The year has come to an end and if you are one of them who likes to send gifts to their loved ones to cherish the wonderful day. The new beginning of the year can be cherished well and your regards can reach your loved ones as well when you send pleasant gifts for your loved ones. Doesn’t matter where you are located just the will to send gifts to your loved ones is more than enough to send gifts for your loved ones. You can be residing in the UK and send gifts to your loved ones in the New Year. If you wish to know what you can send as gifts then keep reading the article to know more. 

The year is coming to an end in just some months, we might feel it was just yesterday when it all started. But is a truth that we have come to terms with, along with the fact that it is high time we start with our preparations to welcome the New Year. People all around the world make special preparations for the New Year celebration. Fun, frolic, feasting, and merriment are the essence of this celebration. Various parties such as theme parties, banquet parties, house parties, etc. are hosted on this special occasion. Many people like to shift to their new homes and start a new beginning in the New Year so many people host housewarming parties as well. It’s the time when everyone gets to meet their loved ones and celebrate together. Exchanging gifts is an important part of this occasion. People send gifts to India from UK & various parts of the world to send their regards. If you are a part of the Indian diaspora living in the UK then you must be trying to decide what to send as gifts to India from UK online to your loved ones residing in India. A little help can get you to decide on a lovely gift for your loved ones that you can send gift to India from UK to your loved ones. 

Chocolates and Flowers 

One of the most traditional ways of wishing someone is sending them chocolates and flowers. We start the list of gift ideas with this because it is a gift that you can send to anyone and for any occasion, thus an evergreen gift. The occasion of New Year will be well wished with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and tasty chocolates. This combination of gifts makes one feel appreciated and celebrated at the same time. The chocolates will sweeten and the flowers will brighten their day. Your loved ones will be able to keep those beautiful flowers on the centerpiece vase in their house. You can send these flowers in the arrangement of a vase or basket. But if you wish that you want to send some good and bushy flower arrangements then a bouquet will do too. Combine them with delectable chocolate combination with fruit and nuts and make the start of their new year filled with joy. 

Journaling Kit

Send New Year Gifts to India from UK

If your loved ones enjoy journaling and etching the year in their memories in their unique way then why not contribute to it? One of the many things that you should consider even before gifting someone is their interest. That is what leaves an impact on the recipient, your goal is not just sending gifts because you have to or because everyone’s gifting. Your goal of gifting is to make them feel appreciated and loved. So, if your loved one's interest lies in journaling then this is the best time to send them a beautiful journaling kit that has washi tapes, a colored pen set, stickers with some vintage paper, and text paper supplies. This will be a wonderful gift to start their New Year and they can start their year and journal it with the gift that you send them. It will be a pleasant surprise for them and they will definitely love your gift. 

Home Decor 

Send New Year Gifts to India from UK

Some people like to decorate their homes with vintage decor and there are many parties hosted and people visit their loved ones' homes. The house is decorated to welcome all the guests and celebrate the new beginning. So, what will be the best and most appropriate gift on this occasion is a beautiful looking home decor. You can consider sending them decor to make it a unique look for some vintage decorative pieces. It can be a tabletop, a centerpiece, a lamp, a wall hanging, frames, and so on. These unique decorative pieces will add charm to their decoration and surprise your loved ones. So, go ahead and send lovely yet classic home decor to your loved ones.


Send New Year Gifts to India from UK

Another gender-neutral gift that you can opt for is bags. Everybody needs a bag to carry their essentials, whether they are students, office professionals, or just for style. Bags become the best gift for those who like to carry their essentials on the go. As there are many options available to choose from, you just have to see what suits your loved ones. You can gift a stylish backpack that will be student-friendly, and for those who like to carry their essentials with style sling bag and totes will be ideal. For a casual yet chic look belt bags are trendsetters, it is mostly loved by men but that doesn’t mean they are not admired by women. You have so many options if you decide to send bags as gifts to India from UK as a New Year gift. 


Send New Year Gifts to India from UK

The parties and the celebrations that the day is filled with are plenty. This means dressing up and that will be incomplete without any piece of jewelry. When we say jewelry we don’t only mean pendants, earrings, and bracelets we also mean dog tags pendants, chains, cuffs, and much more. Thus it makes it a gender-neutral gifting option. Look for jewelry that will suit your loved ones be it traditional or minimalist and send them as gifts to India from UK. The best thing is to choose something that they will love to wear. Just observe your loved ones a little bit and select the jewelry that suits them the most. This gift will definitely surprise them and make them feel special. This beautiful gift will be a good start to their New Year and new beginnings. 

House Plant

Send New Year Gifts to India from UK

Looking for something new yet unique? How about sending a beautiful succulent to your loved ones at the beginning of the new year? Trying out something new is a very good idea if your loved ones want a pleasant change or an addition to their life then taking care of a plant can be just the thing. If your loved ones are already plant parents then we think adding one more to their collection will excite them. This means what you can do is send them plants for their hanging garden or maybe some creeper to fill the little void next to any other pot that they already have. If it is going to be their first plant then the safest bet is succulents. These plants are low-maintenance which means if your loved ones forget to water the plants then the plant won’t give up on them. But it will be a beautiful decor that will create a healthy atmosphere for your loved ones. 

Since New Year is a special occasion, you can make the occasion even more special and jubilant by sending gifts to India from UK. Your loved one will be overwhelmed with joy and happiness to receive these wonderful gifts. Choose the gift that you think will excite them and we are certain you will not regret choosing the gift from this list. So, what are you waiting for send gifts to India from UK to your loved ones and surprise them. 

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