Visit Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro and spend a good time with your partner on Valentine's Day. Go through the article to enjoy your trip and make plans to cherish the day. Celebrate the occasion and put in some effort to enjoy your tour to create a long-lasting impact on the mind and soul.

Beaches are on the top of the list for the most favourite romantic getaways in the world. One of the best examples of these romantic beaches is Copacabana in Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil. Copacabana is one of the famous white sand beaches of the world. It is in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro. The city itself is famous for its vibrant lifestyle, music and obviously for the carnivals. Life at Copacabana beach also reflects the vibrant lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro. The beauty of the beach and the exciting lifestyle attracts thousands of tourists every year to this part of Brazil. It is an ideal place for honeymoon couples who have just started their journey. Hence it can be very special than celebrating Valentine Day in India.  Domestic tourists as well as local residents also form a major part of the Copacabana beach crowd.

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

The white sand beach of Copacabana stretches for almost 4 kms. and covers the area between Leme (in left) and Copacabana Fort (in the right). There are a number of water sports and other beach activities that can be enjoyed by the tourists and especially by the couples. Swimming together in the sea or surfing side by side is a lifetime experience for the couples as well as for every tourist visiting Copacabana. Sun-tanning is very common at Copacabana beach. Many people come here to enjoy the warmth of the sun and get a good tan. Along with this, if someone is interested in beach volleyball or beach football, there are ample opportunities to enjoy these here.

There are a number of beach bars to provide refreshment to those who become exhausted due to the beach activities. Most of these bars serve icy caipirinha (chilled beer) to the guests. Fruit juice and snacks are also available in these bars. The best thing about these bars is the local crowd. A traveler gets the best opportunity to have a glimpse of the Brazilian way of leading and enjoying life. These bars are always filled with merriment that makes the tired tourists cheerful in a few minutes. The beach vendors also serve the tourists in every possible manner. The environment becomes more vibrant and romantic in the night. There are a number of night clubs that provide the necessary spark to set the night on fire. One can enjoy Hip-Hop, Rio Funk (improvised form of Rap), Salsa, Samba and many other native and international dances in these clubs.

November to March is the prime time to visit Copacabana beach. Firstly, the weather remains very pleasant. The colour of the approaching spring season remains everywhere. Secondly, the New Year celebrations of Rio de Jeneiro is marked with the colourful carnivals, especially the Samba Parades. The couples, as well as all other tourists, can enjoy the performances by the world famous ‘Schools of Samba’. Lastly, the weather, atmosphere, lively people, vibrant lifestyle and more than anything else the stunning natural beauty of nature will enrich your memories.

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