Significance Of The Name 'Raksha Bandhan'

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Just as all festivities celebrate some sort of relationships in the Indian context, Raksha Bandhan also celebrates one such important relationship. Celebrate to understand the meaning of this festival and send rakhi to India on this auspicious day. That relationship is the one between sister and brother. The fanfare with which this relationship is celebrated in India is unparalleled. The festival celebrates the love and affection between brothers and sisters on a day when both of them pray for well being of each other and wish prayers for all good things to come.

Deep rooted meaning of a beautiful relationship

To understand the name of ‘Raksha Bandhan' let us understand each word separately. The word “Raksha” means “ to protect” and the word “Bandhan” means bond. Effectively it means the “protection bond”. On the day of “Raksha Bandhan” brothers vow that they will protect their sisters from all evil and from difficult times and in return sisters pray for the long life of their brothers and wish them success in all their endeavours. The festival is celebrated on the day of Shravan Purnima and is celebrated by sisters tying a rakhi on the wrist of their brothers and applying tilak on the forehead of their brothers.

Festival that glorifies the sense of protection

With the word “Bandhan” within Raksha bandhan, the phrase has becomes synonymous to protection and appeals to many relationships where protection is sought for. There are many instances from history which indicates that the sacred thread (rakhi) could be tied by a mother, a wife or a daughter. The monks tied rakhis to those who came to them for blessings and in return they expected that they be protected by their followers.

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Surpasses the bond between sister and brothers

Although earlier, Raksha Bandhan was being celebrated only between brothers and sisters, in today’s time it has gone beyond brothers and sisters. It is celebrated among relatives of extended families; some also tie rakhi to their neighbours for peaceful co-existence. The concept of Raksha Bandhan was deftly used by Rabindranath Tagore to instil a feeling of unity among all members of society to lead a peaceful social life of harmony. So, send rakhi to India from USA to members of extended family or anyone from your neighbourhood and strengthen the relationship.

Values of Raksha Bandhan applicable to many walks of life

These days, the significance of “Raksha Bandhan” touches upon many walks of life and its importance is much widely understood. People take vows on this occasion to lead a life full of moral and spiritual values. The sense of protection and standing up for people when they are in need and not giving up on them, which this festival inculcates can be applied to many walks of life for peaceful living and leading a harmonious life. One of the rituals practiced on this day is the sister goes to the brother’s house to tie the rakhi, almost uniting the family and strengthening the family bond. On this day, families are united and the bonding grows stronger between them.

The importance of Raksha Bandhan or more commonly known as Rakhi is far-reaching and surpasses the celebration of love and affection between sisters and brothers. The values in this festival are very relevant for families and society at large, to protect each other and stand up for people in need. Thus, making the family bonds even stronger and the society a better place to live in!

Amrita Published: Jul 20, 2016 | Last Updated: May 02, 2020

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