Cakes and Flowers are definitely the best combos that you can send to your loved ones on any occasion. It is surely going to bring a  smile to faces. You can choose from the wide variety of cakes and flowers that are available on our website. In order to know how to send flowers and cakes to India, read this article.

With so many occasions around the year, it becomes hard to attend every single one. On top of that, if you happen to be living away from your relatives in a foreign country, it becomes close to impossible. However, staying connected with your family and friends is not an option. So, it’s time to start thinking on your feet and that’s how you end up here. Flowers and cakes to India - something that never fails to impress. Sure, it’s a good idea but these are delicate and perishable items. So how can you send cake to India without any worries? That’s where we come in with our online cake delivery in India!

Step One: The Choice

It is never easy when it comes to choosing flowers. Each flower has its significance in the eyes of every individual. Roses are the safest choice. Pink, red, yellow, white - they come in all colors! You can even opt to mix and match these colors to get a pleasing combination. Lilies are quite a popular choice as well. Daisies and gerberas make a flower basket look dashing! Orchids are those rare flowers that never fail to drive a point home. Uncommon flowers like anthuriums and birds of paradise can leave your loved ones wondering what kind of flowers you have your hands on! We maintain a varied digital “garden” which gives the freedom to choose and send flowers to India from the USA.

Choosing the flower is only one side of the story. There are a lot of different arrangements which make the gift unique and personal. Stands, pots, and baskets are quite popular arrangements. Greenery is used in decorating some of these bouquets which throws any doubt regarding the beauty out of the way.

Sending cakes to India is our specialty made by local bakeries, our cakes come with a small special touch that touches the heart of the person you are sending them to. Flavors and shapes pose some difficult choices as all of them look equally relishing! Personalization of cakes is something that we are quite proud of and should be a great option to add a more intimate touch to your gift.

Step Two: The Buying

How to Send Flowers and Cake to India from USA?

Our online store is well-equipped with the latest features in browsing and security. This lets you seamlessly browse the stocks and then securely order cake online in India without any worries. Once you follow all the steps, you will be able to send cake to India from the USA in no time! First, create an account. This lets us keep you informed regarding your order, every step of the way. With that out of the way, add the flowers and cakes that you chose to your shopping basket and proceed to checkout. If you choose any item that can be personalized, then it is here that you can add your custom picture or your quote.

Step Three: The Checkout

We accept almost all major credit cards. This makes it convenient for all our customers to send cakes and flowers to India to their loved ones in India from every corner in the world. The latest and most robust security features and algorithms protect our payment gateways so that you do not have to worry about a thing. Post payment, your choice of some extraordinary flowers and delicious cakes will be on their merry way to warm the heart of your loved one!

Step Four: The Smiles

This is the most important part! Get ready to get submerged in endless smiles on the face of your loved ones once we send the flowers and cake to India to them! We will be watching from a distance as we write another success story and bring another smile. Frankly, that’s the best reward!

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