Rakhi has seen an evolution over the years and now we have a host of new collections of rakhis. If you are thinking to send a unique rakhi then your search has stopped this article has a wide range of rakhi collections explained. keep reading to know more about the collection. 

Over the ages, a conscious effort has always been given to make Rakhi more and more appealing. Precious stones like pearl, emerald, and diamond & metals like silver and gold have been used to give it a shimmering look. The plain tying threads of the Rakhi are replaced by chains of gold and silver. Precious Rakhis come in different varieties like Gold Rakhis, Diamond Rakhis, Silver Rakhis, Navratna Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, Kundan Rakhis, and Precious Chain Rakhis. Priceless rakhi gifts to India are always a select category.

Gold Rakhi

This rakhi is all about royal elegance. Some of the popular formats of Gold Rakhi in use include:

Gold Bracelet type Rakhi

Gold Plated Rakhi

Rakhi with coins having different images embedded in them

Double Chain Gold Rakhi - Gold Rakhi having different metals

Diamond Rakhi

Gold, Silver and Precious Rakhi

Diamond cut in different shapes makes this Rakhi to stand apart from other Rakhis. Semi precious stones and beads are also used in them to make them more alluring. Coloured diamonds, American diamonds and diamonds of cheaper variety are also increasingly being used while preparing them. Surat in Gujarat is renowned world over for preparing the Diamond Rakhi.

Silver Rakhi

Silver rakhis are all about pure emotion. It is used as a precious gift. Silver Rakhi is of different types like Coinage Rakhi, Silver Plated Rakhi and Floral Design Rakhi.

Coinage Rakhi

Coinage Rakhi has a silver coin in the middle with the image of different gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Vishnu and Laxmi embossed on them. It is a divine Rakhi and finds much favor among the masses.

Silver Plated Rakhi

Gold, Silver and Precious Rakhi

Silver plated Rakhi has semiprecious and precious stones studded in the plates to improve on their design. There are silver chains at two ends of this Rakhi to make it mesmerizing.

Floral Design Rakhi

An intricately designed Rakhi with elaborate floral arrangements is a visual delight. The essence of flowers brings in a sense of purity in this beautiful form of Rakhi.

Navartna Rakhi

Navratna Rakhi comprises of nine stones which are held in high esteem from the ancient times. The important stones falling in this category are Emerald, Pearl, Coral, Ruby, Cats Eye, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Hessonite and Gomed Blue Sapphire. A Rakhi studded with these stones have a different connotation because it conveys a message that the brother is more precious to the sister than the nine stones.

Pearl Rakhi

Gold, Silver and Precious Rakhi

Pearl Rakhi is a precious Rakhi which lights up the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The importance of this Rakhi increases many fold because of the presence of Pearl, a white coloured gem stone representing subtle moods like beauty, art and peace. There is also medicinal value associated with Pearl because it helps in keeping the mind cool. The Pearl is positioned on the central part of the Rakhi. At times Pearls are also added on the string of the Rakhi to make it appealing.

Kundan Rakhi

This is a very colourful Rakhi made from Kundan which is used to develop bridal jewellery over the ages. A Kundan Rakhi is lively and incorporates geometric patterns and floral designs. Kundan has a semi transparent and translucent body which helps it to glitter amidst other precious stones. They are not highly expensive and are quite popular.

Precious Chain Rakhi

Gold, Silver and Precious Rakhi

Rakhi is generally tied to the hand of the brother with the help of a thread. Nowadays, however, in place of thread, a chain is increasingly being used. The chain is made up of metals like brass, silver, and gold. When used with semi-precious and precious stones this Rakhi is a rare work of beauty.

Sending precious rakhi to India to loved ones is an unforgettable experience. One can send rakhi to India to make Raksha Bandhan celebrations like never before! Gold, Silver, and Precious Rakhis are rakhi gifts to India with a difference. They transmit unending love which binds a brother and sister together.

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