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Holi is around the corner and you must be thinking of ways to send your wishes and love home if you are away from home. Or maybe you need to send gifts to your loved ones. Whatever might be the situation you must need gifting ideas, here we are to save you time and effort with some amazing gift ideas. To know more about the collection of Holi gifts keep reading the article.

Holi marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter. Moreover, it celebrates the victory of good over evil. Winter leaves behind everything pale and dusky brown. The arrival of spring brings back colors and it is celebrated with wonderful hues. These colors are called “Gulal” and of course, sweets are the show stealer of this festival too. There is no festival in India that is complete without sweets, although Holi has some more essentials on its list. 

This is one of the many festivals that brings the complete family together. It is difficult to celebrate it all alone and yet it is complex to get everyone together because of everyone’s hectic schedule. Most Indian families even stay out of the station or maybe even out of India this is when things get perplexing. Everyone expects the best wishes from their families and some gifts can make them feel nostalgic. This problem can be solved with the help of online gifting websites from which you can send gifts to any corner of India from India or abroad. So, if you are away from home this Holi then send good wishes and Holi gifts to India your home. 

Gift Voucher

When you are already using a gifting website you can think more innovatively and gift your loved ones a Gift Voucher. If you are not sure what they might like or there might be many families who don’t prefer playing with colors. In this case, you can easily opt for Gift Vouchers they can buy whatever they want. There are options available for Gift vouchers which range from lifestyle, food, entertainment, jewelry, grocery, etc. Hence, this will be a perfect gift for those families who loves to celebrate Holi but with just the traditions. 

Holi Hampers

Celebrate Holi by Sending Gifts to India

For those who love to play Holi with colors and fun, you can opt for a Holi gift hampers India that has colors as well as some games with it. What is Holi without some colors, games, and dry fruits? They can have fun and savor some dry fruits too while playing some games. Look for a Hamper that has these essential elements and send it to your loved ones. They will love a hamper like such. 

Hobby and Holi Hamper

Celebrate Holi by Sending Gifts to India

Do you have young siblings or cousins back home? If yes, then give them something that adds colors to their life not only for a day but for every day. Send them a hamper that has colors, a hobby like coloring, or Mandala, a game, and some refreshments to enjoy it all. Gifting them something that they can use almost every day in there will look more thoughtful and encouraging.

Sweets and Colors 

Celebrate Holi by Sending Gifts to India

Every festive occasion needs sweets to complete it successfully and as Holi is the festival of colors you need to send some colors as gifts. Even when you can’t be around them send your loved ones some colors for Holi and some sweets to sweeten their lives with your good wishes. Sweets and colors carry the essence of Holi. The celebration is incomplete without these and you can even send nuts and dry fruits to set the mood right.  


Celebrate Holi by Sending Gifts to India

For the adorable munchkin of the house, you can send a Pichkari! A Pichkari is going to be the best gift for them. Do you remember playing with Pichkari? Remind yourself how you loved doing so and send a Pichkari this Holi. A Pichkari along with some colors, dry fruits, and sweets will be one of the best gifts your little one will get this year. 

Holi in India is a celebration of hues that brings colors back to our lives and relations. There are a lot of gift options when it comes to Holi. There are some essential elements of Holi like colors, dry fruits, nuts, sweets, and thandai. You can opt for anything around these for gifting when it comes to Holi. We have curated this list hoping it will help you to decide what you want to gift this year at Holi.

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