Handmade gifts hold a lot of value and it is considered to be a special gifting idea that you can send to your Guru. He is the one who has motivated you towards a healthy life. This article discusses the way in which you can make the hand made greeting card. Read to know more in detail.

A Guru is that dazzling light, which illuminates the deepest and darkest paths that we have to tread while journeying through life. His role is unparalleled in our happiness, peace, success, and well-being. The Guru might not just be a spiritual guide, he could be anyone right from our teachers, to our parents, friends, or even our children. Regardless of who your Guru is, their contribution requires acknowledgment and appreciation for your own upliftment. On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, express your gratitude to your teachers. No amount of money can purchase your efforts and dedication. Hence, instead of a store-bought Guru Purnima gift, send them a handmade greeting card. Here are a few unique ideas you can implement in your design.

1. Paper Quilling

How to create a hand made greeting card for Guru Purnima?

The best thing to offer your Guru is flowers. You can decorate a handmade card with quilled paper flowers, which is inexpensive and easy to make. To make these flowers, cut narrow strips of papers and roll them on a cylindrical stick (you can use pencils and refills of pen for this too). Pinch on a side of these rolls to give them the shape of a petal after attaching the loose end of the strip to the roll with glue. Make multiple of these and arrange them in your desired way to make a complete image.

2. 3D Pop-up

There are numerous ways to decorate a card. One of the most popular is the 3D pop-up.You can choose text as well as designs that you would like to pop-up when your teacher opens the card. This can be done by attaching the base points of your design on both the side of your card and keeping the main part should pop free. You would require to fold the paper in certain ways and also cut them in specific places for this design idea to work.

3. Wool Pompom Designs

How to create a hand made greeting card for Guru Purnima?

Small pompom balls with wool or embroidery threads can be used for your handmade card. They can be used to create borders on your card or make various designs of flowers, clouds, sun, animals, trees etc.

4. Hand Print

How to create a hand made greeting card for Guru Purnima?

It is one of the easiest way to bedeck your card for your teacher. You can use hand prints to create images of flowers or birds or even something abstract. This would add a personal touch to your gift to your guru for this Guru Purnima.

5. Recycled Materials

It is important to be aware about the surroundings at all times. It would be nice if you could reuse materials like old fancy papers or broken pieces of bangles and newspaper cutouts to name a few to decorate your greeting card.

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