New Year celebrations are incomplete without exchanging gifts. If you are away from your loved ones, you can always mesmerize them with some amazing gifts. Some unique gifts can always add up to the cheer of the festival. You can take ideas from this list of gifts and get ready to begin the new year! Read for more.

New Year is all about enjoying your time with your dear ones. Even if you are away from them, you can always look for send them gifts to make your presence felt. Be a part of the New Year celebrations and send new year gifts from US to india. Our website can guide you with several New Year gift ideas that can come to your use. Besides partying or dining out, try to cherish the day by creating beautiful memories.

1. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Start each day of the New Year on the right note with a cup of pure joy! The personalized mugs are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your morning. You can select unique designs from the various personalized mugs available on our website. You can even include a personal message, a name, or your favorite photo. The personalized coffee mugs are ideal for New Years' celebrations and they leave a lasting impact on minds.

2. Photo Album

Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

An elegant photo album can be used to showcase all your favorite pictures with your loved ones. This will be an ideal gift this New Year to remind your love of your golden memories. The photo album looks stylish and it can be treasured forever. Gifting a photo album can help to renew memories of the bygone year. It is the best way to hold on to the memories and you can always revisit the photo album whenever you want.

3. Plan a Vacation

Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

Special occasions are best celebrated when you have your family members with you. To make the New Year holidays special, you can gift tickets for a vacation to your family or friends. You can even find some of the best deals on travel packages during this time of the year. Be a part of the New Year parties or enjoy peace and serenity with a trip to the mountains in India with your loved ones this New Year. It is going to be an amazing experience and this can well be a thoughtful gift for sure.

4. Promise Ring


Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep. - Anthony Hitt
Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

A promise ring is the perfect new year gift for your loved ones! You can make a list of the promises you want to give your partner. This can be an ideal way of expressing your love in the most romantic way. This New Year make it different with an adorable promise ring that can also strengthen your relationship with your special one. It can also give a fresh start to the relationship in the new year.

5. Gift Vouchers

You might have forgotten to buy gifts or you may not know what people will like. Gift vouchers can always be the savior when it comes to gifting choices. There are gift vouchers for apparel, dining, shopping, and others. You can send a gift voucher and let the other person buy whatever they want. It makes the whole gifting process smooth and you can choose from the wide variety of gift vouchers available on our website.

6. Winter Essentials

Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

Gift your friends and family some stylish winterwear to up their fashion game. A cozy winter coat or a pullover will serve your purpose. You can even add a fashionable muffler or a shawl and make your loved ones feel special. This can really sum up to a cool gift for New Year, especially in the cold winter months. If you want to try something unique, you can also go with a pair of chic boots. It not only enhances the style statement but also gives them warmth.

7. Yoga Mat

Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

Yoga is practiced by many people all over the world. So for those who are into a struct fitness regime, a yoga mat can be a useful gift for them. Even if you are willing to motivate someone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can gift a yoga mat. It helps in maintaining balance in a proper way and also makes one feel comfortable while working out. A good quality yoga mat is durable and made of non-toxic material. So help your loved ones get fit and start inculcating healthier habits in life this New Year.

8. Cutting Board

Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

Looking for New Year gift ideas for the kitchen? You can consider a cutting board that can really come to use. You can even personalize it with a name or favorite phrase. The beautiful wood design of the cutting board can also double up as kitchen decor. It adds to the aesthetics and this can be a utilitarian gift for the household on New Year. Those who love spending time in the kitchen would be delighted to receive something like this.

9. Perfumes

For those who love perfumes or deodorants, this can be a nice gift for New Year. You can also choose the fragrance gift set as per your choice. This has the ability to improve one’s mood and also makes you feel fresh throughout the day. There are various perfumes with beautiful fragrances and notes that make it easy for you to choose. So pick the best perfume from our gifting portal and make New Year blissful for your loved ones in India.

10. Projector Screen

Top 10 Gifts to send to India on New year from USA

Take the gifting experience to the next level. You can plan a movie night with an easy-to-use projector. One can watch movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos both indoors and outdoors with this projector screen. You can invite over a bunch of friends and binge-watch their favorite show. This can be a cool gifting idea to kickstart the New Year with your loved ones.

Wait no more and send New Year gifts to your loved ones in India to fascinate them. Get some gift ideas from the above-mentioned ones and get going.

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