Holi Celebration In Punjab

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Imagine if your favourite festival Holi is celebrated with wrestling, loud whoops of delight and with mouth-watering food of Langars, you’ll be thrilled, won’t you? That’s a typical Holi celebration for the ever-sprightly and benevolent Punjabis. On the second day of the lunar month of chet, Punjabis from all over the world send gifts to India and greetings as their token of love. The diversities of Indian culture gives a unique chance to every religion and state to express themselves in various festivals. As we all know that people in Punjab loves social gathering and their festivities are much more fun-filled so it’s not just Holi for them but a Hola Mohalla which is surely sui generis in itself.

Hola Mohalla:

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A much awaited festival in Punjab which is celebrated with zeal on a day after Holi is usually celebrated is Hola Mohalla, people of Punjab celebrate it as Holi. Hola is derived from the word halla which means a military charge and Mohalla means army column. According to the tradition, people shout in delight to express their ecstasy, enjoy bhang, shake their legs to the loud music, enjoy wrestling matches and share sweets. Delicacies like poori, gujia, halwa and even people in other countries send gift to India to their fellow Punjabis. India gifts the people of this land colour of joy, prosperity and health this very day.

Guru Gobind Singh:

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The famous historical fact behind this festival is, that the first and the last Guru – Guru Gobind Singh marked the beginning of Hola Mohalla. He was the one who set up the order of Nihangs and set up the first march in Anandpur Sahib, since then this auspicious festival is celebrated after Holi.

Custom of Martial Arts:

In ancient period, it was the day to demonstrate various martial arts, so since then people religiously put this element in the memory of their Guru who started this tradition. Intriguing activities like archery, sword fighting and horse riding are performed on this day.

The Immortals:

The order of Immortals, or the khalsa army founded by Guru Gobind Singh, are accoutred in deep blue long tunic, large sized turbans and are armed with bows, swords, arrows and shields. They are the ones who perform all acts of bravery.

The Holy City of Bliss:

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The Holy City of Bliss is none other than the Anandpur Sahib which is situated on one of the lower spurs of the Shiwalik Hills in Ropar District of Punjab. It was the same holy land where Guru Gobind Singh first inaugurated the Khalsa Group, today this beautiful festival is celebrated here not just for one day but three whole days. The camps are set up composing of the various acts of defence, offence and bravery; people enjoy every activity here, not to forget the mouth-watering dishes in Langars which plays again a prominent role.

The festival as sweet as Gujiya and Halwa and as warm as a day of summer can never be complete without friends, families or relatives. So Punjabis who can’t taste the sweetness of this extraordinary festival send their greetings of love from faraway countries too. What makes it more thought-provoking is to send gifts to India from USA or other countries and spread the message of love.

Amrita Published: Mar 03, 2017 | Last Updated: Mar 04, 2020

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