Unique Onam Decoration Ideas

Unique Onam Decoration Ideas

Onam is an auspicious festival that calls for a grand celebration in the South Indian State of Kerala. The festivities are held for 10 days in which Kerala’s culture is highlighted through various performances, rituals and customs. Of all these traditions, the most interesting one is the unique ways in which the Keralites decorate their homes and surroundings on this occasion. Here are a few ideas on these decorations that have been added with a slight twist.

Pookalam with paper flowers

When one thinks of Onam, the first image that usually comes to their mind is of the beautiful flower decorations in the form of carpets, or Pookalam. Sometimes getting this enormous variety of flowers is not possible, especially when you are staying away from the floral heaven - Kerala. You can improvise and make small paper flowers with different coloured papers and arrange them instead. Not only does this avoid the problem of the flowers wilting, but also it can be preserved for later use.

Pookalam designed cookies and cupcakes

If you are planning a nice get together for your near and dear ones on this Onam, you can surprise them with an exclusively Pookalam designed cookies and cupcakes. You can ice or frost your baked goodies in shapes of different flower arrangements that are typically used in making the original floral carpet.

Traditional Puli Kali and Kathakali mask room decor

The culturally rich Kerala celebrates its state festival with utmost pomp and grandeur. There are various folk art performances that are staged during these 10 days. 2 most common and iconic dance drama styles are Puli Kali and Kathakali. The masks used in these performances are beautifully painted in vibrant colours and they make for an aesthetic wall hanging. 

Floating candles and flowers

Flowers and candles are an integral part of Onam decorations. You can hang multiple strings of jasmine and make a floral curtain for the doors of your rooms. The long diya stands and large bowls of floating flowers and candles could make a lovely centerpiece for your drawing room. 

Coconut shell wind chimes

Coconut is an integral part of Kerala’s cuisine and culture. You could draw inspiration from this and make a wind chime with the coconut shells. This would be an extremely easy and also an ecofriendly way to decorate your house.

Kasavu Mundu Inspired upholstery

Wearing the traditional Kasavu Mundu is customary during Onam. You can take this tradition a step ahead and decorate your house with white and golden upholstery. Curtains, cushion covers, table cloths and bedsheets in the simple white with an elegant golden border shall look amazing and give your home a traditional yet chic look.

Arpita Published: Aug 26, 2019 | Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021