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Showcasing your feelings to your partner on Valentine's Day is now easy with our online gifting portal. You can choose to make Hug Day special and celebrate the day with your partner. This falls on Valentine's week so you can definitely make your presence felt by pampering them with some unique gift.

A hug is a kind of non verbal communication that conveys love and affection for each other. It is one of the days of Valentines day and it has become a very cultural phenomenon in India too, as Valentine Day in India. Get cosy with your sweetheart this year with a deep hug and exchange your profound feelings for him/her. Lovers need no special occasion to embrace each other. But every year, the sixth day of the Valentine week, 12th February is celebrated as “Hug Day” by couples to exchange warmth of emotion.

“Love is a circular emotion, that surrounds you like a hug or a noose” - Jarod Kintz
Spreading Love on Hug Day

Benefits of Hugging

Hugging is beneficial for both the physical and psychological health of a person. Hugging can also help build a sound immunity system as it facilitates the production of White Blood Cells. It reduces the risk of heart disease by decreasing the level of stress hormone secretion. A proper deep hug where the hearts are pressing together can elevate mood and help to get rid of tension. It gives you a sense of safety and makes you feel special and wanted. Hugs teach us a lesson that love is a two-way flow. It educates us to give and receive. It gives you an opportunity to receive and give warmth at the same time. People exchange energy between themselves while hugging. Couples in love bank on this to strengthen their bonding. It helps to develop understanding between the two and encourages fellow feeling.

Different Types of Hug

A hug from someone you love can be the best romantic gift ever. There are different types of hug to express your feelings.

Buddy Hug 

Your friend can give you a buddy hug. This is the one where you embrace your pal and give a pat on his/her back. Make your bosom buddy feel special with a tight hug.


Sleepy Shoulder Hug

Lovers find solace in each other’s arms. In this hug, the girl and the boy wrap their arms around each other. The girl rests her head on the boy’s shoulder to say that she is feeling safe and secure.


Teddy Bear Hug

This is the most adorable hug of all. The lovers tightly embrace and melt in each other’s arms. A bear hug from your sweetheart feels heavenly and allows you to exchange adoration for each other.


Waistline Hug

In this hug the lovers have an arm around each other’s waist while walking or standing together. This gesture announces togetherness and profound love for each other.

Gifting Options

Make your sweetheart feel ecstatic on the special occasion of Hug Day with exquisite gifts. If you cannot squeeze some time out of your busy schedule, go for proficient online portals for sending delightful gifts.


Chocolate can never go wrong as a romantic gift. Chocolates pamper the child in your partner and bespeak for your adoration. From rich dark chocolates to delectable milk chocolates you have plethora of items to pick to bring a charming smile on your sweetheart’s face.


Flowers are adored for their beauty and feminine quality. The delicacy and gracefulness of flowers have made them popular among all.They are the quintessential romantic gifts. Present your sweetheart an exquisite arrangement of flowers to blossom your love.

Teddy Bears

This Hug Day, get your beloved an uber cute teddy bear. Teddies symbolise love and affection. Your sweetheart will surely appreciate this token of love along with a tight teddy bear hug.


Elevate the spirit of romanticism while pampering your tastebuds with mouthwatering delicacies and sending Valentine gifts to India. Get him/her a delicious cake to make the occasion momentous. Grab this golden opportunity to make your love timeless with a warm hug. Enjoy the day being together and taking solace in each other’s arms.

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