Send Fascinating Rakhi Sets for Your Brothers

Rudraksh Krishna Mina Rakhi

To the outside world people grow old. But not to their brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters know each other as they always were. They know each other's hearts. They share private family jokes. They remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. They live outside the touch of time. Rakhi is another Indian festival that promotes love and prosperity and on this particular occasion the unique bond between brothers and sisters.

So when this Rakhi, you can’t be near your beloved brothers, remember to send them online rakhis to celebrate this Rakhi. Choose among these sets of multiple rakhis to suit your preference and send along with rakhi gifts to India.

Set of Two:

Match by colour, style or center piece: if you have two brothers send back home rakhis that are similar in look. Similar, not same- as they may both be your brother, you love them differently. Therefore set of two rakhis come with diverse and interesting combinations.

Rudraksh Wooden Beads Rakhi

Set of Three:

When you need to choose Rakhis for all three brothers it will obviously be tough, tougher still if you are sending them all together. Let provide you a solution in form of set of three rakhis. Choosing any one of these sets will ensure your sending exclusive rakhis to each of your brothers.

Set of Four:

The luckiest women are those who have more than one  doting brothers. You feel protected and safe, wherever you are in the world. It gives you a permanent sense of security and sustainability. Share that joy with your brothers by sendinging them a gorgeous set of four rakhis for each of your four brothers.

Set of Five:

As a child, your mother taught you never to discriminate between your brother and your cousins. Now lets you relieve your childhood by sending set of five rakhis to all your brothers and cousins together without discrimination.

Set of Six:

Family doesn’t end in blood. Nor does caste love between brothers and sisters remain limited to relations. And when you need to send rakhis in a bulk, choose set of six rakhis and ensure joy for each and every one of your loved ones.

When the next time you meet your brothers, you will know that their smile resonates the happiness and warmth you made them feel as you sent them Rakhis this Raksha Bandhan.

Stotropama Published: Jul 17, 2015 | Last Updated: Jan 24, 2020
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