When it comes to the Indian festivities and the Indian new year's traditions, you will certainly find some high time to enjoy your life to the fullest. You can easily see the unlimited fun and excitement everywhere. You can truly witness the high level and pompous excitement on the eve of New Year. This day is particularly enjoyed with unlimited fun, zeal, enthusiasm, and great excitement all over the country. This day has acquired a new dimension in the eyes and minds of Indians and you will be very pleased with how they celebrate the arrival of the new year every time it comes.

New Year is a very glorious occasion for everyone across the world and it is celebrated with a lot of festivities. In India, it is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic with unique new year’s traditions like eating fruit cake and organizing parties. Indian citizens can dig their last moments of the New Year with the organization of a lavish party with family members, friends, and their close relatives. People join the social feasts, parties, prayers, and New Year rejoicing events. They enjoy the party, dancing, singing and of course, dining with the close ones to the fullest. But if you are away from your family members and friends then you must be missing this joyous celebration. However, you can still send Indian gifts to all those who are special to you. This auspicious event is celebrated in different innovative ways in different parts of this large world. We have compiled here a list of the most fantastic New Year celebrations that take place all over. 

New Year Celebrations in India

The traveling idea or the plan to visit some hill station or any other attractive spot is also a very popular trend that is followed by the Indians. Yes, you can see the huge gathering of people in various cities of the country. They take this time to enjoy the leisure time in their life and they arrange for partying, dining, and dancing on a massive scale. Buying new products, household items, garments, electronics items, jewelry, and automobiles is also in vogue now in Indian society on the eve of the New Year.

New Year Celebrations in China

Chinese celebrations have firework displays as the main feature and New Year celebrations are no exception. The whole night sky is lit up with exclusive fireworks that come in very extravagant forms. Red is a very prominent color for this festival with everyone dressing up in this color and gifts of money being given in red envelopes.

New Year Celebrations in Greece

New Year Celebrations in Different Countries

New Year festivities in this country take place mainly through the eating of a special cake called Vasilopita that contains hidden treasures. People also sing carols on this occasion and gifts of money are given to the little ones by elders. Another interesting tradition is the turning off of lights during the last moments of the previous year to begin the new year afresh.

New Year Celebrations in Philippines

New Year Celebrations in Different Countries

The people of the Philippines believe that round objects bring good luck and prosperity on New Year which is a new year tradition for good luck. Hence, they eat several round fruits on this occasion like grapes, apples, lemons, melons, and many others. It is also customary to carry coins, which are round in shape, in pockets, and wear clothes with polka dots.

New Year Celebrations in Russia

New Year Celebrations in Different Countries

The vast country of Russia has various rituals for this festival. People write wishes on pieces of paper and then burn them up to make the wishes come true. They stay in their houses and spend time with their loved ones. They decorate the traditional New Year tree known as “Novogodnaya yolka" with toys, garlands, and candies. They start cooking delicious dishes and make the most out of them.

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