the products are very necessary, photography is important.

Go Live of Rakhis

Once all the rakhis and products are sorted out and photographed, they are uploaded into the online portal to be viewed by clients. They can choose and avail from the huge variety of products which are available online on this trusted portal.


Special Arrangements For Rakhi

Next when clients order rakhis and other gift items, the next work is packing all these items with extreme care and delicacy. The fragile items needs packaging with foam and thermocol. The Rakhis are packed and sealed in beautiful boxes. Chocolates, sweets, hampers all are placed accordingly and handed over to the courier service.

Courier Service

Once the products are packed and sealed they are handed over to a group of trusted and reliable logistics service partner who disperse out to deliver the products in specific cities wherever ordered. Across state deliveries take a few days time whereas same state delivery gets finished within a day or two.


Special Arrangements For Rakhi

The final part is the delivery of the products to respective recipients. This is the best part of the whole process as this is the very aim of this premier shopping and gifting portal. To deliver smiles across miles.

Sending rakhi to India is now easy convenient and hassle-free owing to this trusted online gifting portal of India. Special care is taken by in making special arrangements for rakhi so that it becomes special for you is its main aim. The many smiles delivered along with the little gifts truly make all the effort and endeavor worth it.

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